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Hair Dryer Essentials: Accessories You Can’t Miss

Keeping your hair healthy requires the right tools and accessories for everyday styling. Here are the hair dryer accessory essentials you can’t miss.

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Air-Dry vs. Blow-Dry: The Ultimate Hair Debate

People wonder if it’s better to air dry or blow dry their hair. Here’s our two cents on the ultimate hair debate to help you determine which is right for...

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How High Temperatures Impact and Damage Your Scalp and Hair

An irritated scalp and split ends can quickly dampen your confidence. So here’s how high temperatures can impact and damage your hair and scalp.

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A Historical Journey Through the Evolution of Hair Dryers

Hair dryers have served hairstylists and clients for nearly 100 years, creating beautiful hairstyles. Here’s a brief history of hair dryer design evolution.

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Time To Upgrade: Signs To Replace Your Hair Dryer

When your hair dryer starts to break down and fall apart, it’s time to take steps towards replacement. Here are the signs to replace your hair dryer.

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Hair Dryer Dos and Don’ts: Keeping Hair Healthy

Without proper preparation and awareness, you won’t achieve your signature hairstyles. Here are dos and don’ts of hair drying and how to keep your hair healthy.

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