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Look brilliant best with 8 bridesmaid hairstyles for your bestie's big day

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As a bridesmaid, you need to look your absolute best, without taking the attention away from the bride on her big day. It's a difficult balance to strike, but one you can achieve if you choose a bridesmaid hairstyle that brings out your very best features.

In this article, we have tasked our styling gurus to come up with eight trending, in-vogue bridesmaid hairstyles that can inspire you ahead of a big wedding this year.

We cover all hair lengths, colors, and styles, ensuring that there's something for everyone to help you look your brilliant best ahead of your bestie's special day.

1. Wrapped ponytail

The ponytail is rightly regarded as one of the simplest hairstyles to pull off, but that doesn't mean it's unsuitable for the opulence of your bestie's wedding. A wrapped ponytail can be fastened with a simple bobby pin and it's the perfect option for any girl with medium-long hair.

We recommend using some hairspray to hold your pony in place, and you can even opt for a slicked back look at the front if you want to refine it even further.

Who's it for? If you're looking for simple bridesmaid hair that will help you look your brilliant best, the wrapped pony is a great look for you.

2. Loose curls

For curly bridesmaid hair, loose curls are the way to go in 2024. Using your curling iron like a pro, your loose, voluminous curls will reach past your shoulder and show off the beautiful texture of your hair.

Granted, loose curls are a little more difficult to achieve than straightening hair of the same length, they will undoubtedly pay off on the big day, particularly if you have dark hair and are wearing a lighter colored dress.

Who's it for? Anyone looking for bridesmaid hairstyles for curly hair can rock loose curls, but we think this is a great look for brunette girls in particular.

3. Loose fishtail braids

There are so many looks for girls with long hair, but we think a loose fishtail is a brilliant look for any wedding. We love the bohemian vibes that loose fishtail braids give off, and they're a relatively easy style to put together.

Perfect for all hair colors, fishtail braids also look great with an accessory, such as a small tiara or some faux flowers to really elevate the look.

Who's it for? Loose fishtail braids are a bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair that look chic and boho. They are ideal for fall weddings and suit redhead and brunettes more than most.

4. Box braid pony

You probably don't need us to tell you that box braids are all the rage right now. A cursory glance on your Insta feed or on TikTok will reveal so many stunning box braid looks that you can go for at your best friend's wedding.

We think that the box braid pony is an obvious choice for a wedding. Gather your braids in a sky-high pony and let the ends flow down past your shoulders for a trendy look that will capture the attention as your friend walks down the aisle.

Who's it for? Any black girl looking for braided hair for bridesmaids has probably considered box braids, but we love the additional element of the pony to keep things in shape throughout the big day.

5. Beachy waves

A perfect fit for boho weddings, beachy waves are the perfect way to showcase your carefree attitude to life. It's a good option if you already have significant texture to your hair, but you can also achieve this look by adding some simple curls.

Our experts recommend using a sea salt spray for the perfect beachy waves. Sea salt is the perfect texturizer that will give you instant off-the-beach looks before you accompany the bride down the aisle.

Who's it for? For a bridesmaid hair down look that is effortlessly cool and chic, beachy waves are the perfect option. If your friends are getting married outdoors in the summer, this is definitely the look to go for.

6. Soft pixie

In many respects, the pixie cut was made for weddings. For girls with super short hair, a soft pixie cut delivers a less is more look and allows you to draw attention to your most beautiful facial features.

It's also super easy to put together. Blow dry your hair with an ionic hair dryer like the Laifen Swift Special, and use a gel to sculpt your hair around your ears. Finish things off with a light hairspray to keep it in place and you will look effortlessly chic on the big day.

Who's it for?: Our favorite bridesmaid hairstyle for short hair is the soft pixie, a style that was made for weddings and has been rocked by celebs on the red carpet in recent times. This is a look for any girl with super short hair.

7. White headband

There are lots of hair accessories you can rely on at your bestie's wedding, but a white headband is a chic yet simple addition to lots of styles. Headbands work well with so many hairstyles and can be the ideal way to accessorize ahead of your friend's big day.

Just make sure to run it past the bride first, as she might not want her girls wearing any accessories!

Who's it for?: Bridesmaid hair with accessories is a great option for practically any girl - headbands are great and they're simple enough that they won't take the attention away from the bride on her big day.

8. Boho bridesmaid hair half up

Half up hairstyles will never go out of fashion, making them the ideal look for all weddings. If you're in for a bohemian look, embrace texture and natural movement to showcase your unique style. One of the best things about boho looks is that they appear to flow effortlessly and naturally, so you don't need to shoot for perfection.

A key tip from us is to accessorize with floral hair pins to enhance the bohemian look, but again, check with the bride and other bridesmaids if accessories are permitted!

Who's it for? Half up half down bridesmaid hair has been popular for as long as we can remember. Boho looks are very much in vogue right now, so keep things natural and let your locks flow naturally for an eye-catching look at your upcoming wedding.

The bottom line

Choosing the right bridesmaid hair for the big day couldn't be more important, so you need to have several looks to choose from.

But styling your hair is just the first step. You need to make sure you use a quality holding product to keep your hair looking great throughout the day (link if available).

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