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Air-dry vs. blow-dry: What's the healthiest way to dry hair?

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    “What's the difference between air dry vs. blow dry?” - Sophia

    Blow drying and styling your hair can help you save time while getting ready for the day. It can also help you tame your wild locks. However, air drying your hair can preserve your strands without worrying about heat damage. So, what's better: air drying or blow drying your hair?

    Air drying your hair: Is air drying bad for our hair?

    What is air drying? Air drying your hair is simple—you let your hair naturally dry without using heated styling tools. It's convenient for people with short hairstyles or thin hair. Their hair might be completely dry within an hour! Here are some pros and cons of air drying your hair.

    • Pros:

      If there's one substantial difference between air drying and blow drying your hair, it's that air drying doesn't cause heat damage. Consistent use of heated styling tools can put your hair through tremendous stress. Luckily, air drying your hair eliminates this problem.

      • Cons:

        However, letting your hair air dry can increase the chance of bacteria or even mold growing on your scalp. Sleeping with wet hair can promote bacteria growth on pillowcases and your scalp due to the lack of airflow. As a result, your hair remains wet longer, promoting bacteria growth that results in an itchy and foul-smelling scalp.

        Blow drying your hair: Should you blow dry your hair after washing?

        What is blow drying? Blow drying your hair requires a heated tool to tame frizz and evaporate moisture for smooth hair. It's perfect for styling your hair how you want, and you can use styling attachments for your hair texture and styling goals. Let's review the various benefits and downsides that come with blow drying your hair.

        • Pros:

        Blow drying your hair can help tame stubborn frizz and make it more manageable. Furthermore, it can help you dry your hair quickly when you're in a time crunch. Lastly, you won't have to worry about sleeping with wet hair overnight if you blow dry it after an evening shower.

        • Cons:

          However, overreliance on heated styling tools can put your hair at risk of damage. As a result, your hair can feel rough and dry, accelerating split ends. High heat can also burn your hair and scalp, leaving it irritated and inflamed. Blow-dried hair contains fewer moisture levels while air-dried hair won’t reduce moisture levels because it won’t generate heat.


          When it comes to blow dry vs. air dry, the choice needs to be made based on individual circumstances. At the same time, there are many hair dryers on the market such as Laifen that can avoid the risks brought by blow drying while getting the experience brought by air drying.

          To prevent losing moisture level in hair after blowing, Laifen offers designed negative ionic hair dryers that dry your hair quickly while taming frizz and texture. Best of all, our high-speed hair dryer uses a powerful brushless motor and negative ion tech that's quiet and won't disturb others in your home.

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