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To bob or not to bob? 12 iconic bob hairstyles to try in 2024

The bob haircut needs very little introduction, as it has been popular with women for decades. Today, there are so many ways to style the bob, from the classic short bob to something more complex with texture and layers.

In this article, our stylists introduce you to 12 bob haircuts that you can try this year, with some expert styling tips to help you maintain this classy and sophisticated look with ease.

What exactly is a bob haircut for women?

Known simply as the bob, a bob haircut is a style that favors women with short to medium-length hair. The cut is distinguished by straight hair with a fringe at the front. The classic bob cut also exposes the back of the neck and frames the hair above the shoulder line. Let's explore some of the best bob haircuts you can go for this year.

Top 1. The shoulder-length bob - A classic long bob haircut

The beauty of the long bob haircut is that it never goes out of style. This look takes your hair all the way down to your shoulders with a slightly longer fringe. It's a good look for women with thick, voluminous hair, and lends itself well to women with darker hair tones.

Top 2. The classic angled bob - An angled bob haircut to showcase your style

The classic angled bob is blunt and cut above the shoulders. As such, it is often regarded as the signature bob style that other looks are modeled on. Some women opt for an inverted angled bob for something a little different, but given the complexity of this look, we recommend a talented style to get the angle right!

Top 3. No-fuss bob - A-line bob haircut that is chic and quirky

The defining feature of the A-line bob haircut is that it doesn't have any layers in the back, making it versatile and easy to style. The no-fuss bob features a center parting and hair that runs down to your jaw line, which is a classy and sophisticated bob that is popular with women of all ages and hair types.

Top 4. The French bob - A textured and layered bob haircut

The French bob is a short cut with feathered layers that perfectly frame your face. Though less structured than a standard bob, the French bob is textured and layered for a classy look. For inspiration, check out Megan Fox's recent look and replicate her fiery red color to make a statement this year.

Top 5. Shaggy bangs - Our favorite bob haircut with bangs

Though we're spoiled for choice when it comes to bob haircuts with bangs, we love the shaggy bangs style that has gained lots of traction this year. Long, shaggy curtain bangs run to just above your shoulders and offer a unique look that frames your face. Elevate this look with blonde highlights for something extra special.

Top 6. The pixie (or bixie) bob - A cute pixie bob haircut

The pixie bob, sometimes known simply as the bixie, is a combination of the iconic pixie and bob styles. This is a short, piecey, textured cut that hangs no lower than the jaw line. The pixie bob is defined by short hair on the back and sides, while the front and fringe is slightly longer than most other bob styles.

Top 7. Rounded curly bob - A fun, curly bob haircut

A rounded, cloud-like bob is a great way to show off your natural curls. Use a curl defining product to accentuate your curls, and make sure you dry your hair with the Laifen Swift Special diffuser, which helps to evenly distribute the hot air throughout your hair and reduce frizz. This rounded bob is the ultimate style for women with curly hair.

Top 8. Cheek-length stacked bob - A stacked bob haircut with style

This style features cheek-length layers and is extremely low-maintenance and easy to style. We love it because it is suitable for all face shapes, with the stacked style adding a degree of texture and complexity. Our stylists recommend cutting this bob every 8-10 weeks to keep the layers even.

To 9. The wavy bob - Our favorite shoulder-length long bob haircut

Another effortless bob cut that runs down to your shoulders is the wavy bob, which is perfect for women with naturally wavy or curly hair. If you love air drying your hair, the wavy bob is a great look as it increases in volume as it dries.

Top 10. The blunt lob - A medium bob haircut that is easy to maintain

For something a little longer, the blunt lob is a great look to go for. This look is great for women with rounder, heart-shaped faces, as the lob frames your face and shows off your best features. This is also a good look for women with fine or thin hair and can be paired with a side-part for a stylish look.

Top 11. One-length bob - An attention-seeking short bob haircut

Popularized by Margot Robbie, the one-length bob is a stunning short bob cut that will attract attention for all the right reasons. Rather than a stacked or layered cut, the one-length bob falls consistently and is super easy to maintain for women who don't want the hassle of regular trips to the salon.

Top 12. The cropped bob - A fine hair short bob haircut for women

A hugely popular look among women with fine hair, the cropped bob is a super-short look that is slicked back behind your ears. This chic look is stylish and professional, and it's easily styled and held in place with a strong wax or hairspray.

Recap - our favorite bob haircuts for women

The bob is a timeless, iconic hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. It's perfect for women with short to medium length hair, and it runs between the jaw line and shoulder line in most instances.

Whether you're keen for a stunning angled bob or want to keep things simple with a classic bob with bangs, talk to your stylist today to rock an iconic bob haircut this year.

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