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Best smart toothbrush with an app: Picks and tutorials

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In this exciting journey, we'll explore the coolest and smartest toothbrushes that sync with your phone for a next-level brushing experience. You don't want to miss our Laifen Wave - an electric toothbrush with a smart app. Get ready to dive into the world of smart dental hygiene and discover how these innovative toothbrushes can transform your smile. Let's brush up on our knowledge together!

Best smart electric toothbrush with an app review in 2024

Laifen Wave smart electric toothbrush with an app, revolutionizing oral care in 2024. Laifen's groundbreaking servo system delivers simultaneous vibrations and oscillations, ensuring effective brushing for all users. With precision motor technology and consistent torque output, it provides 3x the brushing power for a deeper clean.

Customizable settings, advanced brush heads, and the Wave app elevate the brushing experience to unprecedented levels of efficiency and comfort. Experience the future of dental hygiene with the Laifen Wave—the ultimate fusion of innovation and performance.

What you can get from Laifen Wave smart toothbrush:

  1. Simultaneous vibrations and oscillations for effective brushing.

  2. Ensures consistent brushing power, providing 3x the cleaning power compared to ordinary sonic vibration motors.

  3. Adjust brushing preferences through the Wave app, including daily modes and high-frequency options.

  4. Gum Care, Ultra-Whitening, and Super-Clean brush heads cater to various oral hygiene needs.

  5. Metal counterweight ensures stable and gum-friendly oscillations, enhancing comfort during brushing.

  6. Inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring a cleaner brushing experience.

  7. High-quality bristles with a 90% rounding rate and diamond design for efficient polishing and whitening.

  8. Brush heads remind you when it's time for replacement, ensuring optimal oral hygiene maintenance.

How to use smart toothbrush with a smart app

Using the Laifen Wave smart toothbrush with the app is simple:

Step 1. Download the Laifen Wave app, pair your toothbrush via Bluetooth.

Step 2. Customize brushing mode, intensity, and duration in the app.

Step 3. Apply toothpaste, turn on the brush, and follow the app's guidance.

Step 4. Track brushing duration and receive real-time feedback on technique.

Step 5. Check brushing habits and adjust settings for improved oral health.

Step 6. Get reminders to replace brush heads for optimal hygiene.

Are smart toothbrushes wort it?

Smart toothbrushes have garnered attention for their innovative technology and promise of enhanced oral hygiene. By leveraging features such as real-time feedback and personalized coaching, they aim to revolutionize the way we approach dental care.

The ability to track brushing habits and receive data-driven insights may appeal to individuals seeking to optimize their oral health routine. While the initial cost may deter some, the potential long-term benefits, including reduced dental issues and improved overall well-being, make smart toothbrushes a worthwhile consideration for those prioritizing proactive dental care.

What's the difference between smart VS normal toothbrush?

Smart toothbrushes offer a range of advanced features and connectivity options that enhance the brushing experience and provide valuable insights into oral hygiene habits. While they may come at a higher cost, their personalized coaching and real-time feedback make them an attractive option for individuals seeking to optimize their dental care routine.

Conversely, normal toothbrushes offer a simpler and more budget-friendly alternative without the added technology and connectivity features. You can know about the difference in the following and then make your decision which one to choose from:


Smart toothbrush

Normal toothbrush

Real-time feedback

Provides real-time feedback on brushing technique, duration, and coverage.

Lacks feedback mechanisms, requiring users to rely on personal judgment.

Personalized coaching

Offers personalized coaching and recommendations based on brushing data.

Does not offer personalized guidance or coaching features.

Data tracking

Tracks brushing habits, duration, frequency, and areas of improvement.

Does not track brushing data or provide insights into oral hygiene habits.


Can connect to smartphone apps via Bluetooth for enhanced functionality.

Lacks connectivity features and operates independently.

Advanced features

May include features such as pressure sensors, timers, and quadrant indicators.

Typically limited to basic features like bristle design and handle grip.


Generally more expensive due to advanced technology and additional features.

More budget-friendly option with lower upfront cost.

User experience

Offers an interactive and engaging brushing experience with interactive features.

Provides a traditional brushing experience without interactive elements.

Smart toothbrush, smart brushing!

The best smart toothbrushes redefine oral hygiene with features like real-time feedback and personalized coaching through accompanying apps. Their ability to track brushing habits and provide valuable insights enhances the brushing experience. Don't forget to utilize the app's features and replace brush heads regularly for optimal oral health.

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  • Keith Griggs
    Keith GriggsMay 27, 2024

    I’m having a problem accessing the Leiden wave toothbrush app because I can’t enter my phone number. I live in Norway and can’t input my phone country code. 47. Any ideas?

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