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Laifen hair dryer reviews: Benefits, technologies, & features - Your hair, your crown

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The act of drying hair is either a daily chore, or its for your styling needs, regardless of why you use a hair dryer. As the best hair dryer provider, Laifen can help you achieve the look you want. Here are some notable advantages of Laifen hair dryers that make them stand out from the rest. Maybe you've heard of Laifen, maybe not (yet), but what's undeniable is that we're an upcomer in the hair care industry and we're gradually showing people what the hype is about. We've received accolades and scores of amazing reviews for the Swift, so let's talk about what has everyone singing our praises.

It's that time again, it's time to wash and dry your hair. This statement can either a source of pleasure for some people or a source of torment for others.

Drying your hair is a task that you may do daily or for styling purposes. Regardless of the reason, Laifen hair dryers can help you achieve the desired look. They offer several advantages that set them apart from other hair dryers. You may or may not have heard of Laifen, but we are a rising star in the hair care industry. Our Swift model has received numerous accolades and glowing reviews. Let's talk about what makes it so great and why it has everyone raving about it.

What makes Laifen hair dryer different from others?

Laifen hair dryers stand out in the crowd with their unique features and superior performance. What sets them apart is a combination of advanced technology, thoughtful design, and user-friendly elements. To begin with, Laifen hair dryers boast cutting-edge technology that ensures efficient drying with minimal heat damage. Equipped with innovative heating elements and airflow systems, they deliver a powerful yet gentle performance, leaving your hair healthy and radiant.


Design of Laifen hair dryer reviews

The design of Laifen hair dryers is a game-changer. Ergonomically crafted, they provide a comfortable grip and are lightweight, making styling sessions a breeze. The carefully engineered nozzle attachments, such as diffusers and concentrators, cater to various styling needs, from enhancing curls to achieving a sleek finish.


Versatility of Laifen hair dryer reviews

Moreover, Laifen prioritizes versatility. These hair dryers come with multiple heat and speed settings, allowing you to customize your styling experience based on your hair type and desired look. Whether you're aiming for a quick dry or intricate styling, Laifen hair dryers have got you covered.


Quiet of Laifen blow dryer reviews

The attention to detail extends to noise reduction features, making the drying process quieter and more enjoyable. Additionally, Laifen hair dryers often include advanced technologies like ionic or ceramic components, contributing to reduced frizz and enhanced shine.


In essence, Laifen hair dryers redefine the standard, providing a harmonious blend of innovation, functionality, and style. If you're looking for a hair dryer that goes beyond the ordinary, Laifen is the brand that stands out from the rest. The following are the benefits and advantages of using Laifen dryers. Here are the collections of different types of Laifen blow dryers and attachments. You can review each of the product and select the color and attachment as per your needs.

Laifen SE collection:

Laifen Swift collection:

Laifen Swift Special collection:

Laifen Swift Premium collection:

Laifen hair dryer attachment collection:

4 advantages of Laifen high-speed blow dryers

Laifen high-speed blow dryers are the real MVPs of hair styling. With lightning-fast drying, cutting-edge tech, and sleek design, they're total game-changers. These bad boys don't just dry; they revolutionize your hair routine. Trust me, your locks will thank you for bringing Laifen into the styling party!

Multiple heat and speed settings

From day one, Laifen has prioritized using powerful airflow over excessive heat, which is why they can boast that their hair dryer causes no heat damage while getting your hair dry in no time. Powered by a high-speed, 110,000rpm brushless motor, the Laifen hair dryer produces airflows of up to 22m/s, drying your hair 5.5 times faster than conventional hair dryers.

To make it even safer for your hair and scalp, you can long press the temperature button, activating the Temperature Cycling Mode, which alternates between hot and cold airflows to protect your hair from heat damage.

