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5 hair color ideas to showcase your style in 2024

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If you're keen to try something a little different this year, these five stunning hair color ideas might just be the inspiration you need to rock a totally new style.

From deep shades of pink to strawberry honey, we introduce different hair color ideas that you can try at different times of the year.

We also introduce you to the Laifen Swift Special blow dryer, which is the perfect product for blow drying your newly colored hair properly to prevent it from drying out, before answering some FAQs relating to hair color.

1. Hair color ideas for short hair

People with short hair tend to be the most experimental when it comes to hair color ideas. Anything from metallic platinum to deep shades of pink can work in short hair, depending on the look that you're going for.

Pastel pinks are really in vogue right now, representing friendship, familiarity, and inner peace. You can even deepen the color palette and opt for a rich red, particularly during the winter season.

2. Hair color ideas for brunettes

From cinnamon brown to dark chocolate, there are so many brown hair color ideas to choose from. Our best advice is to start with a brown color palette and work your way through your options.

Seasonality is key here. For the summer months, opt for something a little lighter to achieve that sun-drenched look. And during the winter months, something darker and bolder will help your hair look more voluminous alongside your carefully selected winter outfits.

3. Blonde hair color ideas

As for hair color ideas for blondes, the same logic applies. The spring and summer months are the perfect time to go for something a little daring. Work a little blush or rose coloring into your hair, or consider lightening your tone ever so slightly to let the natural hues of the season work their magic.

One of the most popular hair color ideas of 2023 was the “bronde” look, a combination of brown and blonde. It was favored last year for its low maintenance when compared to the bright-to-the-root blonde preferred by many. The darker root base is the main character of this color and it's another great hair color idea as we move into 2024.

4. Dark hair color ideas

One of our favorite looks so far in 2024 is dark hair with peekaboo highlights, and it's one of the trending hair color ideas for black hair right now. The highlights provide a glimpse into your character and are a perfectly subtle addition to your sleek black locks.

For something a little more daring, consider pairing black with cherry red highlights. This combo helps to show off the fullness of your hair and is a winner if you have wavy or curly locks that you're really keen to accentuate.

5. Red hair color ideas

Subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to coloring red hair. One of our favorite looks this season is subtle copper, which provides a barely-red shade to low-key light brown hair.

Another great option is strawberry honey, which is a stunning look for any blonde. It's a shade darker than strawberry blonde and delivers fullness and richness for those with wavy hair.

If you want something to add warmth to your winter look, consider warm rust, which is a fairly dark color that brings curly hair to life.

Look after your hair with the best blow dryer this year

The five stunning looks above can help you rock a totally new look in 2024. But coloring your hair is about so much more than just adding color to your locks and hoping for the best.

You need to regularly wash and condition your hair to keep it in good shape. Then, make sure you blow dry your hair with the best dryer available to you, such as the Laifen Special.

Laifen dryers dry 5.5x faster than regular blow dryers and come with various attachments to prevent your hair from drying out.

If you have taken some inspiration from any of our hair color ideas above, make sure you have the right products and equipment to look after your hair this year like a pro.

Hair color ideas FAQ

Q1: What are some summer hair color ideas?

While you can rock practically any color in the summer, we think that ash tones and neutral colors work particularly well during the heat of the summer. The lighter color of your hair perfectly complements the darker shade of your skin in the summer months to help you glow.

Q2: What's the best way to color hair in the winter?

As for hair color ideas for winter, try out dark reds and browns. Anything that adds depth and richness to your hair is a winner during the colder months of the year.

Q3: Is hair color bad for your hair?

If you opt for a low-quality cheap hair dye, you can cause some damage to your hair, particularly if you don't look after your hair after applying the color. Therefore, if you want to color your hair properly, make sure you opt for the best products, and consider asking a stylist to do the work for you.

Q4: How much does it cost to color your hair at a salon?

This depends on so many factors. If you do it at home, you can expect it to cost less than $30 to color your hair. However, if you go to the salon, expect to pay anywhere upwards of $100, depending on your stylist.

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