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Hair Dryer Dos and Don’ts: Keeping Hair Healthy

Without proper preparation and awareness, you won’t achieve your signature hairstyles. Here are dos and don’ts of hair drying and how to keep your hair healthy.

Hair dryers can do wonders for recreating your favorite hairstyles. However, it can go wrong if you aren’t careful and take time to practice. So, here are some hair dryer dos and don’ts for keeping hair healthy.

Hair Dryer Dos

The last thing you want is uncontrollable frizz and frustration, so let’s review the correct procedures for keeping your hair healthy while using a hair dryer.

Always Apply Heat Protectant

Heat protectant is one of the most important products you should use for your hair, no matter its length, texture, treatment, and color. Heat protectant is an essential product that helps keep your hair healthy over time, so never refrain from using it when blow-drying your hair. Heat protectant comes in many forms, from sprays to creams. Focus it on the middles and ends of your strands, then apply the remainder all over.

Use Proper Hairdryer Tools

When it comes to dos and don’ts for hair dryers, one tip for keeping hair healthy is to use the right styling tools. Instead of ignoring your hair dryer attachments, use them to your advantage. Each nozzle serves its purpose to produce smooth, silky, bouncy hair.

You also want good quality styling tools, such as round brushes, paddle brushes, wide-tooth combs, and sectioning clips, so your hair stays tangle-free. Furthermore, don’t neglect nourishing hair products that leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

Hair Dryer Don’ts

Now that you know the dos of hair drying, let’s review the don’ts.

Avoid Overdrying Your Hair

While you should thoroughly dry your hair after a shower, limit how often you dry it with a blow dryer. Overdrying your hair with heat can lead to permanent damage and lackluster results. Focus on nourishing your hair between blow-drying sessions so your hair is ready to handle the heat and looks beautiful for years to come. A simple air-dry works on days between blow-dry sessions.

Don’t Dry Too Close to the Scalp

When drying your hair, focusing on your roots first can help accelerate the process. However, don’t dry too close to the scalp, as this can result in heat-damaged hair and irritated skin. Keep a few generous inches between the hair dryer nozzle and your scalp to leave your hair frizz-free.

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