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What do different attachments of hair dryers do?

Why those funky-looking nozzles and diffusers come with your hair dryer? They're not just for show! They're like magic wands that can transform your mane in minutes. So grab your hair dryer and let's explore how these attachments can level up your hair game!

Compare different blow dryer accessory



Hair type



Defines curls and minimizes frizz


Use for natural or permed curls


Provides precision styling


Perfect for straightening and smoothing


Detangles and smooths hair


Ideal for thick or curly hair, helps with detangling

Styling pik

Adds volume and lift at the roots


Great for adding volume and texture to flat hair

What does the nozzle on a hair dryer do?

The nozzle on a hair dryer serves multiple purposes.

  • It helps to concentrate the airflow and allows for more precise styling and smoothing of the hair.

  • By directing the airflow in a focused manner, the nozzle helps to reduce frizz, enhance shine, and create sleeker styles.

  • The type of he nozzle can be used to target specific sections of hair, making it easier to achieve desired results, such as straightening or adding volume at the roots.

Which hair type should use diffuser?

The diffuser attachment is particularly beneficial for curly or wavy hair types. It helps to distribute airflow more evenly across the hair and preventing frizz.

How to diffuse your curly or wavy hair?

Step 1. Add your favorite curl-enhancing product to damp hair.

Step 2. Snap on your diffuser attachment to your hair dryer.

Step 3. Flip your head upside down and place sections of your hair into the diffuser. You can begin with drying on a low or medium heat setting, scrunching your curls upwards as you go.

Step 4. As your curls start to dry, you might notice a cast forming from the styling product. This is just the product setting in your curls for long-lasting hold.

How to use the styling pik?

To use the styling pik, just snap it onto your hair dryer, then comb through your hair while you dry it for extra volume and bounce! It's super easy to use and adds tons of cool texture to your hair, especially at the roots.

Don't forget to adjust the settings on your dryer for the perfect heat and speed, and keep styling until your hair looks awesome and feels totally dry.

Is a hair dryer comes with diffuser and concentrator nozzles?

Is a hair dryer comes with diffuser and concentrator nozzles?

Yes, many hair dryers come with diffuser and concentrator nozzles included in the package. The diffuser helps style curls and waves, while the concentrator nozzle directs airflow for smoother, sleeker styles.

But not all of them initially provide you with nozzles. To be detailed, you can get all important accessories after buying Laifen Swift Special negative ionic hair dryer but Laifen SE has no diffuser instead, so you need to add a diffuser to your car extra.

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