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7 Fulani braids hairstyles to try in 2024 for a stunning West African look

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Fulani braids are taking the social media world by storm in 2024. This style is a stunning look for black women from West Africa to North America, and influencers on TikTok are showing what's possible thanks to many stunning takes on this tribal style.

In this article, we explain what Fulani braids are and show you 7 stunning styles you can try this year. We also reveal how long Fulani braids last and what you can do to maintain them for as long as possible.

What are Fulani braids?

A style rocked by Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and other stars in recent times, Fulani braids are a hot look that has been inspired by West African fashion. Colloquially known as bo braids or feed-in braids, Fulani braids originate from the Fula people, a nomadic tribe that lives in West Africa.

It spread from West Africa to the Sahel, and in different parts of Africa, the style is modified and worn in different ways, sometimes with beads and other times with intricate patterns.

Fula women originally wore these braids to signify their tribal origin, which was popular among nomadic tribes of the region so they could identify themselves. Today, however, Fulani braids have become a popular choice with women in different parts of the world, including the Americas.

7 Fulani braid ideas to define your hairstyle

Ready to try out this awesome hairstyle for yourself? Here are 7 stunning Fulani braid ideas that you can try at home:

1. Fulani tribal braids

If you're new to this hairstyle, consider starting with classic tribal Fulani braids. In its traditional sense, the Fulani braids hairstyle features at least five plaited braids that loop on the sides, working into a bun in the middle of the head. Styles are modified by region, with Ethiopian Fulani braids different to those favored by Western African women, for instance.

2. Fulani braids with curls

Though tribal Fulani braids have typically been a straight hairstyle for black women, modern stylists have worked curls into the ends of the braids for a signature look. Boho curls look particularly great with Fulani braids, helping to accentuate your waves.

3. Fulani braids with beads

In traditional Fulani culture, women often added beads to their braids to signify important life events, including marriage or the birth of a child. You can decorate your Fulani braids with various colored beads that signify something to you, ensuring a vogue look that provides a unique take on this classic style.

4. Flip-over Fulani braids

A great way to elevate this style is to opt for flip-over Fulani braids. These are freestyle braids unique because of the placement of the loose braids. Rather than being situated at the back of the head, flip-over Fulani braids are mixed into the patterns of the corn rows, which creates a free-flowing, care-free style that has been super popular among TikTok influencers in recent times.

5. Fulani braids with designs

You can style and personalize your Fulani braids in so many ways. Some women opt for intricate bead formations, while others work specific patterns into their corn rows. The best place to go for inspiration is TikTok, with so many incredible Fulani braids with designs to show you the possibilities of this style.

6. Fulani braids with heart

Depending on the skill of your stylist, you can ask them to interweave a heart into the corn rows of your Fulani braids. For something extra special, add red beads to your Fulani braids, which results in a stunning look that is perfect for a Valentine's celebration! Head to Pinterest for inspiration for Fulani braids with hearts.

7. Boho Fulani braids

Boho braids are box braids that add curls, making them very similar in design to Fulani braids with curls. Boho box braids have taken social media by storm in recent times, and it's a great way to add a unique touch to this stunning hairstyle.

How long do Fulani braids usually last?

It can take around half a day to weave Fulani braids into your hair, which is a considerable investment if time is of the essence. When in place, you can expect them to last up to 6 weeks, but this, of course, depends on how quickly your hair grows.

Though Fulani braids look great, you should avoid braiding your hair too often, as you risk stimulating the natural growth of your hair. Still, they're a great option for a special occasion or if you want to rock this signature West African look from time to time.

How to look after Fulani braids?

How you look after Fulani braids will influence how long they last. So, every night, make sure you wrap your hair in a satin scarf or bonnet, as this prevents moisture loss and protects your braids from frizz.

Also, it's a good idea to use a leave-in conditioner on your braids, as this helps to lock in moisture and prevent your braids from drying out and breaking.

To sum up

Fulani Braids are extremely popular with black women in 2024 and this style is all over TikTok and other social media platforms. If you're looking for inspiration to help you get started, simply search #FulaniBraids on TikTok or Instagram to get started.

You can then try any of the 7 styles we've introduced above to model your look on Rihanna and other pop stars who have been inspired to try this stunning hairstyle in recent times.

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