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Maya - Everyone is different.

Maya is a high-school student and a dance teacher in Los Angeles, who is passionate about her life with skateboarding, music and dancing.
Laifen's pricing works within her budget and a better styling tool allows her to enjoy many activities and every moment of her life. 





Lupe - Inject personalities and stories into the design.

Lupe is an interior designer and also a mother. She stays in the office for long hours between meetings and revisions but when she comes back home, it's usually late. And sometimes her daughter is asleep. 
Having a Laifen hair dryer is convenient for her as she can dry her hair quickly and super quietly now. So she doesn't have to worry about waking her daughter up. 



Interior Designer


Ava - Encounter different types of hair.

Ava is a hair stylist originally from Tokyo. Every day she encounters different types of hair requiring different styles and unconventional needs. 
By setting Laifen hair dryers to the specific temperature and power needed, she is now able to satisfy their customers' needs perfectly.

San Francisco


Hair stylist


Tyler - New York doesn't leave you much time.

Tyler's morning is pretty tight and he needs to keep up with his appearance. 
Laifen hair dryer's ultra fast drying mode gets his day started quickly and gets him ready to present a good image to his clients every working day. 

New York


Financial worker


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