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7 K-Popping Korean hairstyles for men to try in 2024

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South Korea has a big say in global fashion, thanks largely to the success of K-pop artists and brands like BTS. Outside of Korea, men are keen to base their looks on styles coming out of the island nation, particularly as far as Korean hairstyles for men are concerned.

Though there are some exceptions, Korean hairstyles are favored by younger men, looking to emulate the success and fame of K-pop artists. But regardless of your age, you can gain inspiration from some of the hottest looks coming out of South Korea in 2024 to look your best.

We spoke to Laifen stylists to help us compile this article, which introduces you to 7 Korean hairstyles for men that will help you look the part this year.

Top 1. Two block cut

The number one short Korean hairstyle for men is known as the two block cut. This is essentially the cut that everyone thinks of when they consider K-pop artists, and it's so easy to maintain.

It gets its name because of the long top and the short back and sides. Most guys texture the top of their hair and cut the sides with a 4 or 5, so in some respects, it resembles a bowl cut.

One of the key distinctions between the Korean two block cut and similar styles like the undercut, is that the latter is much shorter on the sides.

Top 2. Bleached bangs

Though most Korean people have darker hair, there's a trend among Korean influencers right now, with many bleaching their bangs.

In fact you don't have to search very hard on Instagram to find Korean influencers with bleached blonde hair, but silver, gold, and rose tints are also super popular among the style gurus of Korea.

We think bleached bangs look the best, but there's no reason not to bleach other Korean hairstyles for men, so feel free to get creative if you want to try something a little different.

Top 3. The mullet

Okay, so the mullet isn't exclusively a Korean hair cut for men, but it is a haircut that is super popular in South Korea right now. Its popularity coincides with the prominence of the wolfcut, which is one of the world's trendiest haircuts of 2024.

The Korean mullet is all about texture, often with feathery hair that is styled in typical two-block fashion. We see guys with mullets that have shorter sides than we are accustomed to, and this is part of the style.

We also love the length of the fringe on the Korean mullet, with hair just sitting above the eyeline. Ultimately, we rank the mullet as the number one Korean long hairstyle for men in 2024.

Laifen tip: Blow drying your hair with a mullet is important. Use an ionic hair dryer - like the Laifen Swift Special - to prevent your mullet from becoming frizzy. You can also use the Laifen Swift Special's adjustable heat settings to prevent your hair from drying out.

Top 4. Bowl cut with center parting

Many people might scoff at the idea of a bowl cut in 2024, but it's a look that is synonymous with Korean culture. It's a great style for anyone looking for youthful vibes and it works great for guys with medium-length hair.

The center parting is a Korean addition to the bowl cut, which adds definition and character to an otherwise simple cut. We recommend parting your hair in the middle, using a holding gel to keep the parting in place throughout the day.

Top 5. Korean bun

The man bun is also super popular in Korea and it's a great look for men with longer, shoulder-length hair.

One of the reasons the man bun is so popular is that it's one of the easiest looks to maintain, and it requires very little time and effort in the morning.

Simply pin it up (opt for the middle of your head for the best look) and head out into the world to go about your business.

Top 6. Korean drop fade

Another Korean hairstyle for men that we're seeing more and more of on social media right now is the drop fade. If you're looking for a super short haircut but want something a little more adventurous than the buzz cut, the Korean drop fade is worth considering.

This look is defined by its arc shape, with short-medium length on top and super short sides. The key to any fade is hiring a barber who knows what they're doing - so make sure you go to someone with the skills required to make your fade look the part!

Top 7. Short messy hair - Korean style

We genuinely think that Korean guys could pull off any look, which is why we have included short messy hair as a viable option here.

Tousled and unkempt, this look is a great way to showcase volume and texture, and it also requires very little work to keep it looking sharp.

While we like the way that short hair looks when it's wet and messy, there's nothing stopping you from going for this look if you have medium-length hair.

Anything longer, we recommend the wolf cut, which is another look that Korean guys can pull off!

Final thoughts on Korean hairstyles for men

With Squid Game dominating our screens and K-pop artists the center of attention at music festivals all around the world, it's little surprise that Korean culture has permeated many countries around the world.

If you want to look like your favorite BTS star, feel free to rock any of the 7 Korean hairstyles for men that we've introduced above in 2024!

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