Multiple heat and speed settings

Additionally, Laifen's Smart Temperature Control, driven by their patented thermo-control microprocessor, monitors the air temperature 100 times per second making real-time adjustments to protect your hair from heat damage, and to limit the maximum temperature at a safe 80°C. The hot setting is 80°C, the warm setting is 50°C, and the cold setting is around room temperature.

Advanced technology

+ 3-color LED + 200 million negative Ions

    Laifen is incredibly proud of the restructured brushless motor that it has designed and employed in this high-speed hair dryer. However, there is other technology used in this product that they also love to brag about. The 3-Color LED ring on the head of the hair dryer changes color according to the selected temperature setting. Red, orange, and blue indicate hot, warm, and cold airflows, respectively, allowing you to see the temperature at a glance. Both are aesthetically pleasing and extremely useful for knowing what temperature you are currently using.

    + 3-color LED + 200 million negative Ions

    The Laifen hair dryer's ionic technology emits 200 million negative ions while drying, leaving hair silky and smooth. Negative ions help to repel water, lock in moisture, and bring a healthy natural shine to your hair instead of drying it out and leaving it brittle, frizzy or creating flyaways.

    Lightweight, ergonomic, and travel-friendly

    + Travel-friendly, weight, and ultra-quiet

    Lightweight, ergonomic, and travel-friendly

      With these changes we have already sped up the time it takes to dry your hair, but here at Laifen we want to go that bit further and make your daily routine that much less of a chore by making our hair dryers as light and easy to use as possible. The Swift weighs in at only 0.9 lbs, easily one of the lightest premium hair dryers on the market, which makes it easy to use at home or even on the go when travelling. The controls are extremely simple and easy to learn making the user experience all that much better

      Our hair dryers operate at an amazingly low 59 dB, causing less disruption for you and your family. Colored in pleasing Morandi tones, and its tight filter mesh prevents your hair from being drawn in.

      Long-lasting performance

      + Faster drying means less use (Stats on time saved) + Expertly crafted motor (Check flyer for IFA)

        If you invest in a Laifen SE, you can benefit from its long-lasting performance. These hair dryers are known for their durability and high-quality components that can withstand frequent use and last years without declining in performance. You can save money in the long run by investing in a Laifen hair dryer rather than buying lower-quality hair dryers that break down after a few years.

        5.5 times faster drying so you can finish your morning routine and can get on with your day or instead spend your time doing what you love.

        With regular use of about 10 minutes every day, your Laifen Swift will last for up to 16 years. That's a lot of great hair days! Now think of how much time you can save over those 16 years when you're doing it so much faster.

        All Laifen hair dryers reviews: SE, Swift Special, & more

        Let's dive into the world of Laifen hair dryer products with comprehensive reviews! From the SE model to the Swift Special and beyond, explore the unique features and exceptional performance that make Laifen a standout in haircare innovation. Also, do not forget to pick up your wanted hair dryer based on the pros and cons of them in the following.

        1. Laifen SE hair dryer review

        Laifen SE hair dryer review

        Elevate your hair game with the groundbreaking Laifen SE quiet hair dryer, equipped with Laifen's exclusive 105,000 rpm brushless motor. This powerhouse accelerates drying time by an impressive 5x compared to traditional dryers, revolutionizing your hair care routine.

        The innovative Temperature Cycling Mode adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your locks stay luscious and vibrant by minimizing heat damage. The user-friendly 3-LED ring provides at-a-glance visibility of temperature settings, simplifying your styling experience.

        Notably, the Swift SE is a styling marvel, featuring two magnetic nozzles catering to both curly and straight hairstyles, delivering unmatched versatility and salon-quality results.


        • Lightning-fast drying: Experience the remarkable speed of the 105,000 rpm brushless motor for rapid drying.

        • Heat damage prevention: The Temperature Cycling Mode guarantees a gentle drying process, reducing the risk of heat-related damage.

        • Visual temperature control: The 3-LED ring intuitively displays temperature settings, enhancing user control and convenience.

