Frequently asked questions



1. How do I pay?

We accept various payment methods, including PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay, and credit cards such as American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.

2. Are Laifen hair dryers and toothbrushes fully guaranteed?

Absolutely. We believe our products are the best on the market. If you disagree or are less than 100% satisfied for any reason, then you can simply send it back within 30 days for your money back.

3. How are you able to charge less than the other guys?

Here at Laifen, we develop and produce technology that powers our dryers ourselves. This allows us to cut out the middlemen and sell these powerful appliances directly to you, with minimal markup.

4. How do I change or cancel an order?

Laifen will make every effort to process orders within the stated time frame. If you need to change or cancel an order, please contact us via email within 1 day after the order is placed. We will then do our best to assist you in resolving the matter. Kindly note that the refund does not include currency conversion or credit card fees. Please note that once an order has been sent out, we won't be able to handle its cancellation.

5. What does the 2-year / 1-year warranty entail?

Basically, if anything goes wrong with your product AT ALL - we've got you. We’ll repair or replace anything that isn’t working like it should, to ensure that you are satisfied. For more information about our warranty, please click here.


Rewards Program


1. How do I log in to my account?

Step 1: Click Sign in or visit
Step 2: Fill in your registered email and password.
Step 3: Then, click “Sign in”.

2. How do I register an account / become a member?

Step 1: Click Join now or visit
Step 2: Fill in your first name, last name, email address, and password.
Step 3: Then, click “Create an account”.

3. How do I update my birthday?

Step 1: Log into your account.
Step 2: Click “Ways to earn”, click “Birthday reward”.
Step 3: Update your birth date.

4. How do I claim a coupon?

Step 1: Log into your account.
Step 2: Click “Ways to redeem”.
Step 3: Select the appropriate coupon/discount.
(Note: You must have enough points to claim the coupon/discount.)

5. How do I claim my birthday reward?

Step 1: Log into your account.
Step 2: Click “Ways to earn”.
Step 3: Click the “Redeem” button next to "Birthday reward".
(Note: The birthday reward is only valid on your birthday.)

6. I’ve forgotten my coupon code. What can I do?

Step 1: Log into your account.
Step 2: Click “Your Activity”, click the “Coupons” tab.
Step 3: Click the icon to copy your coupon code.
Step 4: Paste your coupon code during checkout.




1. How much is the shipping fee?

All purchases are free shipping!

2. How long does delivery take?

Orders are usually delivered within 2 - 7 business days.

3. How do I track my order?

When your order is shipped, you will get an email with a tracking number and a link to track it. This this way you can follow your purchase the whole way!

4. Do you ship to the PO box or APO/FPO address?

Unfortunately, we can’t ship to the PO box or APO/FPO address at the moment.




What is your Return Policy?

If you are not fully satisfied with your product, or there is a problem with your purchase, we aim to rectify this as soon as possible. Please click here to see our return policy in detail.




1. Why does the hair dryer stop unexpectedly and display flashing lights?

If your hair dryer stops unexpectedly and displays flashing lights, please first check and clean the intake filter and exhaust vent to ensure there are no obstructions. After cleaning the filter, restart the device. If the issue remains, remove the nozzle and allow the hair dryer to cool down before restarting it. If the problem persists, please contact our customer support at for assistance.

2. Why is the Laifen App failing to connect to the toothbrush?

This issue primarily arises from the app being outdated. Please uninstall the app from your phone and then reinstall it. Also, ensure that the electric toothbrush is fully charged and all the necessary permissions that the app requires on your mobile device are enabled.

3. Why is the Laifen Wave toothbrush displaying an abnormal status light?

If you encounter an unusual blue, purple, or red light on the toothbrush, firstly please make sure that the electric toothbrush is fully charged and that airplane mode is turned off. If the problem persists, please contact our customer support at for assistance.