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Laifen attachments: Simple tools, easy lifestyles

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Laifen knows how necessary attachments are in personal care routines. That's why Laifen offers a range for their hair dryers and electric toothbrushes on the official website and other stores.

These attachments can meet diverse styling needs, like the diffuser for curly or wavy hair and the handy travel bag. We will dive deeper into Laifen attachments and review their features and benefits. And we will uncover how these attachments can amaze your routine job and take your styling game to the next level. You can review the images of Laifen attachments first.

How to use
Dispense airflow, reduce frizz, enhance curls/waves.
Round shape, prongs/fingers.
1. Wash, condition hair.
2. Towel dry.
3. Use product.
4. Attach diffuser.
5. Low/medium heat, speed.
6. Flip hair, use circular motion.
7. Dry sections 80-90%.
Hover for tight curls.
Lift hair for volume.
Direct airflow, precise styling, smooth results.
Narrow, elongated shape.
1. Towel-dry hair.
2. Attach concentrator.
3. Set medium heat, speed.
4. Divide hair.
5. Hold parallel to scalp.
6. Round brush.
7. Use cool air.
Choose for sleek styles.
Provide sleek, polished finish
Wide, flat design.
1. Add smoother.
2. Medium heat&speed.
3. Hold parallel to hair.
4. Roots to ends.
5. Continue until dry.
Ideal for sleek look.
Avoid on wet hair.
Travel bag
Compact, portable storage.
Durable, lightweight.
1. Place device inside.
2. Pack in suitcase.
3. Handle with care.
4. Unpack upon arrival.
5. Store.
Choose size for snug fit.
Use water-resistant materials.
Replacement heads
Interchangeable, maintain brushing performance.
Laifen Wave offers Gum Care, Ultra Whitening, Super Clean.
1. Turn off.
2. Remove old head.
3. Align new head.
4. Press onto handle.
5. Test.
Replace every 3-4 months.


Diffuser Laifen attachment

A diffuser is an attachment for a hair dryer produced to disperse airflow over a larger area and minimize frizz and enhancing natural curls or waves. It has a round shape with prongs or fingers to gently separate and dry the hair without disturbing its natural texture. Learn how to use a diffuser on a hair dryer.

How to use:

Step 1. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. You should squeeze excess water from your hair with a microfiber towel or T-shirt to avoid roughing up the cuticle.

Step 2. Now, you can apply your preferred styling product, such as a curl cream or mousse, evenly throughout your damp hair. Then, attach the diffuser nozzle to your hair dryer.

Step 3. For curly or wavy hair, use low to medium heat and medium speed. Flip your head upside down and bring sections of your hair into the diffuser. And allow the prongs to cradle your curls or waves.

Step 4. Hold the diffuser near your scalp and move it in a circular motion to distribute airflow. Continue drying your hair in sections until it's about 80-90% dry, then allow it to air dry the rest of the way to minimize frizz.


For tighter curls, use the diffuser with a "hovering" technique rather than pressing it directly onto the scalp to prevent flattening the curls.

To add volume at the roots, lift sections of your hair with the diffuser and aim the airflow toward the roots while drying.


A concentrator is a nozzle attachment for a hair dryer that focuses and directs airflow onto specific sections of hair. It allows for precise styling and smoother results. It has a narrow, elongated shape with a flat or curved end to concentrate the airflow.

How to use

Step 1. Begin with clean, towel-dried hair. Add the concentrator nozzle to your hair dryer. To reach better style, divide your hair into sections using clips or hair ties to make styling more manageable.

Step 2. Starting with one section at a time, hold the concentrator nozzle parallel to the hair and position it a few inches away from the scalp. Using a round brush or your fingers, guide the section of hair as you blow-dry, directing the airflow along the hair shaft from roots to ends.

Step 3. Continue working through each section until it's fully dried and styled to your liking. For added smoothness and shine, finish with a blast of cool air from your hair dryer to help seal the hair cuticle.


Use the concentrator attachment when you want to achieve sleek, straight styles or smooth out frizz and flyaways. For optimal results, ensure the concentrator nozzle is securely attached to the hair dryer to prevent airflow from escaping.


Smoother Laifen attachment

A smoother attachment for a hair dryer can provide a sleek and polished finish to the hair by directing airflow. It features a wide, flat design with smooth surfaces to help seal the hair cuticle.

How to use:

The guide is simple. Just attach the smoother nozzle to your hair dryer. For most smoothing purposes, use medium heat and speed. On the surface of Laifen, turn the light into yellow.

As what we said, starting with one section at a time, hold the smoother attachment parallel to the hair and position it a few inches away from the scalp.

It's better to use a paddle brush or your fingers, guide the section of hair as you blow-dry, moving the smoother attachment along the hair shaft from roots to ends.


Use the smoother attachment when you want to achieve a sleek, straight look or smooth out frizz and flyaways. To reduce heat damage and maximize shine, you should avoid using the smoother attachment on excessively wet hair. Instead, towel-dry hair thoroughly before styling.

Travel bag

Laifen attachment travel bag

A travel bag for a hair dryer or electric toothbrush is a portable accessory designed to store and transport the device conveniently. It comes with a durable and lightweight material with compartments or pockets for organizing the device and accessories.

How to use:

Place the hair dryer or electric toothbrush inside the travel bag. If the bag has compartments or pockets, organize any accessories neatly to prevent them from shifting during travel.

Pack the travel bag in your suitcase or travel bag, placing it in a secure and easily accessible location. When traveling, handle the bag with care to avoid dropping or mishandling the device inside.

Upon arrival at your destination, unpack the travel bag and remove the device and accessories as needed for use. After use, store the device and accessories back in the travel bag.

Replacement brush heads

Laifen Wave attachment heads

Replacement heads for an electric toothbrush are interchangeable attachments and consist of bristles and a connection mechanism compatible with specific electric toothbrush models, allowing users to easily replace worn-out or damaged brush heads. Laifen Wave has three types of heads.

How to change the head of your Wave:

How to replace Laifen attachment head for Wave

Step 1. Handle your electric toothbrush is turned off before replacing the brush head.

Step 2. Firmly grasp the old brush head near the base and pull it away from the toothbrush handle to remove it.

Step 3. Align the new replacement head with the connection mechanism on the toothbrush handle.

Step 4. Press the replacement head firmly onto the handle until you hear or feel it click into place.

Step 5. Turn on the electric toothbrush and test the replacement head to guarantee it is securely attached and functioning properly.


Replace your electric toothbrush head every 3-4/mo, or sooner if the bristles become frayed or worn.

Selecting replacement heads fit to your dental needs and preferences. Laifen offers a variety of replacement head models, including Gum Care, Ultra Whitening, and Super Clean, each designed to address specific oral health concerns.

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