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How to diffuse wavy hair without frizz

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    The video shows a shift in diffusing wavy hair, moving away from the Pixy technique. Demonstrating a new approach, the user explains how cupping the ends at a specific height allows for more natural drying.

    This method, lifting the hair from the bottom while focusing on lengths and roots, enhances root volume and promotes longer-lasting wash days. Embracing natural texture instead of fighting it proves to simplify refreshes. Try this technique for a refreshed and effortlessly styled look.

    The video shows a comprehensive guide on caring for wavy hair on wash day. Delve into a detailed hair care routine that caters specifically to wavy hair needs. Learn tips and techniques to enhance your waves' natural beauty, ensuring a healthy and vibrant look.

    From cleansing to conditioning, the video provides valuable insights for a successful wash day routine tailored to wavy hair. Follow along to achieve optimal results and embrace the beauty of your waves.

    The video shows a remarkable diffuser with precise air control for efficient curl diffusion and frizz containment. Witness the enhanced performance as the controlled air flow creates defined curls while minimizing frizz.

    This innovative diffuser promises a quicker and more effective styling experience, allowing you to achieve the perfect curls with ease. Upgrade your hair care routine with this advanced tool for beautifully styled and frizz-free curls.

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