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Time To Upgrade: Signs To Replace Your Hair Dryer

When your hair dryer starts to break down and fall apart, it’s time to take steps towards replacement. Here are the signs to replace your hair dryer.

It can feel heartbreaking when your favorite hair dryer starts losing its luster and performance power. You do everything you can to achieve your favorite hairstyles with your favorite hair dryer, only to result in lackluster results. So, here are signs to replace your hair dryer.

Improper Hair Dryer Maintenance

Maintaining your hair tools is critical for long-lasting use and performance—the same is true for hair dryers. If your hair dryer is improperly maintained, it can reduce its performance and drying time while increasing safety risks. Cleaning your air filters, wiping your blow dryer down after use, and keeping it safe and out of harm’s way can help extend its lifespan.

Damaged, Frizzy Hair After Use

Using a hair dryer properly can help create beautiful, long-lasting hairstyles. You can play around with having sleek and smooth hair to voluminous, bouncy curls with a durable, powerful blow dryer and the right styling tools.

However, if you notice your hair looking frizzier and more damaged after use, it may be time to replace your current hair dryer. The reason for frizzy, dry hair is that your hair dryer can start burning your hair. If that’s the case, it’s prime to switch to a newer model or explore other brands with high-tech features for beautiful, long-lasting hairstyles.

Signs of Hair Dryer Age

Depending on the make and model of your hair dryer, they can last as little as two years to upwards of seven years at a time. If you’ve consistently used your blow dryer for the last five or six years, there’s an incredibly high chance you’ll need to replace it. Furthermore, because of its age, it can have a harder time drying your hair at efficient speeds.

It’s typical for cheaper hair dryers to last between two to three years, while professional-grade and higher-end blow dryers last upwards of six or seven years. So, choosing the right blow dryer matters for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Emits Burning Odors

When drying your hair, there shouldn’t be any odd scents during and after blow drying your hair. However, when you notice a burning smell coming from your hair dryer, it’s a sign to replace it. Some reasons can explain the burning smell, such as your hair dryer being too old and outdated.

Another potential reason for a burning odor is the lack of maintenance and filter replacements, as particles get burnt within the hair appliance itself. Lastly, burning smells can come from your hair dryer’s decline to safely draw electricity from outlets, thus drawing too much and overheating in the process.

Your blow dryer should offer dependability, optimal speed time, and reduce hair damage. Our Laifen hair dryers offer exceptionally powerful, aesthetically pleasing designs you’ll love. If you have any questions about our hair dryers, reach out to us today.

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