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Midfade haircuts – what are the best midfade haircut ideas?

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    A hairstyle with history! Short-trimmed hair, only slightly grown out at the top of the head - this look was popularized by American GIs in the 1940s and 1950s. The hero hair was neatly combed, often parted, very well groomed and was well-liked. The triumph of the cut seemed unstoppable until Elvis Presley and the Beatles suddenly arrived: Then the quiff and mushroom head overtook the distinctive military hairstyle. However, the big comeback was not too long in coming. In the heyday of hip-hop, i.e. in the eighties and early nineties, the midfade haircut was reissued and ultimately became the trademark of a formative subculture as a high-grown flattop (brush hairstyle). The name fade cut comes from the English "to fade", which perfectly describes the characteristic haircut with fade-out lines.

    And what does it look like today? For some years now, it's been impossible to imagine men's heads without the fade cut. The best thing about it: you don't have to be a soldier or a hip-hopper to wear it. The cult cut has become a true gentleman's or business hairstyle and complements any look perfectly. Individually cut to suit your type and style, fade hair can look classic, cool or extravagant. Another advantage: this trendy haircut looks much less radical than an undercut, as the transitions to the shaved areas are smooth.

    What is a midfade haircut?

    The mid fade is a type of fade where the transition from short hair to longer hair starts in the middle of the head. In contrast to the high fade, where the transition starts at the top of the head, and the low fade, where it starts at the back of the head. The mid fade is therefore also known as the medium fade. It creates a clean and modern look and is particularly popular with younger men.

    A fade is generally a hairstyle in which the hair is not cut to the same length, but instead visually "fades out" towards the bottom. The hairstyle virtually disappears towards the bottom. This is achieved by cutting the hair shorter and shorter the further down it goes. Since the introduction of electric hair clippers, fade hairstyles have become increasingly popular as they are quick and easy to shave.

    The 7 most popular types of fade in 2024

    In the following, you will see the best midfade haircuts one by one.

    1. High fade

    The high fade is a very modern fade. It starts a little higher up on the head, near the temples to be precise. Here, the hair should be very short both at the back of the head and on the sides. Sometimes they are even shaved off completely (a so-called skin fade, which we will also discuss below). As the fade starts "high up" on the head, this cut is known as a high fade.

    2. Midfade

    Medium (or mid) fades start lower than high fades, usually halfway above the ears. In this classic style, the shorter sections of hair are moved further down for a perfectly balanced look. This style is also called midfade mullet.

    3. Low fades

    High fades start around the temples and mid fades start in the middle above the ears, while low fades have a lower fade line, approximately at ear level.
    Low fades can be worn on any hair type and texture. They look great when combined with longer top hair.

    4. Drop fade

    Drop fades can start high up, in the middle or further down the head, but they all have one thing in common: the fade line at the back of the head is set lower than at the sides.

    There are many different looks that can be achieved with drop fades. You can start at the top, bottom or somewhere in the middle and then round it off towards the back of the head or make it tapered. If you want something new, then you can also try the new banker midfade combover.

    5. Midfade - skin fade

    Skin fades are often referred to as "zero fades", " bald midfade " or "sides to 0". Skin fades can be any type of fade, but they all have one thing in common: the hair is shaved off at the shortest point of the fade on the skin = length 0mm.
    If you want to try out a high-contrast look, you should opt for a skin fade.

    owever, you should also be aware that skin fading can make large areas of your scalp more visible, which are much lighter than the rest of your skin. It may be necessary to apply sunscreen to the visible areas of skin after the initial fading.

    6. Midfade taper

    A taper has the same aim as a fade: to achieve a seamless transition from short to long hair. However, the taper is not cut all around the head, but only in two places: the nape of the neck and the sideburns.

    7. Burst fade

    Burst fades take the form of a semicircle that surrounds the ear. The fade line forms a so-called center around the ear and moves around it in a circle. These are similar to drop fades, as the fade line appears to fall away at the back of the head. Burst fades can be combined with any type of fade to create unique looks.


    To summarize, the mid fade is a very popular hairstyle among men that is versatile and suitable for all face and hair types. It is a type of fade where the transition from short to longer hair starts in the middle of the head. This can be combined with different hairstyles such as the slick back or on top, or with different beard styles. It is important to seek advice from a professional hairdresser to ensure that the hairstyle you choose suits the shape of your face.

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