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10 trending haircuts for men in 2024

From the comb over to the mohawk, join us as we introduce you to 10 trending haircuts for men that you can try out in 2024.

Top 1. The comb over

Modeled on cuts from a simpler time, the comb over is a look that is popular with so many men in 2024. Anyone looking for a professional cut may be tempted by the comb over, which features a stylish side parting with your hair held in place to one side.

Simply figure out which way your hair naturally leans and comb it over to one side, holding it in place with wax or pomade to keep it from becoming unruly as the day progresses.

Top 2. The buzz cut

There's nothing remotely difficult about the buzz cut, but it's still a trending short haircut for men in 2024. You can control the length of your buzz, but anything between a barber's number 1 and number 4 is best. Anything longer means you will have to return to the barber sooner rather than later.

At Laifen, we love the buzz cut when it's paired with stubble, so let your facial hair grow to 4-5 days of growth for the perfect look in 2024.

Top 3. The quiff

The quiff has been a popular haircut since the 1950s and the fact that it's still trending today highlights just how popular it is with guys. One of the reasons for the quiff's enduring popularity is that it's so easy to style, and it's great for guys with short, medium, and even long hair.

The secret to a quality quiff is the blow dryer that you use. Opt for an ionic blow dryer like the Laifen Swift Premium and blow dry your hair to perfection. This prevents frizz in your quiff and when you finish it with a holding pomade, your quiff will stay in place throughout the day, no matter what you get up to.

Top 4. Box braids

For black guys, box braids are the number one trending hairstyle in 2024. These braids part your hair into individual square shaped braids and they flow down effortlessly, depending on the length that you're going for.

This protective style will keep your hair looking great for up to a month, but be sure to cover them at night to prevent friction on the pillow.

Top 5. The French crop

Another trending short haircut for men this year is the French crop. Low maintenance and stylish, the French crop sees a straight line cut at the front, paired with a short back and sides.

Though you can increase the length, the beauty of the French crop lies in its short, sleek look, helping you to ooze class and sophistication with an extremely simple cut.

Top 6. Man bun

Though the man bun made waves in 2023, it's still a much-loved style for guys with long hair this year. One of the things we love about the man bun is that it's sophisticated, while giving of chic, bohemian vibes that suit lots of styles.

You can pin your man bun in different ways, but we love the way that high buns look. Still, feel free to mix things up from time to time so your bun stays fresh.

Top 7. Faux hawk

The faux hawk is another trending haircut for men this year. It has elements of the mohawk, without being too out there. For this look, you need to maintain slightly longer hair in the top and center of your head, while you can shorten things down all the way to a number one on the sides if you wish.

The faux hawk looks best when it's held in place by a styling product like a wax or pomade, so make sure you choose a quality holding product to help you look your best.

Top 8. Afro

Second only to box braids, the afro is the second trendiest look for black guys in 2024. The way you style your afro is entirely up to you and you can work its length to suit your styling preferences.

One of the reasons that the afro is making such a comeback is that it's an expression of black identity, something that was huge in the civil rights movement of the 1960s. If this is the look for you, get creative with your styling and allow your personality to shine through.

Top 9. Messy textured hair

We love the way that messy textured hair looks on guys. It shows off masculinity and is an awesome look for chiseled guys with blonde/brown locks. You can sweep it to one side if you wish or keep it all over the place.

Our stylists recommend using sea salt spray to really bring out the texture of your messy look, as it helps to accentuate your waves.

Top 10. Mohawk

Last but certainly not least on our list of trending haircuts for men in 2024 is the mohawk. Since first appearing in the punk rock scene of the 70s and 80s, the mohawk has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in recent times and has earned its place on this list.

Rather than being sported exclusively by hot headed punk rockers, the mohawk is now a much more mainstream look that has numerous variations. It's a great way to spice up your look if you have medium length hair, so don't be afraid to rock it to show off your unique personality.

Keep up with the latest trends

As you know, what's trending right now might not be trending later this year, so you need to keep up with the latest trends if you want to be in the know.

We recommend using Instagram and TikTok to see the latest and best hairstyles for men, so make sure you're following the right accounts to keep up with trends to take to your barber for a signature look this year.

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