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Laifen Wave: How to fix a stuck brush head?

Hey, Wave users! Dealing with a stuck brush head on your Laifen Wave? Don't sweat it, it's a common hiccup, but no need to Hulk-smash it. Violence won't solve it! Instead, maneuver the head, finding the perfect match with the handle. Remember, it's not a product flaw, just a little fiddling required. Stay cool, keep calm, and let's get that brush head back in action, pronto!

Step 1. Stay calm

Stay calm

When faced with a stuck brush head, it's easy to feel flustered, but remember, keeping a cool head is essential. Take a moment to breathe deeply and collect your thoughts. Remind yourself that this is a common issue that many people encounter, and it can be resolved with a bit of patience and know-how.

Step 2. Movement

Avoid the temptation to use brute force to dislodge the stuck brush head. Instead, you can just choose a gentle, controlled movements. You can wig the brush head back and forth to loosen it from the handle. Then apply steady but gentle pressure, being careful not to exert too much force that could damage the brush or handle.

Step 3. Align


Before attempting to remove or attach the brush head, you have to keep that it is properly aligned with the handle. Misalignment can often be the culprit behind a stuck brush head.

Take a moment to inspect the positioning of the head and handle and make any necessary adjustments to guarantee they are really aligned.

Step 4. Press

As you work to free the stuck brush head, remember to apply pressure evenly and gradually. Avoid sudden or jerky movements that could worsen the situation. Instead, use slow, deliberate motions to gently coax the head loose from its stuck position. Be patient and persistent, and the head should come free without causing any damage.

Step 5. Patience


If the brush head stubbornly refuses to budge, don't give in to frustration. Instead, exercise patience and continue to work methodically to free the head

Try different angles and techniques, and don't be afraid to take breaks if needed. With perseverance and a calm demeanor, you'll likely find success in freeing the stuck brush head without causing any harm to your toothbrush or handle.

Always pay attention to misallignment

Check weather it's because of misallignment. And this easy 5-step guide will help you solve the issue of fixing a stuck brush head on your Laifen Wave, regardless of the type. If you have more questions about Laifen Wave, you can access related content by clicking on the pictures or links. For any further inquiries, you can visit our customer service for prompt assistance.

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