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How to blow out short hair: Step-by-step & what you need to prepare in advance

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Achieving a blow out for short hair doesn't need to break the bank. If you book an appointment with your stylist, you may have to part with a lot fo money to achieve the stylish 90s blowout that you so desire.

But the good news is that blowing out short hair is relatively simple and you can do it yourself at home. You just need to have the best blow dryer and understand the required steps to make it work. We also introduce you to some common blow out short hair mistakes, so you can have the best chance of success.

Is it better to air dry or blow dry short hair?

Whether to air dry or blow dry short hair depends on personal preference, hair type, and styling goals. It's best to find a balance between air drying and blow drying based on your hair's needs and your desired style. If time allows and you're aiming for a more natural look, air drying may be preferable.

However, if you're seeking a polished or voluminous style, blow drying with proper heat protection and techniques can achieve the desired results for short hair. Here are some considerations:

Air drying:

  • Pros: Air drying is gentle on the hair and scalp, minimizing heat damage and potential frizz. It's convenient and low-maintenance, requiring no additional tools.

  • Cons: It can take longer for short hair to air dry completely, especially if it's thick or dense. Without proper styling, air-dried hair may lack volume or shape.

Blow drying:

  • Pros: Blow drying short hair allows for quick styling and control over volume, texture, and shape. It can add volume and smoothness to the hair.

  • Cons: Excessive heat exposure from blow drying can lead to damage, especially if not used with heat protectant products. Blow drying may also cause frizz if not done correctly.

An ultimate guide to blowing out short hair in 4 easy steps

Step 1. Prep

After your shower, leave your hair to air dry for up to 20 minutes. If you're in a hurry, use a microfiber towel to dab your hair dry. Next, apply a heat protectant (if you wish) to protect your hair from overheating.

Step 2. Start with the bottom section

The key to achieving a blow out for short hair is sectioning your hair into the top and bottom sections. You can use a clip to help you section your hair.

Then, begin by blow drying the bottom section first. We recommend using the medium heat setting on your Laifen dryer at this stage, and use your brush to pull your hair downwards from the roots to the ends.

Step 3. Blow dry the top section

Next, you need to repeat the blow dry for the top section of your hair. It's helpful to blow dry small sections at a time and make sure you rotate the dryer to avoid overheating.

Step 4. Add the finishing touches

After blow drying both sections of your hair, check for any loose strands. You might also apply some hair spray at this stage to keep your blowout in place throughout the day.

apply some hair spray at this stage

Common blow out short hair mistakes to avoid

❌ Using the wrong temperature setting

So many people use the hot setting only on their hair dryer when attempting a blow out. This is a mistake, as it can cause your hair to dry out, even more so if it is brittle or prone to breakage. Though it takes slightly longer, we recommend using the medium heat setting when blowing out your short hair.

Using the wrong temperature setting

❌ Not using a heat protectant

This mistake goes hand in hand with the first on our list. We can't stress enough the importance of protecting your hair from overheating. A heat protectant is a simple and affordable product you can use to add a barrier between your hair and dryer and it can be super effective in the long run.

❌ Forgetting to section your hair

Sectioning your hair is really important for a blow out. This is because it helps you to thoroughly dry every aspect of your hair. If you don't section it, it's easy to get lost and you may even end up repeating the same sections over and over.

The best dryers to blow out short hair

The Laifen Premium is the best blow dryer for blowing out short hair. It is a high speed blow dryer that is capable of blow drying your hair 5.5x faster than most other dryers on the market.

Laifen Premium is the best blow dryer for blowing out short hair

One of the best things about the Laifen Premium blow dryer is that it comes with adjustable heat settings, enabling you to dry your hair on the cool, warm, or high setting. This is so important for achieving a blow out for short hair, as we recommend using the warm or medium setting to prevent your hair from drying out.

It comes in your choice of three premium colors - golden white, golden blue, and golden pink - and you can even choose the type of plug you need, depending on where you live.

In addition to the Premium, you can check out the Swift, Swift Special, and the SE, each of which can work well when working on a blow out at home.

Pros & cons of a DIY blow out

As we round up this article, we want to leave you with the pros and cons of attempting a DIY blow out for short hair at home:

 Pros Cons
✅ Blow outs in a salon are expensive, so doing it yourself can save lots of money ❌ Achieving a blow out requires time and patience, so it's not something that can be rushed
✅ The blow out is an in-vogue hairstyle right now and it's relatively easy to achieve at home, if you have enough time ❌ If you don't use a quality blow dryer, you risk drying out or damaging your hair
✅ You don't need any chemicals or special products to achieve a blow dry, though you can use a protectant if you wish ❌ You need to have a hair dryer with an adjustable heat setting, as it's best to blow dry your hair on the dryer's medium heat

The good news is that the cons of a blow out can be remedied by using the best blow dryer. Be sure to check our range of pro dryers to achieve the best blow out for short hair without going to the salon!

Blow out short hair FAQs

Q1: What's the best blow out brush for short hair?

To achieve a professional-looking blow out at home, you need to use a round brush. It helps you create volume and shapes your hair to perfection - look for a ceramic round brush for the best results, as it helps to distribute heat evenly.

Q2: Do you need to use a blow out chemical for short hair?

You don't necessarily need to use any chemicals to achieve a blow out. However, a blow out relaxer can be useful for women with certain hair types, as it acts as a curl and waves texturising product to help you achieve a blow out.

Q3: How to blow out short hair with layers?

The key to blow drying layered short hair is sectioning your hair, as we have introduced above. The thicker your hair is, the more sections you should create. If you don't want to section your hair into top and bottom, you can opt for left and right.

Q4: How to blow out short hair men?

A blow out works exactly the same for men as it does for women! You can follow the simple steps we've introduced above.

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