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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Your guide to 5 must-haves and 5 smart passes

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    It's coming. The most hectic, frenzied, downright insane shopping days of the year are almost upon us, and millions of us are watching our shopping carts eagerly awaiting those incredible discounts and poised to click 'Buy Now'.

    The sheer number of deals you get bombarded by can be a little overwhelming, so I've made this list as a way, best and worst Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, to help you decide on what to invest in and which kinds of products are best to stay away from, for the time being…

    5 smart Black Friday & Cyber Monday buys of 2024

    From tech treasures to must-have lifestyle upgrades, we've curated a list of intelligent purchases that will elevate your game. Get ready to snag unbeatable deals and make savvy choices that go beyond the savings. It's not just about the discounts; it's about shopping smart and getting the most bang for your buck. Let the Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities begin!

    Top 1. Hair dryers

    Buying a premium hair dryer isn't something everyone is willing to splash the cash on, no matter how much they want one. However, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales offering huge discounts on these appliances, it's definitely worth treating yourself or getting one as a fantastic gift for a loved one.

    Head over to Laifentech's official website herein to check out the fantastic Black Friday hair dryer deals we have, where you can save up to $80 dollars on a brand-new premium hair dryer and use it to make your hair healthy and shiny. You may also want to know the confusing of Black Friday - Which one to choose from: high-speed hair dryer VS normal hair dryer.

    Hair dryers

    Top 2. Technology

    This time of year is probably the best time to invest in technology like laptops, desktop computers, televisions, and gaming consoles. Whether you're treating yourself or as a gift for friends and family, this is the time to buy. However, be cautious of off-brand technology that is heavily discounted. While it may save you money initially, you may end up having to buy a replacement next year when Black Friday rolls around again.


    Top 3. Small kitchen appliances

    If you're looking for countertop kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, blenders, mixers, pressure cookers, and more, now would be the time to consider upgrading or purchasing one. Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide the perfect opportunity to kit out your kitchen with these incredibly useful appliances.

    Small kitchen appliances

    Top 4. Winter clothing

    Typically, clothing isn't one of the most discounted products on these shopping days, but with the weather getting warmer and lasting longer, it's predicted this year that retailers will try to push supply with heavy discounts. Therefore, keep an eye out for incredible deals to keep warm this winter season!

    Winter clothing

    Top 5. Travel

    Perhaps this is one you weren't expecting to make the list. With the weather getting colder, most of us are dreaming of sandy beaches and lazy pool days. 'Travel Tuesday', the day after Cyber Monday, is typically known for having great deals and discounts on flight packages, cruises, hotels, tickets, etc. So, if you've been thinking about booking a trip, just wait a little longer and have a look at the great deals that are on at this time.


    5 purchases to avoid 2024 Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    Our guide also highlights the things no need to buy during BFCM. Skip the buyer's remorse with insights on what not to splurge on. From tech pitfalls to tempting but unnecessary buys, we've got you covered. Save your hard-earned cash for smarter investments and make this shopping season a win for your wallet. Let's navigate the deals wisely and emerge with purchases that truly add value.

    Top 1. Large appliances

    Large appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines are not the best investment during this time. Sure, you'll come across some discounts, but for those living in the US, you'll find better deals for these large appliances on Memorial Day or Labor Day. So, if you can hold out until then, you'll save yourself a lot of cash.

    Large appliances

    Top 2. Furniture

    While Black Friday and Cyber Monday entice with furniture and home decor discounts, the savviest shoppers might consider holding off until Presidents Day for the optimal deals. Waiting a couple of months can unveil even more significant savings and exclusive offers, allowing you to furnish your space with both style and budget in mind. So, if patience is your virtue, Presidents Day becomes the sweet spot for transforming your home into a haven of affordable elegance.


    Top 3. Toys

    With Christmas around the corner, toys become the season's hottest sellers. For optimal savings, exercise a bit of patience and resist the urge to buy. Waiting until early December reveals the best deals, ensuring both festive joy and budget-friendly shopping. Embrace the spirit of savvy gifting and make the most of the season's discounts, turning your holiday shopping into a delightful and economical experience.


    Top 4. Fitness equipment and sporting goods

    Post-Christmas, as the "New Year, new me" wave hits, January unveils the prime time for remarkable savings on fitness equipment. Embrace the holiday season without fretting over extra pounds, as the new year promises budget-friendly opportunities to kickstart your wellness journey.

    So, indulge in the festivities, savor those holiday treats, and gear up for a healthier you with savvy shopping when January arrives. It's a win-win – joyful celebrations now, and a fitness-focused new year awaits!

    Fitness equipment and sporting goods

    Top 5. Jewelry

    Jewelry is a big seller at this time of year, with people buying romantic Christmas presents for their loved ones. However, it is due to this high demand that there is generally a lack of stock and poor discounts. You'd be better off waiting for the period between Christmas and Valentine's Day for the best deals.


    Frequently asked questions

    Curious minds, get ready to unravel the mysteries surrounding this shopping extravaganza. From the duration of deals to the real deal on savings, we've got your burning questions covered. Join us as we delve into the enigma of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, helping you navigate the realms of discounts and uncover the secrets behind these shopping phenomena. Let's get those questions answered and make your Black Friday adventure a savvy and informed one!

    Q1: How long do Black Friday deals last?

    Black Friday deals typically kick off on the day after Thanksgiving and extend through the weekend. However, keep an eye on early promotions, as some retailers offer sneak peeks or start the discounts well before the official day.

    Q2: Is Black Friday actually cheaper?

    Yes, Black Friday often brings significant discounts. While not all deals are created equal, many retailers offer genuine savings, making it an opportune time for savvy shoppers.

    Q3: Are there better deals on Cyber Monday than Black Friday?

    In some cases, yes. Cyber Monday is renowned for online discounts, especially on tech and electronics. However, it depends on the product and retailer, so comparing deals is key.

    Q4: Is Black Friday the cheapest day?

    Not always. While Black Friday offers compelling discounts, some products might see further price drops closer to the holidays. It's a balancing act between securing deals and playing the waiting game.

    Q5:  What is special about Cyber Monday?

    Cyber Monday focuses on online deals, making it ideal for tech and digital purchases. It's the digital counterpart to Black Friday, offering a chance to snag bargains from the comfort of your screen. 

    Wrapping up

    Of course, there are always some brands that will offer amazing deals around this time, contradicting this list. However, I did my best to guide you through the best and worst purchases to make during these shopping days. By following this advice, I hope that you find the bargain you're looking for and are able to save some of those hard-earned dollars for a rainy day.

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