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What's a good hair dryer for travel? Best travel hair dryers

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When traveling, you want to enjoy the sea, the sun, and the sights and not have to spend time worrying about how your hair looks. In today's guide, we'll go over the most important things to look out for in a travel hair dryer so you can enjoy your vacation in style! 

What makes a good travel hair dryer?

When selecting their ideal travel companion, one should consider several facets:

1. Size - It need to be portable and compatible with baggage

The first thing that needs to be considered is the hair dryer's size. A behemoth of a hair dryer will be a pain to carry around and take up valuable real estate in your luggage and the hotel bathroom. Getting a smaller hair dryer that’s powerful enough to meet all your hair care needs will optimize your traveling space and leave more room for souvenirs and gifts!

2. Voltage - It may be used to dry your hair anywhere anytime

If your journey will take you across the great ocean blue, you may need to pay attention to the voltage your hair dryer supports. If it isn't a dual-voltage hair dryer, you'll need to carry along an adaptor so that you don't blow a fuse in your hotel suite - but there are some other considerations here too.

Dual-voltage hair dryers tend to be a bit larger than the single-voltage variety. They can often be folded to save a bit of space, but they still won't be quite as portable. Considering you'll probably need an adaptor for your electronics either way, this is a minor consideration when selecting the perfect hair dryer.

3. Quality - Not even powerful extrusions may harm

It's essential for your hair dryer to be well-designed and made from high-quality materials so it can handle the new environment and all the bumps and scrapes it'll encounter on the road. Sitting with wet hair while your hair dryer sputters its last breath probably isn't the precious vacation memory you were hoping for, so pick a hair dryer that lasts!

Why not just use the one in the hotel?

To start, there might not even be one in the hotel! They aren't a strict requirement for most chains and brands, so it's not impossible to open the bathroom door and find a key occupant missing.

Second, it might differ from the type you're used to, which could negatively affect your usual hair-styling routine.

Third, they might be low quality and dirty. While you can rest assured that your sheets and other essential parts of the hotel room will be cleaned, the various appliances and electronics might get less loving attention. You definitely want to avoid catching something when you're supposed to be out enjoying the sun!

Best travel hair dryers of 2023

1. Laifen SE Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser

The Laifen SE is a spritely 11 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, so it's a perfect fit for your luggage. Its Smart Temperature Control means it can style your hair no matter the climate of your vacation destination, and the colorful Morandi tones match perfectly with a playful holiday abroad!

2. Laifen Swift Hair Dryer

It's lightweight and portable. At just 407g, the Laifen Swift is as easy to carry as a smartphone, so it won't weigh you down. The powerful brushless motor means it dries hair fast and that you'll always be on time for your next sightseeing adventure! 

Best travel hair case of 2023

Laifen Storage Bag

Coming in a soothing grey hue, the Laifen Storage Bag is water-resistant and perfectly holds your hair dryer and one nozzle. Its magnetic closing mechanism ensures that nothing will fall out and it is incredibly durable to keep your hair dryer in pristine condition.

FAQs about travelling hair dryers you need to know

1. Which is the best travel hair dryer for going to Europe?

If you come from another country, you should consider a dual-voltage hair dryer for convenience, but remember to look at the best hair dryer's other features. It won't do any good to have a hair dryer that's convenient to use but can't dry hair well!

2. How can I tell if a hair dryer is dual voltage?

You can check the user manual or the website for the dryer. Dual-voltage hair dryers tend to be larger, which restricts portability, but since single-voltage hair dryers require an adaptor, the actual space taken might even out.

3. Why do some hotels not have a blow dryer in the room?

Not every hotel must have a blow dryer and theft can be an issue. We suggest bringing your own hair dryer as the ones in hotels can be cheap or not the quality you're looking for while on your vacation or business trip. This makes sense; stocking every hotel with a premium hair dryer would be a prohibitive expense, so bring your own to be safe!

4. Can I bring a full-size hair dryer on the plane? What about the accessories?

Bringing along any size hair dryer or accessories on your trip should be fine, luggage size notwithstanding; however, check with your local airport authorities for confirmation if you have any questions or concerns.

To sum up

We hope this guide has provided insight on what to look for when selecting the perfect hair dryer for your trip and why it's worth it to save a bit of space in your luggage for gorgeous hair. There's no telling if the hotel you've booked will be able to meet your styling needs, so it's best not to leave your vacation hair-do to chance and bring along the hair dryer you trust for the confident look you know. Remember to bring an adaptor if you don't have a dual-voltage hair dryer so you're not left out to dry with wet hair and a burned-out hair dryer.

So, dear readers, what's on your checklist when you go for a trip? Share any handy trip tips in the comments below to help everyone get their perfect hairstyle while on the go!

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