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Buzzing, bold & brilliant: 5 best men's buzz cuts to showcase your style

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Things don't get much simpler than a men's buzz cut. However, this style is also brilliant and bold, and it helps you show off your handsome good looks without worrying about styling your hair every day.

Some people don't realize that there are lots of different types of men's buzz cuts that you can model your look on, from a classic crew cut to a top fade. In this article, we introduce you to five amazing buzz cut styles and reveal the steps you need to follow to achieve this haircut at home.

Men's buzz cut - the basics

A men's buzz cut is one of the simplest hairstyles for men. It's easy to achieve, can be done at home, and there are several variants to try if you want to spice things up a little.

To achieve a buzz cut, you will need a decent pair of clippers and a mirror. Some guys go for the one-all-over Army-style buzz cut, while others go for something a little more refined, such as a fade or crew cut.

Whichever style you go for, buzz cutting men's hair is easy, and it's a low-maintenance style that any man can achieve. For inspiration, check out the following men's buzz cut styling ideas, before we reveal how to buzz cut men's hair at home to help you get started:

5 best men's buzz cut hairstyles

From the classic crew cut to a fade, here are five of the best men's buzz cut hairstyles to try out in 2024:

1. The crew cut

Though slightly longer than most other buzz cuts, the crew has been a long-time popular style among men with short hair. The key to a crew cut is that the sides are blended and there's a little extra length on top.

Most guys with crews opt for a scissor chop on the tops and a buzz cut on the sides, which delivers a winning style that's easy to maintain with a sliver of wax or gel in the fringe.

2. Bleached buzz cut

A noteworthy style with some soccer players, a bleached buzz cut is a daring way to show off your style. With clippers, a number two works well for the bleached buzz cut, as if the hair is too short, it can be difficult to achieve the look you're going for. You can opt for various colors of bleach, so feel free to get creative if this is the buzz cut for you.

3. Induction buzz cut

If you're looking for a military-style buzz, the induction is the cut for you. It gets its name from the induction process in the military, where recruits' hair is shaved to the shortest possible level. Some men opt for a 0.5 or 1 on the clippers for an induction cut, but it's up to you. If you're new to the buzz, the induction cut is the easiest and most hassle-free option.

4. Faded buzz cut

The faded buzz cut is extremely popular right now with men all around the world. The sides are super short - sometimes razor-short or a 0.5, with added length on top. As the name suggests, the hair fades gradually upwards in levels, ensuring uniform growth over the course of several weeks. A top-quality fade is hard to master, so it's best to speak to a talented stylist if this is the buzz cut for you.

5. High and tight buzz cut

Last but certainly not least is the high and tight buzz cut. This style gives you good length on top for styling and is great for people with rounder faces. It's like a fade in some respects, lengthening slightly from the sides to the top. Again, getting your barber on board is a good idea if you want a high-quality, high and tight buzz cut.

How to buzz cut men's hair with clippers - step-by-step

You're probably aware that a buzz cut is one of the easiest styles to achieve and maintain for men, and you wouldn't be wrong. Still, if you don't want to visit your barber, here are the steps you need to follow to buzz cut your hair at home:

Step 1: Begin by washing and drying your hair

Use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner and massage your scalp. Then, use a high-quality blow dryer - such as the Laifen Swift Premium - to blow dry your hair.

Step 2: Print off a picture of a buzz cut that you want to model your style on

Whether it's a crew cut or a faded buzz cut, having an image as a source of inspiration is a good way to achieve the exact style that you're going for.

Step 3. Adjust your clippers and apply the correct number

You will have attachments ranging from 1 all the way up to 8 - the lower numbers provide shorter trims than the higher ones. You will need to adjust your clippers and add the correct attachment to get started.

Step 4: Start buzzing

There's no right or wrong way to do it, but slowly moving the clippers in a straight line will make things easier for you. Don't apply too much pressure, as you might damage your scalp.

Step 5: Style your hair if you're working on anything other than an induction buzz cut

Remember, fading your hair and opting for a crew cut is a little technical, so you might need a barber to help you with the finer details.

The bottom line

It's little surprise that so many men love a buzz cut. From Drake to Frank Ocean, we've seen lots of stylish men rock a buzz cut to show off their style and fashion. This style is so popular because it's so easy to achieve and so easy to maintain. So, whether you're looking for a classic fade or an induction buzz cut, you can get started in 2024 with one of the classy styles introduced above.

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