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5 best haircuts for men with long hair of 2024

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Long hairstyles for men are more trendy than ever these days. From casual curls to straightened strands, this trend offers a variety of options for men with long hair. Some of the coolest men's hairstyles for long hair include the Bro Flow, a casual, medium-length look, and the Jason Momoa style, curly hair in a wild look.

The famous man bun, a masculine version of the bun, is also still one of the trend hairstyles despite its bad image. The trend in 2024 is to express your personality with your hairstyle and emphasize the idea of freedom after almost 3 years of restrictions. Wild, untamed styles that still look well-groomed are very much in demand.

How do you grow your hair?

Growing your hair long can be a long process, but with a little patience and the right haircare products, it is definitely possible. A healthy diet and sufficient sleep are the basics to support hair growth.

It is also helpful to regularly use a hair mask or hair treatment to nourish the hair from the outside and repair minor damage at an early stage. Avoid coloring your hair too often or styling it with too many chemicals. This can damage the hair and lead to split ends and breakage.

The ends should be professionally trimmed regularly to prevent frayed ends (split ends) from affecting the entire hair. You should pay the hairdresser a visit about every three months. And the most important ingredient is patience. Your hair grows about 10 centimeters a year.

However, if your hair is growing very slowly despite everything, it could be that your everyday life is simply too stressful for your hair. Stress has a direct effect on hair growth. Relax and drink tea or coffee regularly. Teein and caffeine act as growth boosters for your hair.

Best haircuts for men with long hair - which men's hairstyle for which face shape?

The shape of the face is really important when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle, find out which can be the best haircuts for long hair men:

  • In principle, men with oval facial features can wear any hairstyle.

  • If you have a high forehead, it's best to choose a hairstyle with bangs, as the bangs make the proportions look more harmonious. For math fans: the open forehead should not take up more than a third of the face.

  • Men with a swirl at the hairline or a low forehead are best advised to choose hairstyles that they can style up with hair gel.

  • Square faces with a prominent jawline and chin can wear an undercut with long top hair, which can be styled into a quiff or bangs to the side of the face.

  • Round faces are best not to wear bangs; they should choose hairstyles that go upwards. Chin-length hair also suits this face shape well.

  • Long faces opt for bangs and prefer to avoid short sides. A mushroom head, for example, is also suitable for concealing receding hairlines.

Men haircuts for long hair - haircuts for long hair men

Even though long hair requires a lot of attention, especially when it comes to care, it has the advantage of being very versatile. With a few simple steps, for example, you can conjure up many different variations of the man bun from your long mane. There are many different haircuts for long hair men, it is more important to think about how you should style your long hair.

1. Man bun - mens haircuts for long thick hair

If there's one long hairstyle that's currently trending, it's the man bun. It is characterized by a knot, whereby there are many different options. From the top knot, man bun undercut to the version with hanging strands, everything is possible.

This hairstyle is particularly suitable for men who have thick and long hair. No special haircut is necessary for this hairstyle, it can be worn by all men who have long hair. Men with curly hair can also wear this hairstyle perfectly.

2. Open long hair - good haircut for long hair men

If you want a particularly uncomplicated look, simply leave your long hair loose. This look is particularly casual and makes a confident impression. But beware: loose hair can sometimes be a little difficult to tame in everyday life - so it's best to always have hair ties with you.

3. Haircuts for men with long curly hair

Natural curls look really great even with long hair and create an exotic look. If you don't have natural curls, you should ask your trusted hairdresser for advice. A perm can also be an alternative for men. Nowadays, the main focus is on making artificial curls look natural but there are also different haircuts for long curly hair men. What's more, a perm is not a hairstyle for a few days: a real professional can make it last up to 3 months.

4. Dreadlocks - haircut ideas for long hair men

Do you like it particularly unusual and are you a fan of nature? Then dreadlocks could be the right choice for you. Paired with the right care and clothing, dreadlocks don't have to look unkempt, but can become your personal trademark.

5. Bro flow - best haircut for men long hair

Bro flow hair is more of a medium length, but we don't want to withhold this option. It is the perfect transitional hairstyle if your hair has not yet reached the desired length. The bro flow looks masculine, well-groomed and suits both everyday life and the office. If you think about trendy haircuts for long hair men – that’s the perfect choice!

How to care for long hair

Caring for long hair requires special attention and the right habits. Here are some tips and products for caring for long hair:

Wash correctly using a mild, moisturizing shampoo and, if necessary, a shampoo containing caffeine to promote blood circulation to the scalp and thus stimulate hair growth. Gently massage the shampoo into the hair and scalp and rinse thoroughly.

Repeat the process as required. Do not wash your hair too often, preferably only every second or third day, so as not to strip the hair structure of its own oils and dry out the scalp.


There is a wide range of haircuts for long hair men, but even more choice of different styles that you can create with long hair. We hope that you've found what you're looking for in our article and that there's a suitable hairstyle for you.

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