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8 men's hairstyles from the 1980s to try this year

If you're looking for men 80's hair inspiration, you've come to the right place. We sat down with our expert stylists to reminisce about the decade that brought us Dirty Dancing and other iconic hit movies, in which the boundaries of style and sophistication were well and truly pushed.

In this article, we reveal 8 iconic haircuts from the 1980s that any many can try in 2024. From the mullet to the buzz cut, read on for 8 styles that you can try out this year for something a little different.

Top 1. The mullet

Undoubtedly, the most iconic 80s men's hairstyle was the mullet. Patrick Swayze, George Clooney, and Kurt Russell all sported the mullet in the decade, and this look became synonymous with the biggest movie stars and sportsmen of the 1980s.

The mullet is best suited to men with medium-long hair, with an unruly fringe at the front and long, straight hair to the back. The mullet has inspired several looks that are popular today, including the wolfcut, which has enjoyed a renaissance in 2024 thanks to TikTok and social media trends.

Top 2. The punk rocker

The 1980s really gave birth to the punk rock movement, which was characterized by anti-establishment sentiment and the belief that rockers could do as they pleased. There were actually numerous punk rocker styles, including the mohawk and the side spikes, which were both hugely popular with goths and rockers in the 80s.

The main feature of this men's 80s hairstyle was the fact that garish color schemes were popular. For instance, you were likely to see a punk rocker with green, red, or jet-black hair. If you share the sentiment that made this style popular in the 80s, the punk rocker is a look that you could try today.

Top 3. Feathered

80's men's feathered hair is a look that was popularized by icons like Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt. As the name suggests, feathered hair is all about volume, with big, bouncy waves parted to one side and long hair blown out to frame the face.

One of the reasons that the feathered look was so popular in the 1980s was that it was achievable with various hair types. Guys with short hair rocked the look, alongside men with longer, bouncier locks. To many, the feathered look is the one that was loved by heartthrobs from the decade, and practically any 80s movie that you put on will feature this iconic hairstyle.

Top 4. The perm

It would be impossible to write about 80s hair for men without re-introducing the perm. This classic look was all about the curls. To achieve it, you need to visit your stylist for a chemical procedure that slightly alters the texture of your hair.

The beauty of the perm is that you can go for a huge range of looks, from small, tight curls to huge, bouncy curls that go down below your shoulders. It seems that guys from all walks of life in the 1980s tried out a perm, and it's definitely one of the most iconic looks from the decade.

Top 5. The rat tail

Though many men's 80s hairstyles are still popular today, the rat tail isn't one of them. This questionable look is best forgotten, but due to our nostalgia for the decade, we couldn't resist re-introducing it here.

The rat tail was a length of braided hair that ran from practically any hairstyle, and it didn't really make any sense in the 80s. It still doesn't today, for that matter. Still, the 80s was a decade of discovery, and this look is an example of that!

Top 6. High flat top fade

One of our favorite looks for black guys in the 80s is the high-top fade. This look was much loved by many hip-hop artists and it was hugely popular throughout the decade.

To achieve the look, guys buzzed the sides with a smooth fade, while the top had lots of volume and a height of two inches or more. This look is making a comeback today and is a great way to pay tribute to the hip-hop icons of the 1980s.

Top 7. Slicked-back

If you have seen the Wolf of Wall Street movie, you will know that the slicked-back style was popular with investment bankers during the deceased. This look symbolized wealth and power and showcased the life of the elite.

The slicked-back look is still popular today, but many guys favor an undercut on the sides, which provides excellent balance to the longer look on top. Unlike the rat tail, the slicked-back look is more than acceptable in 2024, and is a great look for any professional today.

Top 8. The buzz cut

Though not exclusively an 80s haircut, the buzz cut was popular with guys in the 1980s, thanks largely to Vietnam war movies that were released in the decade. This no-nonsense look was styled on the buzz cuts of soldiers and was a great, no-maitnenance look for guys with short hair.

If you want to elevate the buzz cut, ask your barber to buzz a pattern into the sides. Zig zags work well, as do diamonds. Though the buzz cut is simple, there's no reason not to crank things up a notch with some impressive syling.

Recap - 80's hair for men to try this year

Any of the looks above (with the exception of the rat tail!) are a great look to try this year if you're keen to rock a 1980s look in 2024. The mullet is perhaps our favorite, but given the wolf cut is very much in vogue this year, you might like to ask your stylist to go for this look instead.

No matter which style you choose, be sure to experiment and try out different styles. After all, that was what the 80s were all about!

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