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These are the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for every hair length

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Whether you prefer a romantic, elegant, or natural hair-do, we at Laifen would like to introduce you to the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for your big day.

The most beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair

Popular options for brides with long hair include romantic updos, light waves and loose braided elements with semi-loose hair. Simple wedding hairstyles such as a low ponytail or a tight bun are also very popular at the moment. Whether you want to create a classic, elegant, or modern look, there is a bridal hairstyle that is perfect for you. We present the most beautiful hairstyles for your wedding day.

1. The classic: wedding down hairstyles for long hair

Among bridal hairstyles, the down hairstyles are a timeless classic. In a wide variety of styles, this style simply suits every bride with long hair. In addition to an elegant look, the down hairstyles have one main advantage: professionally styled, your look will last the whole day, whether you're saying, "I do", having your first dance as a married couple or celebrating with your loved ones afterwards.

The classic: wedding down hairstyles for long hair

2. The boho dream: curly hairstyles for wedding

Boho weddings are all the rage and so, of course, are bohemian-style wedding hairstyles. They are less conventional and look particularly modern thanks to their casual and informal look.

But above all, the boho bridal hairstyle is one thing: romantic. The hair is gently waved with so-called beach waves, which create a natural undone character. Combine with a floral wreath to perfect the boho look. An important tip for your wedding day: as effortless as the open bridal hairstyle may seem, it requires a lot of styling to ensure that the curls last the whole day.

The boho dream: curly hairstyles for wedding

The most beautiful wedding hairstyles for medium hair

With a medium-length haircut - such as a bob hairstyle - there are many different wedding hairstyles to choose from. From soft waves to the modern half-bun to closed styles, there is the perfect bridal hairstyle to suit your type. You can opt for a simple style but you can also choose an extravagant hairstyle. We present the most beautiful variations for hair that reaches a few centimeters above the collarbone.

1. Gentle waves & worn to the side: the bob as a wedding hairstyle

Style your bob with soft waves in a chic and timeless style for your special day. This length will highlight your neck and shoulders, which look particularly elegant when paired with a wedding dress with fine straps. Tuck the front hair slightly behind your ear on one side to create a modern look. You can emphasize the style with longer earrings that match your wedding dress. Remember: the curlier the hair, the shorter the hairstyle.

Gentle waves & worn to the side: the bob as a wedding hairstyle

2. Casual elegance: half up half down wedding hairstyles

So-called half-down hairstyles combine a relaxed look with the necessary elegance and are an increasingly popular half-down wedding hairstyle that is particularly suitable for hot summer months. Here you can again work with soft waves, hair accessories or smaller braided elements. Flowers can also be easily tucked into the mini bun or plait at the back of the head to make the simple hairstyle look a little more feminine and romantic.

The most beautiful wedding hairstyles for short hair

Stylish hairstyles can also be created for your wedding day with short hair. Whether short bob or pixie - short wedding hairstyles give you the freedom to emphasize your personality with extravagant looks. Hair accessories often add that certain something and give your bridal outfit a very special touch. Easy to style, a short hairstyle will last you all day long.

1. Chic understatement: the sleek middle parting

Both the side parting and the sleek look are among the current hairstyle trends. The combination results in a simple but very elegant bridal hairstyle. The big advantage: not only is it quick and easy to style, it also goes with any wedding dress and adds an elegant touch to your outfit. Eye-catching hair clips can be beautifully integrated into this hairstyle.

Chic understatement: the sleek middle parting

2. Simple & modern - the sleek bridal wedding hairstyle

The popular sleek bun can even be styled with short hair. It is best to choose a small, low bun or pull the hair back to the nape of the neck. You can add a veil to a topknot to visually lengthen the hairstyle. Comb the main hair back in a tight and sleek style. Let the front strands of hair fall into the forehead in a slight curve at the roots. This will add a little more dynamism to your wedding hairstyle.

What wedding guest hairstyles are the best?

As a wedding guest, you can get creative with your hairstyle. Updos, half-open hair or accessories such as hair bands, headbands or scarves can be a great way to style your mane. In most cases, this requires a certain length of hair. However, we also know some pretty ideas for short hair or a bob.

The first step before deciding on a hairstyle is to find a dress or outfit to style your hair with. For a themed wedding or a dress code, the hairstyle should also match this. For example, if it's a bob wedding outside, flowers in the hair are a nice option. For a black tie wedding, it is not so casual and much chicer.

Easy wedding guest hairstyles

Braiding your hair looks really pretty, but it also takes a while to get just right. If you are invited to a wedding as a guest, you certainly want to look your best. A beautiful hairstyle can definitely help to complete your outfit and perfect your look. You can style the following hairstyles in just a few minutes:

  • The classic ponytail: a ponytail is a simple yet elegant hairstyle that goes with almost any outfit.

  • The side braid: A side braid is a romantic and feminine hairstyle that adds a special touch to your look.

  • The messy bun: A loose bun is a casual yet stylish hairstyle that is perfect for a summer wedding.

  • Half-up hair: Half-up hair is a versatile hairstyle that can be both elegant and casual.

We really hope our tips will help you find a great hairstyle for your big day!

The last words

In the quest for the perfect wedding hairstyle, Laifen unveils a spectrum of choices. Whether you envision a romantic, elegant, or natural look, our curated selection covers every bride's dream. From classic down hairstyles to trendy boho curls and chic bob variations, we guide brides through options for different hair lengths.

Short hair is not forgotten, with suggestions for sleek elegance or chic buns. Even wedding guests can glean inspiration for easy, yet stunning, hairstyles to complement any outfit. Explore and embrace your bridal beauty effortlessly with Laifen's expertise.

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