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Medium-length hairstyles for men - 5 best styles & some maintenance tips

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Looking your best is important in the modern world, and styling your hair is one way to stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, we introduce you to five iconic hairstyles that are in vogue right now, which are perfect for men with medium-length hair.

We've mixed it up to ensure we cover various hair types, and have also introduced you to some guidance and expert maintenance tips that will help you manage your hair like a pro in 2024.

5 best medium-length hairstyles for men in vogue in 2024

From the blowout to the pompadour, here are 5 medium-length hairstyles you should definitely try in 2024:

1. Blowout

One of the best medium-length hairstyles for men is the blowout. Using the best ionic hair dryer, blow dry your hair to add volume and then apply a pomade to keep it in place. The windswept look will gain you lots of admirers, and it's a super simple look for anyone with medium-length hair.

2. Side-parting

One of the most common medium-length hairstyles for men is the side-parting. To achieve it, find your natural part and begin by brushing your hair away from the center. Simply sweep the non-parted hair to one side and flip your fringe up, before adding some wax to hold it in place.

3. Slicked-back

If you have thick, straight hair, slicked-back hair is a brilliant style for you. To rock this style, you will need to comb your hair back and use a mousse or gel to pin it. A fine-toothed comb is your best friend if you're looking to achieve a slicked-back style.

4. Surfer hair

If you like something a little less refined, windswept surfer hair could be the perfect way to style your medium-length locks. Sea salt mist is a great product to help you achieve the messy texture required, and you can also run a pomade through the base of your hair to help achieve that rugged look.

5. Pompadour

The pomp is back, and it's a much-fancied hairstyle for men in 2024. It works particularly well with faded sides, and the added height and volume helps the pompadour stand out from a standard quiff.

How to style medium-length hair for men

The key to styling your hair is knowing where to begin. After all, there are so many styles available to you, as we've explained above. Use these simple steps to style your hair like a pro in 2024:

Step 1. Start with a point of inspiration. Download a picture of someone you want to model your hairstyle on. This will be a helpful point of reference as you go about styling your hair at home.

Step 2. Wash your hair. Styling always begins with a thorough wash of your hair. You should use a high-quality organic shampoo to wash your hair correctly.

Step 3. Blow dry your hair. Using a Laifen blow dryer, dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. Avoid towel drying your hair, as it can be more difficult to style it afterwards.

Step 4. Style your hair. With your hair prepared and dampened, you're ready to start styling your hair in your chosen style.

Step 5. Apply a product. Finally, apply a product like a pomade, gel, or wax to keep your style in place.

What is the best styling product for medium-length men's hair?

To achieve your desired style, you need to make sure you have the best hair dryer available to you. The Laifen Swift Premium is a brilliant option for men with medium-length hair.

Available in three distinct colors, the Swift Premium is a salon-grade dryer with several excellent features that will help you style your hair:

  • Ionic technology to reduce static electricity and ensure a smooth and complete blow-dry of your hair.

  • A whisper-quiet brushless motor that packs a lot of power into such a compact dryer.

  • Several adjustable heat settings enable you to dry your hair on cool, medium, or hot.

  • Adjustable attachments that you can use for enhanced styling.

Men's hair styling products for medium-length hair

In addition to the best blow dryer, you need to arm yourself with the right products to style your medium-length hair. Some form of product is necessary to keep your hair in place.

  1. We recommend an organic pomade or some wax for a natural look. If you want to achieve a wet look, opt for styling gel.

  2. Mousses and gels are also important, while a strong-holding hairspray can help you to maintain your style throughout the day.

  3. If you're going for a pompadour or a style that requires volume, hairspray is a good option.

  4. You also need to get the best tools to help you shape and part your hair. A fine-toothed comb is helpful for some styles, while a boar bristle brush can help you with some styles like a blowout.

If you invest in the right tools - from the best dryer to the right pomade - you can style your hair like a professional, no matter where you are.

The verdict

The five styles that we have introduced in this article can help you impress in 2024. Each style is easy to achieve, and if you have the right tools, you can shape and style your hair in lots of different ways.

Be sure to check out our range of dryers - alongside the Laifen Swift Premium - if you want to rely on the very best blow dryer to achieve an impressive hairstyle for your medium-length hair this year.

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