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Top 10 teeth whitening products of 2024

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What were your New Year's resolutions this year? If they had anything to do with getting a radiant, gleaming smile, then by golly, we're here to help. But there are lots of teeth whitening product options available, ranging from strips and gels that use whitening ingredients to brighten teeth to physically grinding away unwanted stains using abrasives like silica.

Of course, the best results can be found in the dentist's office, but that doesn't mean that you can't whiten your teeth by several shades from the comfort of your very own home. Look down below and check out the ten best products to get that award-winning smile you deserve!

How do we define a good whitening product for teeth?

When looking for the best results in terms of whitening (which can differ somewhat from comfort), there are two key things to look at:

1. Active ingredients

The two most used teeth-whitening agents are hydrogen and carbamide peroxide. If you have sensitive teeth, carbamide peroxide is a better option as it takes longer to whiten teeth, reducing tooth sensitivity.

For people with extremely sensitive teeth, peroxide-free products that use natural ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil to remove stains are also available. These natural options are gentler on the teeth, although less effective than peroxide-based products.

2. Potency

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products contain a maximum of 10% active ingredients. Using higher-concentration products may get faster and better results, but it can also lead to tooth sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth or other dental issues, using lower-concentration products is better. These products will take longer to show results, but they will be more appropriate.

The major types of products when mentioning whitening agents

When talking about whitening agents, there are four major types of products out there: Strips, LED lights, pens/gels, and toothpaste.

1. Whitening strips

The first 3 recommendations belong to this sort. These teeth whitening kits come with a plastic strip, tray, or mold to apply the bleaching agent directly to your teeth. The duration of each session can be either short or long, depending on the product, but it typically is at most two hours.

If you want to whiten your teeth quickly, using strips is one of the most effective over-the-counter teeth whitening methods, as the active ingredient is in contact with your teeth for an extended period.

2. Whitening LED devices

The No.4 and No.5 belong to this kind. To whiten teeth using light devices, a whitening agent is initially applied, and then a blue LED light is held over them to enhance penetration and speed up the results. Light devices are highly effective because the active ingredient in the whitening agent remains in complete contact with your teeth for an extended period, similar to teeth whitening strips.

3. Whitening pens/gels

The No.6 to No.8 products belong to this type. These whitening products come in the form of a pen or a gel that can be pressed onto teeth to whiten them. Some are left on teeth (possibly even overnight), while others are rinsed off after use. Results are somewhat more moderate compared to other products.

4. Whitening toothpaste

The last 2 products belong to this type. Whitening toothpastes typically contain mild abrasives like hydrated silica, sodium bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate that work to physically polish and remove stains. They may also contain small amounts of the whitening ingredients we've come to know and love, like hydrogen peroxide to bleach teeth.

This means it might be somewhat less effective than specialized whitening treatments, but it fits easily into your schedule.

10 best teeth whitening product recommendations [2024]

Unlock your brightest smile with our top 10 teeth whitening product recommendations for 2024! From innovative dissolving strips to LED kits, and even natural alternatives, discover the best ways to achieve a dazzling smile from the comfort of your home. Let's dive into the world of whitening!

Top 1. Moon dissolving teeth whitening strips

Active ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide

Moon's innovative teeth whitening strips with hydrogen peroxide dissolve by themselves after 15 minutes on the teeth, so you can stick them on and forget about them. However, some have said they leave some residue on your teeth after use. That said, others have said that they are comfortable to use, and with a claimed 7-shade improvement, it's a low investment for a potentially significant return.

Top 2. Crest 3D whitestrips professional effects teeth whitening strips kit

Active ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide

Crest is a brand everyone should know, and their claim of professional-level whitening is no jest either. They take a little longer to take effect than the Moon strips at 45 minutes, but they are similarly easy to use.

Stick them onto your teeth and go about your day. After 20 days of use, they potentially whiten up to a claimed 20 levels! They can remove years of teeth stains, no matter how they appear. As one reviewer states, "They work."

Top 3. Lumineux teeth whitening strips

Active ingredients: Coconut oil

When using peroxide for teeth bleaching, it is essential to limit its use as it can gradually soften your enamel. If you're looking for a more natural alternative, try Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips, as they are peroxide-free, and use essential oils like lemon peel oil, sage oil, and coconut oil to whiten teeth. 

