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The mullet haircut – everything you ever wanted to know about this hairstyle

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The mullet haircut has been with us for many decades and had its recent heyday during the eighties, with many famous personalities like Tina Turner, Prince, David Bowie, Andre Agassi, and Cher as its most famous supporters.

What many people do not know about this controversial look: The mullet has been around for much longer. Today we know that even during ancient times, the mullet was well-loved and on trend, as the discovery of metal statues from these times reveals. Let's dive head-first into the subject.

What is a mullet haircut?

Today, however, the mullet is usually cut a little differently. Whereas in the past the hair was often curled, today it is kept more natural. In addition, the hair is usually left a little longer at the sides so that the contrast is not so stark. However, there are exceptions to this rule, as it is sometimes even found in the alternative scene with shaved sides in the form of an undercut.

Another popular variation is the so-called "short mullet", where the hair at the back of the head is cut slightly shorter, while the sides, the top of the head and the bangs are left slightly longer.

Is the mullet still modern and how is it worn today?

The essential question is: Is the mullet still fashionable and can men still wear it today? We have to say that the mullet is one of the more unusual hairstyles these days and is rarely seen in everyday life. It is mainly worn by people who are looking for an extravagant hairstyle because with this cut you are sure to attract attention. It is not for nothing that there are competitions in America for the most beautiful men's hairstyle.

How to cut a mullet haircut?

For a dramatic effect, keep it classic: short on the sides, partially shaved, a few centimeters on top and long at the nape. If you're going for a more subtle version of the mullet, you can keep the hair length and go for a wolf cut.

This haircut has countless possibilities, which is why it's super important that you have plenty of inspiration pictures with you to show your stylist. This way you can make sure that the length and texture of the haircut match your ideas and hair qualities.

Boys' mullet haircut

Decades ago, mullet hairstyles were made famous by men like David Bowie, Bono, and Billy Ray Cyrus. Nowadays, it is one of the most extravagant hairstyles, but it is still worn by men, and even kids are having fun with this hairstyle.

Mullet haircut men – variants

There are many different Mullet haircuts. In addition to the shaggy mullet, there are also a few other popular mullet styles, which we would like to introduce to you here.

Modern mullet

The cut and styling of the modern mullet is particularly important. With a little practice, styling is quick, but you should visit your hairdresser at least every 4 weeks to prevent the mullet from growing too long.

Mullet fade haircut

The mullet version with a fade on the sides is also very popular at the moment. If you want to stand out even more, turn it into an undercut version.

Curly mullet haircut

A mullet can also be worn with curly hair. However, to avoid looking too messy overall, the mullet should be worn rather short.


Care and styling of a mullet

The care of a mullet is significantly more complex than with other men's hairstyles. A mullet with a fade in particular needs to be trimmed regularly.

A little more time should also be planned for styling a mullet. In general, medium-length haircuts always need to be styled a little more to look good. With a mullet, the hair needs to be shaped into the desired form using a comb or brush. Hair gel, wax or pomade must then be worked into the hair so that it retains its shape.
If the (manageable) daily care and styling effort is too much for you, it is better to wear a low-maintenance short hairstyle.

Styling the mullet Cut

Fine hair - You will need a few products to style fine hair. First, apply a texturizing balm to dry hair. Then you can apply a volume powder, which will give your mullet more fullness near the scalp.

Natural curls - The best tip we can give you is to apply a small amount of curl mousse immediately after washing. Then comb your hair to distribute the product evenly. Dry the hair with a diffuser on low or medium heat to avoid frizz for a nice and shapely mullet. Finish by massaging a few drops of your favorite oil into your hair.

Beach mullet - This look looks like it was taken straight from the streets of Los Angeles. First, apply a detangler to wet hair and comb your hair. To create more texture and volume, apply salt spray. Then use a hair styler to create soft waves in different directions. Finish with a texturizing spray and gently shape the waves with your fingers – a perfectly modern undone look.

Straight mullet - For this style, it is important to apply a heat protection product beforehand. Blow-dry your hair first and only then can you straighten it with a straightening iron for a super sleek mullet. Finally, apply a hair serum to complete the look.

Can anyone wear a mullet haircut?

If you're interested in a mullet haircut, there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, the mullet is not a cut for every hair type and face shape. It's important that the hairdresser cuts your hair accordingly and caters to your individual needs.

Secondly, the mullet also requires a certain level of confidence to wear it proudly. But if you are willing to make a statement and take a risk, the Mullet haircut can lead to an unforgettable look.

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