        • Versatile styling: The inclusion of two magnetic nozzles allows seamless styling for both curly and straight hair, providing unmatched versatility.


        • Minimal learning curve: While the Swift SE offers advanced features, users may require a brief adjustment period to maximize its full potential.

        2. Laifen Swift hair dryer review

        Laifen Swift hair dryer review

        Indulge in the ultimate hair-drying experience with the Laifen Swift—a game-changer in the world of high-speed hair dryers. Boasting a revolutionary brushless motor, this powerhouse propels your drying time to a remarkable 5.5x faster than conventional dryers, promising not just efficiency but a swift styling transformation.

        Embrace a frizz-free and radiant finish, thanks to the cutting-edge negative ion technology that fights frizz and enhances shine, leaving your locks sleek and luminous. Experience the efficiency without the unnecessary noise—Swift operates at a whisper-quiet level, ensuring you look great in minutes while seamlessly getting on with your day. With four stunning colors to choose from, the Swift isn't just a tool; it's a stylish accessory that adds flair to your beauty routine.


        • Swift drying powerhouse: The brushless motor achieves an impressive 5.5x faster drying speed, revolutionizing your hair routine.

        • Frizz-free brilliance: Negative ion technology battles frizz and enhances shine, leaving your hair flawlessly sleek and radiant.

        • Whisper-quiet operation: Efficient and silent, the Swift operates at a whisper-quiet sound level.

        • Colorful style choices: With four stunning colors, the Swift becomes a stylish accessory, adding flair to your beauty routine.


        • Single voltage limitation: Operating at 120V only, the Swift isn't dual voltage, potentially limiting its use in some international settings.

        3. Laifen Swift Special hair dryer review

        Laifen Swift Special hair dryer review

        Embark on a styling journey like never before with the Laifen Swift Special—an amplified version of the Swift's already incredible 5.5x faster drying magic. This special edition isn't just a hair dryer; it's a total styling package designed to meet your diverse styling needs.

        Unleash the power of efficient drying with the Swift's signature prowess, while the three accompanying styling nozzles elevate your styling game to new heights. Define curls and waves effortlessly with the Diffuser Nozzle, achieve precision styling with the Concentrator Nozzle, or opt for everyday glamour with the Smooth Nozzle's quick-dry shine. With 1400W of power, the Swift Special ensures a seamless blend of efficiency, versatility, and a flawless finish.


        • Swift drying mastery: The Swift Special retains the Swift's 5.5x faster drying speed for swift and efficient results.

        • Zero heat damage: The gentle drying process ensures your hair stays protected from heat-related damage.

        • Three styling nozzles: Customize your look with the versatile Diffuser, Concentrator, and Smooth Nozzles for a range of styling options.

        • Efficient powerhouse: Packed with 1400W of power, the Swift Special guarantees efficient and quick drying for your diverse styling needs.


        • Single voltage limitation: Operating at 120V only, the Swift Special may have limitations for international use due to its lack of dual voltage capability.

        4. Laifen Swift Premium hair dryer review

        Laifen Swift Premium hair dryer review

        Experience the epitome of opulence with the Swift Premium Collection—a celestial blend of cutting-edge technology and high-end aesthetics. This high-speed hair dryer transcends ordinary drying routines, boasting a potent brushless motor that propels drying speed to a dazzling 5.5x faster than traditional dryers.

        Immerse yourself in the elegance of the Premium Collection's luxurious color palette, elevating your styling space with an aura of class and sophistication. The incorporation of negative ion technology not only accelerates drying but also leaves your hair with a mesmerizing shine and unparalleled frizz control.

        This whisper-quiet masterpiece ensures a peaceful styling experience, where efficiency meets tranquility. Elevate your hair game and indulge in a realm of luxury like never before with the Swift Premium Collection.


        • Swift drying mastery: The Swift Premium retains the impressive 5.5x faster drying speed, ensuring swift and efficient results.