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, natural whitening products are similar in effectiveness when compared to their peroxide-using counterparts, meaning you can still get powerful whitening with fewer surface issues after use.

Of course, chemical whitening will provide more impressive results, but the all-natural won't leave you wanting. Reviewers have stated that it did leave a goopy substance on their teeth after use, but they were satisfied with the results!

Top 4. Snow advanced wireless teeth whitening kit

Active ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide

With no pesky cords, this innovative product from Snow is the easiest to use while just going about your business. It includes an LED mouthpiece and a whitening hydrogen peroxide gel and only requires 9 minutes at a time.

Some reviewers have said the LED mouthpiece doesn't entirely fit their mouth and that the power button is a little too easy to activate accidentally, but they also mentioned that the product was relatively pain-free, and the results absolutely speak for themselves!

Top 5. Cali white teeth whitening kit with LED light

Active ingredient: Carbamide peroxide

This teeth whitening kit is affordable at just $15.99 on Amazon and a breeze to use. Despite its price, it doesn't lack quality, but it does have a limit on usage, with each pack only coming with ten uses. If you're looking for a quick fix, however, this is an excellent product as it provides an impressive whitening at a premium price.

Top 6. Bite whitening gel

Active ingredient: Carbamide peroxide

This whitening gel comes with a bottle of carbamide peroxide gel and a small brush to paint onto teeth, allowing it to target specific teeth. The process to use it is very simple: dab some of the gel where you want it, like a tooth fairy Bob Ross, and you're off to the races! Unlike strips, which sometimes dissolve by themselves, there's no place for the gel to go here, so you may need to wash up afterward!

Top 7. Auraglow teeth whitening pen

Active ingredient: Carbamide peroxide

The Auraglow teeth whitening pen is a super quick and effective way to whiten your teeth in less than a minute without any pain or sensitivity. Click the bottom of the pen to expose the gel, and it can whiten teeth in just 1 minute.

Its flexible tip means that it can reach all the nooks and crannies in your teeth, and, true to its top-selling name, it is very effective at getting rid of stains from your teeth.

Top 8. Go smile on the go teeth whitening pen

Active ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide

For those in search of a teeth-whitening product that won't harm your teeth, look no further than Go Smile's portable teeth-whitening product. Its lower hydrogen peroxide percentage may not drastically lighten your teeth, but it's gentle on your pearly whites. The best part is, just like its name, you can take it with you on the go and use it whenever you need a quick fix for any food stains.

Top 9. Crest 3D white stain eraser teeth whitening toothpaste

Active ingredient: Silica (+ fluoride)

This toothpaste effectively combats teeth stains, and its lack of a chemical whitening agent means there's no sensitivity to worry about. It'll leave your teeth looking clean, feeling clean, BEING clean. As you might already know, the downside is that without that agent, lightning effects might not be as dramatic as hoped. 

Top 10. Colgate optic white renewal teeth whitening toothpaste

Active ingredient: Silica (+fluoride), hydrogen peroxide

At 3% hydrogen peroxide, this toothbrush is lighter than the usual gels and strips, so results can take longer to realize than in more focused treatments, but that also means that it doesn't make your teeth as sensitive. Coupled with the decisive cleaning action of the silica, you can see why this is an efficient and effective solution to tooth stains. 

The best toothbrush for whitening your teeth

The best toothbrush for whitening your teeth

Introducing the Wave electric toothbrush by Laifen, a game-changer in oral care. With three specialized brush heads, including Gum Care for gentle yet effective cleaning, and Super-Clean and Ultra-Whitening for daily maintenance, it's tailored to meet your unique needs.

Customize your brushing experience with preset modes adjustable via the Laifen App, ensuring optimal comfort and results. Embrace the powerful combination of vibration and oscillation for thorough cleaning, complemented by an adjustable timer for perfect hygiene routines. Plus, with its waterproof design and indicator bristles, maintenance is effortless. Experience superior oral care without breaking the bank—get your Wave today!

The bottom line

And that concludes our list of top teeth-whitening products. Truthfully, you can go wrong with any product on this list, and it more boils down to what type of product and whitening you're looking for. Are there any products we missed for this list, or do you want to share your experience with one of these? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to smile!

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