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The 12 best hair styles for men (Short, curly, braided, and more hair styles included)

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It's not just women who are careful when it comes to their hair. Today's men also want mens hair styles that do justice to their personality. That's why there are more and more creative men's hairstyles that can be used to create a charismatic appearance. In our article, we explain which men's hairstyles are currently in fashion, how to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape and what you should bear in mind when styling your look.

4 trendy short hair styles for men

Hair styles men for short hair are timeless classics that can be styled in a wide variety of ways. Here are some of the trends for short hair.

1. Buzz cut

With a short buzz cut, for example, you can demonstrate striking masculine charisma and also conceal a thinning hair texture. The good thing is that you can easily trim the buzz cut yourself. Simply shave your hair down to 2-20 mm using clippers or a razor. No additional styling is necessary here, you save time and are still always a trendsetter. The only requirement is regular trimming, otherwise, the buzz cut will quickly lose its character.


  • Conceal thinning hair

  • Easy to maintain at home

  • Easy styling


  • Needs to be trimmed regularly

2. The undercut

With the undercut, on the other hand, you are more the smart style representative who recreates a tried and tested men's hairstyle with modern influences. The top hair is always kept rather long here, while you wear the hair short from the half of the head to the temples. Depending on your taste, the length of the top coat can be adjusted and you can create a new look again and again without much effort.


  • Very modern

  • Easy to style


  • Limited styling options

Tip: For more styling options, use a volumizing shampoo and then blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Wear it elegantly and tightly gelled or rockingly tousled to create an ever-changing look.

3. The moptop

The moptop making a comeback in the truest sense of the word! Although it has a new look with medium-length sides and neck, it still has the charm of times gone by. What once made the Beatles legendary will also make a perfect men's haircut today. Make sure that the upper hair is rounded off with neat layers and the unmistakable fringe.


  • Easy to style

  • Low-maintenance

  • Perfect if you want to transition from short to longer hair


  • Can look dated if not styled and maintained well

Tip simple hair style men: As an extra, you can accentuate individual strands of hair with a little wax.

4. Permanent wave – top hair styles men

Admittedly, this is an extravagant male hairstyle at work. However, the perm can help you achieve an expressive look. In combination with the undercut, the classic style becomes a modern hairstyle variation for the fashion-conscious gentleman with personality. The main requirement: the hairstyle must look natural.


  • Will hold up to 6 months

  • Fresh take on an 80ies classic


  • Perms can damage hair

3 long hair styles for men

For all men who would like to wear their hair a little longer, there are of course also trendy how to style long hair men. We'll show you a few examples to help you create a cool look. Now, find the recommended haircuts for men's long hair.

1. Man bun

The man bun has long been a cult hair style for men and is one of the highlights for men with long hair in almost every season. Simply tie your hair casually into a knot at the top of your head and you're on trend.

You can play around with the variations as you wish. Go for a severe look or let a few strands fall loosely around your face. Choose a uniform length or present the back of your head in a strikingly short man bun as a man bun undercut like in the popular TV series "Vikings" - anything you like is allowed.


  • Super easy to style

  • Modern take on classic masculinity


  • Harder to maintain the long hair

2. Half bun

For all those who want to interpret the man bun a little more loosely, there is the half bun. Here you tie only half of your hair together (i.e. the top section) and wear the rest of your hair loose.

Tip: With gelled top hair, the look looks even cooler and you avoid changing your style with annoying frizz.


  • Super easy to style

  • Modern take on classic masculinity


  • Harder to maintain the long hair

3. Bro flow

The bro flow is an elegant variation on longer men's hairstyles. To achieve this, you casually comb your medium-length hair back and then style it with wax. This look is suitable for both your casual style and a serious business event. What's more, this men's hairstyle suits almost every age group.


  • Good for all ages

  • Versatile from casual to business look


  • Harder to maintain the long hair

  • Always carry an elastic, in case you need to tame your hair on short notice

4 braided hairstyles for men

There are also several different braided hairstyles for men, and we would like to introduce you to some of them:

Men hair braid styles

Braid the top section of hair into a plait and leave the sides free. This look is also often combined with sidecuts.

Double bun

Divide the hair into two sections again - one with the top hair and the other with the bottom hair. Make a braid with both sections and twist it into a bun.

Viking braids


Undercut with braid

With this trendy hairstyle, a middle strip of the top hair is left long and tied into a braid or bun, while the sides are cut shorter or shaved off completely.

Original curly hair styles men

Curly hair is often difficult to tame. So that you can still have a charismatic look, there are a few men's hairstyles that will show off your natural curls to their best advantage.

For example, you could shape curly hair by wearing it a little longer with a subtle undercut. This style will help to make your facial features appear more striking. Alternatively, you could go for a barrel cut, where the top hair is worn longer and the sides end exactly with your sideburns.

Tip how to style curly hair for men: The barrel cut can be styled particularly well if you use a hair wax/gel with a strong hold to model individual curls once again.

Styling men's thin hair

Of course, there are also hair textures that are naturally prone to the dreaded receding hairline or thinning areas. However, with a few simple tricks, you can achieve a trendy, concealing look even with these conditions.

So if you have a receding hairline, wear your hair very short, perhaps even as a buzz cut. In this case, the transitions to the thinning areas are so slight that they are not even noticeable. Alternatively, you could of course wear your hair a little longer and then style it forward to conceal the thinning areas.


There are many different hairstyles for men. Of course, it is also important that you feel comfortable with your style and that it suits you. We have presented a few styles in our article. There is sure to be a suitable hairstyle for you.

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