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Why does my hair take so long to dry

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"Why does my hair take so long to dry?" - Catchy

Drying hair can be time-consuming, frustrating many. Peoples often share tales of hours spent waiting for their locks to dry naturally or with a blow dryer.

To expedite drying, towel-dry gently before styling, absorbing excess moisture. Opt for microfiber towels or old t-shirts, reducing frizz and speeding up the process. To shorten it further, using a wide-tooth comb or diffuser attachment while blow-drying can distribute air more effectively, cutting down drying time significantly. These simple tricks can make the difference between a lengthy ordeal and quick styling. Know more here.

What affects hair drying

Hair drying time can be influenced by various factors:

  1. Hair thickness and length: Thicker and longer hair takes longer to dry due to increased surface area and density.

  2. Hair porosity: High porosity hair absorbs water quickly but may take longer to dry as it retains moisture longer.

  3. Humidity levels: High humidity slows down evaporation, prolonging drying time, while low humidity speeds up drying.

  4. Hair density: Dense hair can trap moisture, extending drying time compared to finer hair types.

  5. Hair texture: Curly and coily hair takes longer to dry as water has to travel around the twists and turns.

  6. Heat source: The temperature and power of the hair dryer or environment affect drying time.

Why does you hair take so long to air dry

Research indicates several factors affecting hair drying time. One study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science found that hair length and density significantly impacted drying time, with longer and denser hair taking longer to dry due to increased surface area and water absorption capacity.

Another study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science highlighted the role of humidity, showing that high humidity levels slowed down the evaporation of water from the hair, prolonging drying time.

Research has shown that hair porosity and texture play crucial roles, with highly porous or curly hair types experiencing longer drying times due to increased water retention and complex hair structures.

Why does our hair take so much time to towel dry

Towel drying hair is often a lengthy process due to various factors. Research suggests that hair's porosity and texture play significant roles. Highly porous hair absorbs water quickly but may take longer to release it, leading to extended drying times.

Hair length and density are key factors; longer and denser hair strands hold more water, requiring more time to dry thoroughly. Furthermore, the absorbency of the towel itself and the technique used can affect drying efficiency, contributing to the overall duration of the process.

Is blow drying hair faster

Yes, blow drying is generally faster than air drying. Research has shown that blow drying hair using a hair dryer with controlled airflow and temperature settings can significantly reduce drying time compared to allowing hair to air dry naturally.

This is because blow dryers generate hot air that helps to evaporate moisture from the hair more quickly, speeding up the drying process. But excessive heat and airflow can damage the hair, so it's essential to use a hair dryer properly and avoid overheating the hair to maintain its health and integrity. You can learn how to fast blow out your hair.

Differences between hair dry methods


Air drying

Towel drying

Blow drying

Drying time

Longer drying time

Faster than air drying, slower than blow drying

Shorter drying time

Heat exposure

Minimal heat exposure

No direct heat exposure, friction from towel

Direct heat exposure

Moisture retention

Hair retains more moisture

Hair loses more moisture

Hair loses more moisture

Hair damage

Low risk of heat damage

Minimal risk of heat damage, potential for friction damage

Higher risk of heat damage

Styling control

Limited styling control

Limited styling control, hair may be slightly reshaped

Greater styling control

Frizz control

May result in more frizz

Can help reduce frizz

Can help reduce frizz

Volume and body

May lead to less volume and body

Can maintain some volume and body

Can add volume and body


Requires more time but less effort

Requires less time but some effort

Faster but requires more effort and tools

Environmental impact

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly

Moderate environmental impact due to water usage

Energy-consuming and less eco-friendly


Suitable for low-maintenance routines

Suitable for quick drying, moderate styling needs

Ideal for quick styling or special occasions

This chart compares air drying, towel drying, and blow drying methods, highlighting their differences in terms of drying time, heat exposure, moisture retention, hair damage, styling control, frizz control, volume and body, convenience, environmental impact, and suitability for different hair care routines.

Tricks on quickly and efficiently drying hair

  1. Use a microfiber towel: Microfiber towels absorb water more effectively than traditional cotton towels, reducing drying time. Gently squeeze excess water from the hair with the towel, avoiding vigorous rubbing which can cause friction and frizz.

  2. Blot, don't rub: Instead of vigorously rubbing the hair with a towel, gently blot it to remove excess water. This helps to absorb moisture without causing damage or creating frizz, speeding up the drying process.

  3. Pre-dry with a hair dryer: Before blow drying, use a hair dryer on a low or medium heat setting to pre-dry the hair. This removes a significant amount of moisture, reducing overall blow drying time and minimizing heat exposure to the hair.

It won't take so long to dry anymore with Laifen solutions

Understanding why hair takes so much time to dry is essential for efficient hair care routines. Factors such as hair thickness, length, texture, and environmental conditions all play a role in determining drying time.

By recognizing these factors and implementing strategies like towel blotting, pre-drying, and using appropriate hair products, individuals can streamline their drying process and achieve quicker, healthier results for their hair.

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With innovative technology and thoughtful design, our dryers deliver rapid drying times while minimizing heat damage, ensuring your hair remains healthy, vibrant, and naturally beautiful. Experience the difference with Laifen, where speed meets sustainability for your hair care needs.

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