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Hair style men simple – find the right hair style for you!

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    Hardly anything is as individual and can be worn and styled according to taste as your hair. That's why trying out a new hairstyle is usually the decisive factor in changing your style. If one of your resolutions, alongside exercising more or eating healthier, is to give your look a makeover, then changing your hairstyle is the best place to start. Admittedly, it always takes a bit of courage.

    We would like to introduce you to some simple men's hairstyles in this article. Maybe there's a suitable hairstyle for you too.

    9 popular simple hair styles for men – an overview

    You will find 9 men's easy hairstyles and learn how to style them step by step in the following. Let's get started.

    1. The side parting – a casual simple hair style men

    The side parting is a timeless classic among men's hairstyles. However, it is now known as the "side swoop". It is important that the cut is perfectly adapted to your individual head shape. The parting should also be straight.

    A three-day beard and casual accessories such as glasses round off the style and create a harmonious overall look.

    Styling steps:

    Step 1. Use a comb to create as straight a parting as possible and separate the hair on the left and right

    Step 2. Then use wax or gel to put hair into the desired shape and fix with hair lacquer. You don’t need best hair products for men simple styling, you can also use very simple products

    2. The Beatle mushroom head – an attractive simple casual hair style men

    The Beatle mushroom head is also extremely popular among short hairstyles for men this year. However, it has been adapted so that the hair at the nape of the neck and sides is medium length. The top hair is precisely parted and merges into the familiar fringe at the front, which should reach approximately to the eyebrows.

    Styling steps:

    Step 1. Blow-dry the hairstyle using a round brush - don't forget to use blow-drying foam

    Step 2. Accentuate strands with wax

    3. The buzz cut - simple hair style men

    The buzz cut is one of the latest trend hairstyles for men. This cut involves using a razor. You can have this done by a hairdresser, but you can also do it yourself quickly and easily at home. Shave off the hair all around to a length of 2 - 20 mm, depending on your preference - and your buzz cut is finished. Styling is not necessary with this men's hairstyle, as the short hair always stays in shape. You should just shave it regularly.

    4. The undercut

    The undercut as a men's hairstyle is considered a timeless classic. Here, the top hair remains relatively long, while the hair on the lower half of the head - roughly up to the temples - is cut short. What makes the undercut so versatile and popular is the fact that the wearer can vary the length of the top hair as desired. It can be styled casually or elegantly as well as edgy and rocking.

    Styling steps:

    Step 1. Wash the hair with volumizing shampoo and then distribute volumizing foam through towel-dried hair

    Step 2. Blow dry from the roots backwards using a round brush

    Step 3. Then style the hair to the side or back with gel. You can also use hairspray for more hold

    5. The half-up for long hair

    For this trendy men's hairstyle, simply wear your long hair half up and half tied back. The half-up looks particularly good with sleekly styled hair. Simply tie the top section of hair back and secure it with a hair tie. Then run a little gel over your head to keep your hair in shape and prevent it from frizzing.

    Styling steps:

    Step 1. Section off the top hair above the ears and tie a normal ponytail at the back of the head

    Step 2. Then roll the ponytail into a snail shape and secure with hairpins or similar

    6. The man bun for long hair - simple hair style men without beard

    The bun or man bun is and will remain popular in 2020. With this hairstyle, you simply tie your hair into a knot on top of your head. The lower contour at the nape of the neck should be neatly cut. This hairstyle is also very suitable for men without a beard.

    Styling steps:

    Step 1. Secure hair in a bun at the back

    Step 2. Pull it halfway through a hair band

    Step 3. Twist and wrap the hair band around the bun one more time

    7. Braids styles for short hair

    Braids are a composition of a variety of fine braids. Braids are particularly popular with sportsmen: they are comfortable to wear and keep their shape for a long time. Male braids can be made from your own hair or from artificial strands.

    Artificial strands make the hair look much longer, thicker and stronger. Plaits can be braided in different directions, e.g. at the temples, at the nape of the neck or all over the head.

    8. Dreadlocks

    Dreadlocks are particularly popular in the hippie subculture. To make dreadlocks, the strands are twisted into tightly knotted flagella. This distinguishes them from other types of braids.

    9. Simple men's braid styles for short hair

    To create men's braids, you need a short length at the crown. A simple plait braided on the side or top looks stylish and attractive. The sides of the head can be shaved off. Such a combination will give your look a brutal appearance.

    Braids for men are a daring hairstyle. For real fashionistas, you can complement the look with a bandana, colorful elastic bands or threads. To attract attention, you can use contrasting colors. When creating a unique look, remember that everything must harmonize.


    There are many different men's hairstyles that are on trend and very popular. However, it is also important to make sure that the hairstyle suits your type and face shape.

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