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Live smart: 7 small home appliances to complement your modern lifestyle

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We live in a world of modern appliances that can improve the way you live. While some appliances overpromise and underdeliver, we have curated a list of seven carefully selected small home appliances that can truly have a positive impact on your home life.

These small home appliances are smart, affordable, and easy to use, offering you the chance to live a modern lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Top 1. Electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is a small home appliance that everyone should have. Research shows that electric toothbrushes are much better at removing plaque and keeping teeth and gums clean and free from bacteria.

The Laifen Wave is one of the best and most affordable electric toothbrushes on the market, capable of oscillating and vibrating simultaneously. It delivers a thorough and deep clean of your teeth and gums, removing plaque and protecting you from gum disease and other infections.

The simple act of switching to an electric toothbrush can save you on expensive dental bills and will keep your teeth looking and feeling great throughout the year.

Electric toothbrush

Top 2. Ionic hairdryer

Ionic hairdryers utilize ions to break down water molecules, which dries your hair much faster and minimizes heat damage. They can also significantly reduce frizz, making them ideal for people with longer hair.

Our ionic hairdryers, including the Laifen Swift Special and the Laifen Swift Premium, also feature adjustable heat settings, enabling you to adjust the temperature at which you dry your hair.

This protects your hair from accidental heat damage and helps to retain some of your hair's moisture, even when you use a blow dryer.

Blow drying your hair at home with an ionic hair dryer can save you from making expensive trips to the hairdresser, delivering a salon-grade blow dry at home every time.

Ionic hairdryer

Top 3. Pod coffee machine

While the idea of a home espresso machine is attractive, it's not the easiest small home appliance to operate. It needs time to warm up, and you need to spend time grinding your coffee beans and frothing your milk to perfection.

A better solution, at least in our view, is to opt for a pod coffee machine that streamlines the entire process while still making great coffee.

Several brands, like Nespresso, offer affordable pod coffee machines that are a fraction of the price of bulkier espresso machines.

Whether you start your morning with double espresso, an Americano, or a flat white, a pod coffee machine is a kitchen essential that will deliver the perfect caffeine boost first thing in the morning.

Top 4. Instant blender/juicer

One of the best small home appliances to help you live a healthy lifestyle is an instant blender or juicer. Brands like Nutribullet have revolutionized the market, providing instant juicers and blenders that take no time at all to create a healthy and delicious smoothie.

This compact home appliance can sit anywhere on your work surface, and you can use it to make smoothies, soups, and delicious juices in just a few minutes.

Of all the kitchen appliances available today, we think an instant blender is an absolute must-have and will almost certainly transform your home kitchen experience.

Top 5. Energy-efficient kettle

Investing in an eco-kettle can save you a considerable amount of money on your energy bills. In fact, eco-friendly kettles use up to 20% less energy per boil, and they also have settings that can keep water hot without boiling the kettle again.

Energy-efficient kettles are super affordable and are such an easy way to upgrade your kitchen. Given that we all love a morning brew before heading out to work, an eco kettle is an ideal small home appliance to invest in this year.

Top 6. Air fryer

Few small appliances for homes can transform your home meal planning quite like an air fryer. Air fryers reduce cooking time, are eco-friendly compared to ovens and grills, and give you the option of enjoying delicious, fried food without worrying about the excess calories.

You can cook practically anything in an air fryer, and many people use them instead of ovens, microwaves, and traditional deep fryers.

As there are so many different air fryer brands out there, they are an affordable and easy solution, offering you amazing flexibility in the kitchen and the chance to treat your family to delicious home-cooked meals.

Top 7. Video doorbell

One of our favorite small home appliances to emerge in recent years is the video doorbell. Once installed, it adds security to your home and means you can see anyone who comes to your front door, even when you're not at home.

Most video doorbells come with cloud-based storage, meaning you can check on your front door in real time and look back on previously recorded footage should you need to.

Some sophisticated video doorbell systems also offer you the chance to install cameras inside your home, which are great for checking on your pets while you're out and protecting your home from would-be thieves or criminals.

Final words

The simple act of investing in the above small home appliances can make a big difference to your lifestyle and can help you in numerous ways.

You can improve your dental hygiene with the Laifen Wave and achieve a salon-grade hairstyle at home with the Laifen Swift Special.

You can also improve the efficiency of your kitchen with a pod coffee machine, an instant blender, an eco-friendly kettle, and an air fryer.

And finally, boost your home security with a video doorbell that you can control on your smartphone!

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