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Hotel hair dryer - do European hotels have hair dryers?

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    Blow-dry hairstyles are a classic that will probably never go out of fashion. After all, with a little practice, you can create both mirror-smooth hair and voluminous glamorous hairstyles. Especially on vacation, you want to feel comfortable and beautiful, which is why the right hairdryer is a must.

    In most American hotels a hair dryer in hotel bathrooms is a given, but is the same true for European hotels? Well, this mainly depends on the hotel category. Most 4-star European hotels also have hairdryers in the rooms. To make sure that the next hotel you visit has a hairdryer, it is advisable to contact the hotel in advance.

    Do hotels have hair dryers?

    Most hotels from 4 stars upwards also have hairdryers in the individual rooms. If you are traveling to Ireland or Italy, for example, you might ask yourself: Do hotels in Ireland have hair dryers? or Do hotels in Italy have hair dryers?, depending on your destination.

    In general, all hotels in all countries that are equipped to a higher standard have a hotel hair dryer in the en suite bathroom.

    Hotel hair dryers wall mounted

    In hotels, youth hostels, rest stops and even at the airport - wall-mounted dryers can be found wherever the establishment wants to offer its guests more comfort and excellently equipped sanitary facilities.

    As the name suggests, wall-mounted dryers are firmly anchored in the wall and are supplied with electricity directly from there.

    Thanks to a fuse, the appliances are switched off as soon as they are placed in the anchorage and therefore usually do not need an on/off button.

    Hair dryers with ion technology

    What do hair dryers and ion technology have in common? They both form the ideal team for soft, well-groomed hairstyles. Anyone who struggles with frizz knows that humidity and the rubbing of coarse materials such as wool lead to frizzy hair particularly quickly. A hotel hair dryer with ionic technology, such as the Laifen Swift Special, helps to reunite individual frizzy hairs into a homogeneous, soft strand. Know about what is an ionic hair dryer.

    There are no differences in use, but hair dryers with ionic technology are sometimes a little more expensive than conventional appliances.

    Hair dryers with interchangeable attachments

    Hair dryers usually have a circular opening in order to eject as much hot air as possible at once and thus be particularly efficient. This opening is therefore important if you want to dry your hair as quickly as possible.

    However, this is often not the best solution when styling your hair, as the heat distribution cannot be controlled so well and individual hairs are more likely to stick out, resulting in a tousled end result.

    Diffuser attachments and concentrator attachments promise a remedy. With a diffuser attachment, you can give your curly mane more bounce and volume, while concentrator attachments promise more hot air control and therefore a smoother result thanks to their narrow opening. The Laifen Swift Premium comes with many different attachments and ensures that you can conjure up a beautiful hairstyle on vacation.

    Hair dryers for professionals

    What distinguishes a professional hairdryer? Firstly, professional appliances usually have a much more powerful air blast compared to basic models. As a result, they produce faster results overall and can also dry thick hair efficiently.

    Those who like to blow-dry curly hairstyles or want a particularly smooth result will also be pleased with the different heat settings. While the highest heat setting is intended for quick drying and shaping, you can use the coolest setting to cool strands quickly so that they stay in shape for longer. The Laifen SE - High-Speed Hair Dryer can meet all requirements in this case too.

    Hood hairdryer for professional styling

    A professional hairdryer is all well and good, but the famous hood hairdryer is the ultimate in hair styling at the hairdresser's and gives you a hairdresser's feeling at home or on holiday. The hood is placed over the head, connected to the power supply by cable and then controlled via an external remote control.

    This high-quality hotel hair dryer is equipped with various heat settings. The most important advantage over conventional hair dryers is the reduced frizz and an overall softer, shinier result.

    Which hair dryer for which hairstyle?

    Professional hairdressing salons usually have a large repertoire of different hair dryers with different attachments, heat settings and even power levels. Due to their everyday use, it is particularly advisable to choose high-quality products such as Laifen hair dryers, which can actually be used for many years.

    If you want a solid hotel hair dryer for your own bathroom, you can now even find excellent equipment in the mid-price segment. A hairdryer with interchangeable attachments and at least three heat settings - hot, warm, and cool - is suitable as an all-rounder. This allows you to style a wide variety of hairstyles at home with just one appliance.

    Are hotel hair dryers dirty?

    If a hairdryer is used frequently, it is normal for it to get dirty. Regular cleaning by hotel staff is therefore essential. Hair as well as dust and dirt particles can get caught in the dryer through numerous delicate openings. Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the functionality of the hair dryer. You should never use water for this, but simply wipe the openings with a fine feather duster.

    You can wipe off residues of care products with a microfiber cloth. Professional models are often equipped with a screw cap, which makes cleaning easier.

    The bottom line

    Choosing the right hotel hair dryer is essential for a perfect holiday style. From wall-mounted options to those with ion technology, Laifen's guide covers the diverse range of hair dryers available. Understanding features like interchangeable attachments and professional-grade options ensures you pick the perfect fit for your hairstyling needs.

    Discover the benefits of hood hair dryers for a salon-like experience at home or during your travels. Keep your hotel hair dryer clean for optimal performance, knowing that regular maintenance is key to a functional and hygienic appliance.

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