        • Zero heat damage: Gentle on your locks, this premium device safeguards against heat-related damage.

        • Luxurious color palette: Choose from three opulent colors, transforming your styling routine into a visual feast.

        • Whisper-quiet operation: Stylish efficiency meets tranquility with the whisper-quiet sound level, creating a serene styling experience.


        • Single voltage limitation: Operating at 120V only, the Swift Premium may have limitations for international use due to its lack of dual voltage capability.

        How to to blow dryer your hair by Laifen hair dryers?

        Ready to embark on a hair styling odyssey with your Laifen hair dryer? Get ready to unleash your inner stylist and let the magic unfold—every strand has a story to tell, and we're about to make it epic!

        How to to blow dryer your hair by Laifen hair dryers?

        01 of 05

        Prep your hair; Set up your Laifen dryer

        Kickstart your style journey with a canvas ready for a masterpiece—freshly washed, damp hair, meticulously detangled, and prepped for the spotlight.

        Choose your style sidekick—Diffuser for embracing natural curls, Concentrator for precision, or the Smooth nozzle for that quick-dry everyday glamour. It's like having a superhero squad for your hair!

        02 of 05

        Apply heat protectant; Section your hair

        Time to pamper those locks! Show them some love with a generous application of top-notch heat protectant, creating an invisible shield against potential heat damage.

        Plot your styling strategy! Divide your mane into art-friendly sections—this isn't just a blow-dry; it's a meticulous masterpiece in the making.

        03 of 05

        Adjust heat and speed settings

        Tailor your Laifen dryer to your hair type—higher heat for thick hair, lower for fine strands. Adjust speed settings for optimal control, ensuring a customized drying experience.

        04 of 05

        Hold dryer at the right angle; Use a round brush for volume

        Elevate your technique! Hold the Laifen dryer at a slight angle, directing the airflow along the hair shaft. This professional touch ensures a smoother finish and added shine.

        Level up your styling game! Introduce a round brush, lifting sections as you dry. This technique adds volume and shapes your hair for a salon-worthy finish. Show off that professional touch!

        05 of 05

        Finish with a blast of cool air

        Seal the deal! Switch to the cool setting for a final blast. This not only sets your style but adds a touch of shine, leaving your hair looking sleek and salon-ready. Enjoy your Laifen masterpiece!

        It is crunch time

        Hair dryers are essential tools for countless people. Laifen hair dryers are the ideal choice for anyone looking for versatile, efficient, and innovative products. Our high-speed hair dryers guarantee easier styling and amazing results. Ask about our hair dryers today!

        FAQs about Laifen hairdryer reviews

        Got burning questions about Laifen blow dryers? You're in the right place! Let's dive into the FAQ pool and unravel the mysteries behind these hairstyling superheroes. From the best pick to voltage quirks, consider this your Laifen hair dryer compass.

        Q1: Which hair dryer is the best?

        The best Laifen high-quality hair dryer depends on your needs. Explore the Swift, Swift Special, Swift Premium, or SE for features tailored to your styling preferences.

        Q2: Is Laifen hairdryer dual-voltage?

        Laifen multi-purpose hair dryers typically operate on 120V and are not dual-voltage. Check product specifications for voltage details before use in international settings.

        Q3: Are all Laifen hairdryers can match a diffuser?

        Yes, Laifen flexible hair dryers are designed to be versatile. Most models, including the Swift series and SE, can be paired with a diffuser attachment for various styling options.

        Q4: What makes the Laifen hair dryer more powerful?

        Laifen blow dryers feature a proprietary high-speed brushless motor, like the one in the Swift and SE models. This technology enhances drying efficiency, making them powerful and efficient.

        Q5: Which Laifen hair dryer product is suitable for curly hair?

        For curly hair, consider the Swift Special with a Diffuser Nozzle. It's designed to define curls and waves while ensuring efficient and speedy drying.

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