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How to style medium-length hair for men: Your hair, your confidence

Getting medium-length hair is an amazing move for men. More and more people are embracing this trend, including movie stars like Chris Hemsworth with his textured waves and Timothée Chalamet with his tousled curls.

Chic medium-length hairstyles for men can enhance your appearance, but learning how to style it isn't easy. Don't worry—we're here to help. We'll provide you with a guide to mastering the art of styling medium-length hair. So you can achieve that effortlessly cool look just like the stars.

A simple guide to styling men's medium length curly hair

What you'll need

  • Wide-tooth comb

  • Leave-in conditioner

  • Curl-enhancing cream or mousse

  • Hair dryer with a diffuser

  • Anti-frizz serum

  • Hair spray (optional)

How-to guide

Step 1. Wash and condition

It's better to start with damp hair. You can use a shampoo used for curly hair to keep your curls hydrated.

Step 2. Put some leave-in conditioner

After washing and drying, you can apply a leave-in conditioner to your damp hair to add moisture and detangle. And you can use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly and remove any tangles.

Step 3. Use curl-enhancing cream

Put a curl-enhancing cream or mousse to your hair. Start from the roots and work your way to the tips, scrunching the hair to define your curls.

Step 4. Dry with a diffuser

Attach a diffuser to your hair dryer. Use the dryer on a low heat setting. Scrunch your hair with your hands while drying to maintain the curl pattern and add volume.

Step 5. Apply anti-frizz serum

Once your hair is dry, put a small amount of anti-frizz serum to your curls.

Step 6. Finish with hair spray (optional)

For extra hold, you can finish with a light mist of hair spray. Choose a flexible hold spray to keep your curls in place without making them stiff.

How to style men's straight hair

What you'll need

  • Fine-tooth comb

  • Heat protectant spray

  • Hair dryer

  • Styling gel or pomade

  • Hair spray (optional)

How to guides

Step 1. Prep and protect

Spray a heat protectant evenly throughout your hair to protect it from heat damage. Comb through your hair to distribute the product and detangle any knots.

Step 2. Blow dry and shape

Use a hair dryer to dry your hair, directing the airflow from the roots to the ends to achieve a smooth finish. Use a fine-tooth comb to guide the hair and shape it as you dry.

Step 3. Apply styling product

Once your hair is dry, give a small amount of styling gel or pomade to your hands and work it through your hair. You should focus on the top and front sections to create your desired style.

The ultimate guide to styling men's medium length wavy hair

What you'll need

  • Wide-tooth comb

  • Sea salt spray or curl-enhancing mousse

  • Hair dryer with diffuser attachment

  • Anti-frizz serum

  • Light-hold hair spray (optional)

How to guides

Step 1. Prep and enhance waves

Put a sea salt spray or curl-enhancing mousse evenly throughout your hair to enhance the natural waves. Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product and detangle any knots.

Step 2. Dry with a diffuser

Attach a diffuser to your hair dryer. Use the dryer on a low to medium heat setting to dry your hair. Scrunch your hair with your hands while drying to define the waves and add volume.

Step 3. Finish and tame

Once your hair is dry, apply a small amount of anti-frizz serum to your waves to smooth out any flyaways and add shine. If you want extra hold, finish with a light mist of hair spray. This will keep your waves looking defined and in place all day.

How to grow out medium length hair for men

Here is my real experience. As a 35-year-old who's navigated this transition, I can tell you it takes a bit of patience and some strategic planning. The key is regular trims to keep the ends healthy and prevent split ends, which can derail your progress.

Don't be afraid to visit your barber every few months just to tidy things up – it won't set you back but will keep your hair looking neat during the awkward stages.

In addition to trims, invest in good hair care products like a quality shampoo and conditioner tailored to your hair type. As your hair grows, it's important to keep it nourished and strong.

You can embrace the process and experiment with different styles along the way – from slick backs to casual waves, there's a lot of versatility with medium-length hair.

10 hairstyles men with medium length hair can try

If you want to find a new hairstyle to try, this part will introduce some options for you.

Classic side part

A timeless look, the side part works well with medium-length hair. It's clean, polished, and perfect for both formal and casual settings.

Textured waves

Embrace your natural texture by letting your waves shine. Apply a sea salt spray to damp hair and let it air dry or use a diffuser to enhance the waves.

Slick back

For a more sophisticated look, try the slick back. Use a strong-hold gel or pomade and a comb to smooth your hair back from your forehead for a sleek, controlled style.

Messy quiff

The messy quiff adds volume and a casual, laid-back vibe. Blow-dry your hair upwards and back, then use a matte styling product to create a textured, tousled look.

Curly fringe

If you have natural curls, the curly fringe is a great way to showcase them. Let your curls fall naturally over your forehead, and use a curl-enhancing product to keep them defined and frizz-free.

Bro flow

The bro flow is all about natural movement and flow. Let your hair grow out and fall naturally around your face. This style is easy-going and perfect for a relaxed, effortless look.


The pompadour is a classic style that adds height and volume. Blow-dry your hair upwards and back, then use a strong-hold product to maintain the lift and shape.

Layered cut

A layered cut adds dimension and movement to medium-length hair. Ask your barber for layers to reduce bulk and add texture, making it easier to style.

Modern mullet

The modern mullet combines business in the front and party in the back. Keep the front and sides shorter while letting the back grow longer for a trendy, edgy look.

Undercut with medium top

An undercut with medium-length hair on top creates a striking contrast. The sides are kept short while the top remains long, allowing for various styling options like a slick back, quiff, or messy top.

Best medium length hair blowout dryer - Laifen Swift Special

Laifen Swift Special blow dryer is an excellent choice for men with medium-length hair looking to achieve the perfect blowout. This high-performance dryer features a powerful motor that delivers fast and efficient drying.

With multiple heat and speed settings, you can customize your blowout to suit your hair type and desired style. The cool shot button helps lock your look in place, ensuring a long-lasting finish.

It comes with both a diffuser and a concentrator attachment and helps you to enhance natural waves or achieve sleek, straight styles with precision.

Swift Special reduces frizz and enhances shine, essential for a polished, professional look. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver, perfect for styling from all angles.

Whether you're aiming for a sophisticated slick back, voluminous quiff, or natural waves, this blow dryer provides the performance and precision needed to achieve perfect results at home.


  1. Powerful motor for quick drying for men

  2. Multiple heat and speed settings

  3. Cool shot button for long-lasting style

  4. Includes diffuser and concentrator attachments

  5. Reduces frizz with ionic technology

  6. Classic color picks for men's needs

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