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How to use a diffuser for long wavy hair: you should avoid these mistakes

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    Do you ask yourself: "Do I need a diffuser for wavy hair"? The answer is yes, to make wavy hair look particularly defined and healthy, we prefer to use a diffuser attachment when blow-drying. This dries the hair indirectly while the hot air is distributed evenly. Ultimately, this gives your curls even more bounce. That sounds promising, but there are still a few things you can do wrong. We will tell you what to look out for. We have the best tips for diffusing wavy hair!

    How to use a diffuser for short wavy hair: 5 mistakes and how to do it right

    Mistake 1: The hair is not wet enough

    When you blow-dry your hair with a diffuser, it is best if it is as wet as possible. This is the best way to combat frizz in curly hair. Of course, you can also dry it very lightly with a towel beforehand, or rather dab it dry. You should do this very gently and not rub, as this stretches the curls and increases frizz. It is best to use a microfiber turban, which is currently the absolute beauty bestseller.

    2nd mistake: Best products for diffusing wavy hair – you use the wrong products

    The right products are the be-all and end-all on the way to defined curls. If you have not used any when blow-drying before, we recommend you start now. You will notice the difference right away. The best products to use are those that specialize in moisturizing. Always use a conditioner after shampooing, followed by a leave-in conditioner and a styling product to prepare curly hair for the diffuser.

    3rd mistake: You are not blow-drying on the lowest setting

    If you blow-dry your curly hair at full heat, you are doing it wrong. Although your hair will dry faster, it will become even frizzier. That is why you should be patient when blow-drying with the diffuser and use a low temperature and low pressure. It is worth it. Nevertheless, do not forget to use heat protection, this is very important if you are focusing on how to use a diffuser for wavy hair in the correct way.

    4th mistake: You move the diffuser too much

    The right way of blow drying your hair depends on the right movements. If these are too intense and erratic, this promotes frizz. Basically, you should keep the diffuser in place as much as possible until one section is dry, then move on to the next. However, there is an exception for those with tight curl textures: in this case, the diffuser should be moved around the head without touching the hair.

    5th mistake: Touching your hair

    When blow-drying with the diffuser, keep your hands away from your hair, as constantly touching it can also lead to frizz. Even if you are always tempted to tame your curly hair, you should not touch it until it is completely dry. If you want to shape the dry hair afterwards, you can take the entire mane in your hands from the roots to the ends and gently squeeze it - but never rub it. A no-go after blow-drying: run your fingers through the curls. This breaks up the curl structure and causes frizz.

    What to look out for in a hairdryer for curls - best diffuser for wavy hair

    Obviously, you should not be using a diffuser for wavy hair every day, but if you do, you should only use it with a high-quality attachment.

    If you look at all the hairdryers, there are minimal differences between them. The cable is sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, and the power (wattage) is slightly different. So, when is a diffuser good for curly hair?

    The perfect hair dryer is essential for drying your hair gently yet quickly. There are a few features to look out for when buying the right appliance:

    • Two heat settings are the absolute minimum for a good hairdryer. More is better, of course. The hairdryer should also have a cold setting so that the hair can be dried more gently.

    • The ion function is a must for every professional hairdryer. The hairdryer uses this to generate negatively charged particles, which ensure that the water molecules in damp hair break down into smaller micro-droplets. This dries the hair faster and is less harsh.

    • The output of most hair dryers is between 1,000 and 2,400 watts. To ensure reliable and fast drying, the wattage should not be lower.

    • The hair dryer should have a centering nozzle for targeted drying and a diffuser attachment for curly and unruly hair.

    • Hair dryers coated on the inside with ceramic, tourmaline or titanium distribute the heat evenly and gently.

    What is the ion function on a hairdryer all about?

    The ion function causes negatively charged ions to reach the hair via the air. This splits the water and the hair can dry faster. In addition to the faster drying effect, your hair is less charged and has significantly less frizz in comparison.

    Why is the motor important in a curling dryer?

    The motor of the hair dryer is very important, as it drives the rotor blade, which is ultimately responsible for drying your hair. Older models have a direct current (DC) motor, while newer models have an alternating current (AC) motor. The advantage here is the separation of heat development from the fan, the biggest plus point. After all, if we are going to use a hairdryer on our curls, we should avoid the heat as much as possible.

    Questions and answers - diffuser for wavy frizzy hair

    Q1. What is a hairdryer with a diffuser for wavy hair?

    A diffuser hairdryer is a special attachment for the hairdryer that allows you to style curly hairstyles particularly well. It reduces the airflow and distributes it over a larger area.

    Q2. Who is a diffuser for wavy hair suitable for?

    A hairdryer with a diffuser is ideal if you want to conjure up curls or more volume in your hair. Such a model is therefore particularly suitable for emphasizing natural curls.

    Q3. How to use a diffuser for wavy hair correctly?

    To style your hair yourself with a diffuser hairdryer, your hair should be towel-dried. To use, carefully place the strands of hair on the diffuser and blow-dry them. To avoid frizz, do not pull or rub your hair.

    Q4. Which hairdryer is best for curls?

    If you are looking for a hairdryer specifically designed for curls, you should look for one that has a cold air setting, a low airflow and a diffuser attachment to define the curls while drying.

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