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Top-rated salon hair dryers of 2024 – Rigorously tested and reviewed

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There's nothing quite like going to the salon and getting that blowout that'll turn everyone's heads. It's tough to beat the combination of professional service and professional salon hair dryers, but sometimes you just don't have the time to schedule an appointment and dedicate the hours you need for that perfect look.

So we've made up a list of the 3 best hair salon hair dryers for 2024 that can be a solid back-up plan for when you just gotta get out the door in a hurry!

What is a hair salon hair dryer anyway?

So, what's the difference between a hair salon hair dryer and the one that you might have at home? Hair salon hair dryers are specifically designed to cater to the needs of professional hairstylists, offering superior performance and features that are not typically found in retail hair dryers. Let's review the 3 qualities that salon hair dryers above normal ones right now.

Powerful motors

Powerful motors | Laifen salon hair dryer

One of the most significant differences between salon hair dryers and those used at home is their power. Salon dryers are equipped with powerful motors that draw higher power and generate stronger airspeeds, resulting in faster and more efficient drying times.

This is especially important in a salon setting, where time is of the essence, and stylists need to work quickly to cater to multiple clients.

Longer cords

Salons have varied layouts, with several hair care stations spread throughout the space, which requires hairdryers with longer cords than those found in retail hair dryers.

Salon hair dryers come with cords long enough to reach all hair care stations, making it easier for stylists to move around and work comfortably. In addition to their superior power and longer cords, salon hair dryers often come equipped with specialized features that cater to different hair types and styles.

These features may include adjustable heat and speed settings, ionic technology, and infrared heating, among others.

More durable and robust

Salon hair dryers are also built to last and can withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy salon environment. They are more robust and durable than retail hair dryers, with high-quality materials that ensure longevity. Finally, salon hair dryers come with an array of high-quality attachments, such as concentrator and diffuser nozzles, making it effortless for stylists to switch between different hair types and styles.

3 best hair salon hair dryers for 2024 reviewed by professionals

Discover the 3 salon hair dryers you've been eager to learn about. These powerful tools promise professional-grade performance, featuring innovative technologies and stylish designs that cater to your hairstyling needs. Uncover the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for your salon or personal use.

Top 1. Swift Special salon quality dryer

Swift Special salon quality dryer

If you're in search of a salon styling experience, Swift Special hair dryer is a must-have. It includes the complete Laifen attachment suite to meet all your hairstyling needs. The concentrator nozzle is ideal for general use, while the diffuser nozzle is perfect for curly hair, so it adapts to whatever hair type you can throw at it.

The powerful Temperature Cycling Mode heats up your hair and finishes off with a cold shot to lock in the style. Additionally, the 3-color LED display indicates the temperature as you dry, ensuring you don't miss a beat!

Why choose it:

  • Versatile Laifen attachment suite for various hairstyling needs.

  • Conductor nozzle ideal for general use.

  • Diffuser nozzle tailored for curly hair.

  • Powerful Temperature Cycling Mode for effective styling.

Top 2. Swift Premium salon blow dryer

Swift Premium salon blow dryer

Swift Premium salon quality hair dryer boasts professional-grade quality with its gold and silver trimmed finish that looks like it would fit in any high-class salon! Its powerful 110,000 rpm brushless motor delivers an impressive 22m/s airflow that efficiently dries hair quickly without causing any damage due to excessive heat, which can cause hair dryness and frizz.

Why choose it:

  • Professional-grade appearance with gold and silver trim.

  • Powerful 110,000 rpm brushless motor.

  • Impressive 22m/s airflow for quick and efficient drying.

  • Heat protection to prevent hair dryness and frizz.

Top 3. SE salon hair dryer

SE salon hair dryer

SE comes in soothing Morandi colors, which gives it a cute yet professional look. It is equipped with Smart Temperature Control, which monitors the temperature 100 times per second. This ensures that the temperature never exceeds the preset maximum, and your hair is always well-protected against heat damage.

Additionally, it is lightweight and operates quietly, making it perfect for professional settings and even better for use at home!

Why choose it:

  • Appealing Morandi colors for a cute yet professional appearance.

  • Smart Temperature Control for precise heat management.

  • Ensures temperature never exceeds the preset maximum.

  • Lightweight and operates quietly for versatile use.

How to use a hair dryer for a salon?

How to use a hair dryer for a salon?

Efficiently using a hair dryer in a salon is crucial for achieving flawless results. Follow these five essential steps to use a salon hair dryer to master the art of blow-drying and create stunning styles for your clients.

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Begin with towel-dried hair

After clients' hair is washed, gently pat it dry with a soft towel to remove excess moisture, laying the foundation for a smooth and polished finish.

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Apply heat protectant

Prioritize the health of the hair by applying a quality heat protectant spray or serum evenly, creating a protective barrier against potential heat damage.

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Section hair for even drying

Divide the hair into manageable sections using clips or ties. This ensures systematic drying, enabling you to focus on each part individually for uniform results.

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Set the right temperature and speed

Personalize the drying experience by selecting an appropriate heat setting and airflow speed on the dryer. Consider the client's hair type and desired style for optimal outcomes. Learn how high temperature will affect our hair and scalp. And how to keep our hair look healthy and robust.

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Keep the dryer moving

Maintain continuous movement with the dryer to prevent overheating and distribute heat evenly. Focus on each section until the hair is thoroughly dried and beautifully styled. This technique ensures a professional and polished look for your salon clients.

Lastly: Meet your suitable salon dryer

Any of these hair dryers would certainly be right at home in a salon! Were there any hair dryers that you saw when you were getting your hair done that you think would fit on this list? Have any tips for getting salon-quality results right at home? Share the love in the comments below so everyone can get that confident look they deserve!

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