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The ultimate battle of the hair dryers

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    The ultimate battle of the hair dryers!

    The video shows a comparison between Laifen and Dyson hair dryers, with a focus on advocating for Laifen. The individual emphasizes the benefits of choosing Laifen, highlighting key points such as its high-speed settings that reduce drying time without causing additional frizz, thanks to the effectiveness of the diffuser attachment.

    Laifen provides the same settings as Dyson but operates at a lower heat level, avoiding discomfort during diffuser attachment use.

    Additionally, Laifen achieves 80% dryness for high-density curly hair in just 20 minutes, surpassing Dyson in drying efficiency. The video underscores Laifen's affordability in comparison to Dyson, making it a cost-effective and appealing choice for users.

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