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Your hair, your crown - Laifen hair dryer reviews: Benefits, technologies, & features

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The act of drying hair is either a daily chore, or its for your styling needs, regardless of why you use a hair dryer. As the best hair dryer provider, Laifen can help you achieve the look you want. Here are some notable advantages of Laifen hair dryers that make them stand out from the rest. Maybe you've heard of Laifen, maybe not (yet), but what's undeniable is that we're an upcomer in the hair care industry and we're gradually showing people what the hype is about. We've received accolades and scores of amazing reviews for the Swift, so let's talk about what has everyone singing our praises.

It's that time again, it's time to wash and dry your hair. This statement can either a source of pleasure for some people or a source of torment for others.

Drying your hair is a task that you may do daily or for styling purposes. Regardless of the reason, Laifen hair dryers can help you achieve the desired look. They offer several advantages that set them apart from other hair dryers. You may or may not have heard of Laifen, but we are a rising star in the hair care industry. Our Swift model has received numerous accolades and glowing reviews. Let's talk about what makes it so great and why it has everyone raving about it.

Multiple heat and speed settings

From day one, Laifen has prioritized using powerful airflow over excessive heat, which is why they can boast that their hair dryer causes no heat damage while getting your hair dry in no time. Powered by a high-speed, 110,000rpm brushless motor, the Laifen hair dryer produces airflows of up to 22m/s, drying your hair 5.5 times faster than conventional hair dryers.

To make it even safer for your hair and scalp, you can long press the temperature button, activating the Temperature Cycling Mode, which alternates between hot and cold airflows to protect your hair from heat damage.

Additionally, Laifen's Smart Temperature Control, driven by their patented thermo-control microprocessor, monitors the air temperature 100 times per second making real-time adjustments to protect your hair from heat damage, and to limit the maximum temperature at a safe 80°C. The hot setting is 80°C, the warm setting is 50°C, and the cold setting is around room temperature.

Advanced technology

+ 3-color LED + 200 million negative Ions

    Laifen is incredibly proud of the restructured brushless motor that it has designed and employed in this high-speed hair dryer. However, there is other technology used in this product that they also love to brag about. The 3-Color LED ring on the head of the hair dryer changes color according to the selected temperature setting. Red, orange, and blue indicate hot, warm, and cold airflows, respectively, allowing you to see the temperature at a glance. Both are aesthetically pleasing and extremely useful for knowing what temperature you are currently using.

    The Laifen hair dryer's ionic technology emits 200 million negative ions while drying, leaving hair silky and smooth. Negative ions help to repel water, lock in moisture, and bring a healthy natural shine to your hair instead of drying it out and leaving it brittle, frizzy or creating flyaways.

    Lightweight, ergonomic, and travel-friendly

    + Travel-friendly, weight, and ultra-quiet

      With these changes we have already sped up the time it takes to dry your hair, but here at Laifen we want to go that bit further and make your daily routine that much less of a chore by making our hair dryers as light and easy to use as possible. The Swift weighs in at only 0.9 lbs, easily one of the lightest premium hair dryers on the market, which makes it easy to use at home or even on the go when travelling. The controls are extremely simple and easy to learn making the user experience all that much better

      Our hair dryers operate at an amazingly low 59 dB, causing less disruption for you and your family. Colored in pleasing Morandi tones, and its tight filter mesh prevents your hair from being drawn in.

      Long-lasting performance

      + Faster drying means less use (Stats on time saved) + Expertly crafted motor (Check flyer for IFA)

        If you invest in a Laifen SE, you can benefit from its long-lasting performance. These hair dryers are known for their durability and high-quality components that can withstand frequent use and last years without declining in performance. You can save money in the long run by investing in a Laifen hair dryer rather than buying lower-quality hair dryers that break down after a few years.

        5.5 times faster drying so you can finish your morning routine and can get on with your day or instead spend your time doing what you love.

        With regular use of about 10 minutes every day, your Laifen Swift will last for up to 16 years. That's a lot of great hair days! Now think of how much time you can save over those 16 years when you're doing it so much faster.

        It's crunch time

        Hair dryers are essential tools for countless people. Laifen hair dryers are the ideal choice for anyone looking for versatile, efficient, and innovative products. Our high-speed hair dryers guarantee easier styling and amazing results. Ask about our hair dryers today!
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