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Meet bixie: 10 brilliant bixie hairstyles that go beyond the bob

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Hayley Beiber, Kerry Washington, and Anne Hathaway have all showcased the bixie haircut in recent times. But it's not only celebrities that love this short style. If you look up the hashtag on TikTok or Instagram, you will find numerous examples of this relatively new hairstyle all over social media.

So, if you're intrigued, join us as we reveal what a bixie haircut is and introduce you to ten brilliant bixie cuts that you can't afford to ignore in 2024.

What is a bixie haircut?

The bixie is a mash-up between two trending hairstyles - the bob and the pixie. Bringing the two styles together delivers the length and versatility of the bob and the much-fancied texture of the pixie. The result is a breezy, sophisticated haircut that's perfect for women with short hair.

There are lots of ways to wear a bixie cut, with some women wearing it extremely short and others going for slightly more length. We introduce some of our favorite bixie haircuts to try in 2024 below:

1. Bixie haircut with bangs

Pair a short, textured pixie with some curtain bangs to define your facial features. We think curtain bangs beautifully complement the choppy nature of the bixie cut and are perfect for framing your face.

2. Short bixie with choppy layers

This is a brilliant bixie haircut for fine hair as its angled nature detracts from any thinning sections and the layering is a great way to add volume to your hair. This bixie should sit above the nape and is a particularly good look for women with brunette hair.

3. Classic bixie

Do you want to wear the bixie as it was intended? The classic bixie features short layers and a textured pixie hairstyle and it's another ideal pixie haircut for thin hair. The bixie's shorter length creates the illusion of thicker and fuller hair, while the choppy layers are a signature of the style.

4. Shaggy bixie

This shaggy style is the number one bixie haircut for thick hair. The shag is characterized by messy, unruly strands of hair, which contrasts impressively with the tight, tousled nature of the classic bixie. You can run a shaggy bixie all the way down to the back of your neck, making it slightly longer than the classic bixie look.

5. Bixie haircut for fine straight hair

Hayley Bieber is the queen of this style, and her straight bixie from earlier this year is an iconic look. To achieve this look, run your hair straight down towards the shoulder line. You need to avoid frizz when blow-drying your hair, so use an ionic hairdryer like the Laifen Swift Special to achieve that sleek and straight look you desire.

6. Bixie haircut curly

For a stunning bixie haircut from the 90s, consider a curly bixie that looks like a rounded perm. Rounded looks are all the rage in 2024, and they're the perfect match to the bixie's length. Make sure you accentuate your curls before going for this hairstyle, and use a holding hairspray to keep them in place during the day.

7. Side-parted bixie

For a stylish bixie haircut with a round face, look no further than the side-parted bixie. Find your natural side parting and let the tousled layers of the bixie cut do the talking. We recommend sweeping your hair behind one ear to finish off the look.

8. Bixie with wispy layers

Soft, wispy layers are a dream when paired with the bixie look. Think about running a highlight through your wispy layers to add an extra dimension to the style, and you can even let your fringe run down to the eye line. There's certainly nothing wrong with a bixie haircut with fringe; just make sure you get the length right for your preferred style.

9. Super short bixie with bangs

There's little agreement about how short a bixie can go, but there's no reason why you can't go for an ear-length cut, particularly if you're going for a trending tomboy style in 2024. You can style your bangs in several ways, but we suggest wispy bangs to complement this super short cut.

10. Bixie haircut wavy hair

Short waves are rivaling long beachy waves for popularity in 2024, and this bixie wavey look is a stunning contemporary haircut. The key to achieving wonderful waves is sea salt spray. Apply some spray to your damp hair, and then use a curling iron or hairdryer with a diffuser to accentuate your waves. The result will be a stunning bixie haircut that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

Why should I go for a bixie haircut?

The bixie is one of the trendiest short haircuts you can get in 2024. It's a great option if you wear your hair short but want to try something a little more complex than a conventional bob. The bixie brings depth and layers to your look and can be worn in so many different ways. It suits women with most face types, too, and it's a dreamy look you should ask your stylist to create this year.


The bixie haircut has been extremely popular for several years now, and it shows no signs of falling out of favor. Numerous high-profile celebrities (we're looking at you, Anne Hathaway), rock bixie cuts on the red carpet to showcase their style.

So, whether you go for a classic bixie or a bixie cut with wispy layers, now is the ideal time to wear this stunning, short style, particularly if you're a little bored with your standard bob cut.

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