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The best hair products for frizzy hair - banish frizz in 2024!

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    The truth is, there's not a magic wand available to banish frizzy hair. Some people swear by a cold water rinse, while others use expensive leave-in conditioners that keep their unruly hair under control on hot and humid days.

    While both approaches can work, opting for the best hair products for frizzy hair is the best way to keep frizz at bay. The likes of keratin serum and oils like jojoba, argan, and coconut can all work wonders for the levels of hydration in your hair, reducing the likelihood of frizz occurring.

    With that in mind, we explain the main causes of frizzy hair and introduce you to the best products for curly frizzy hair that will banish the frizz and keep your hair soft and hydrated throughout 2024.

    What causes frizzy hair?

    There are two main causes of frizzy hair:

    1. Poorly hydrated hair.

    2. Humidity caused by hot weather.

    If you live in a hot country, the chances are you have experienced the dreaded frizz from time to time. After all, it's impossible to control the weather, as much as we all might like to.

    Humidity causes overdry hair to become frizzy, which is the most common cause of frizz. A lack of hydration in your hair in the first instance can make frizz even more unruly than it normally is.

    Other factors, such as using harsh hair products that contain sulphates or alcohols, can also make your hair frizz while overwashing your hair can strip some of the natural oils out and lead to frizz.

    The good news is that you can treat frizz with the right products and some simple steps that you can include in your daily haircare routine.

    With that in mind, here are some of the best products for frizzy hair to try at home:

    The best products for frizzy hair

    Top 1. Laifen Swift dryer

    Blow drying your hair with the best dryer can make a huge difference to the quality of your hair. In fact, blow drying your hair efficiently and effectively is a great way to reduce frizz, as it prevents your hair from drying out.

    The Laifen Swift blow dryer is a compact, portable dryer that has adjustable heat settings. It blow drys 5.5x faster than conventional dryers and is available at an affordable price. You can use the Laifen Swift to improve the way that you dry your hair to reduce frizz.

    Top 2. Keratin serum

    Keratin is fundamental to the health and growth of your hair. Specifically in relation to frizz, it smoothens overlapping cells that form hair strands, which helps to reduce frizz and makes your hair more manageable.

    Keratin also has the benefit of adding softness and shine to your hair, which helps you maintain a glowing look. Though keratin serum can be quite expensive, it's undoubtedly one of the best products for curly frizzy hair.

    Top 3. Jojoba oil

    One of the main benefits of jojoba oil is that it helps to lock in some of the moisture in your hair. As a result, it stops your hair from drying out, which is one of the leading causes of frizz.

    You can use jojoba oil as a sealant for your hair, which you can apply immediately after washing and before blow drying your hair. If you add it to your haircare routine, you will notice that your hair will become a loft softer and it will be a lot less susceptible to frizz.

    Top 4. Argan oil

    Like jojoba oil, argan oil does a great job of providing moisture for your hair, and it's perhaps the best product for dry frizzy hair. Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants, which are great for the long-term health and volume of your hair.

    We rate argan oil as one of the best products for frizzy hair in humidity thanks to its awesome moisturising properties. You can add argan oil on its own or opt for a hair treatment oil that boasts argan oil as one of its main ingredients.

    Top 5. Coconut oil

    You might be aware that coconut oil is one of the very best oils to use on your hair. It has numerous potential benefits for your hair and is known to absorb quickly into your cuticles to provide much-needed moisture.

    The reason for coconut oil's success as a hair treatment is down to the lauric acid it contains. This helps to smooth the cuticles and reduce frizz caused by heat and humidity. So, in the summer months, coconut oil is one of the best products for frizzy hair, and you can easily work it into your locks after washing your hair.

    Other tips for managing and preventing frizz

    While we recommend trying the best hair products for frizzy curly hair as introduced above, you can also follow these simple tips to try and eliminate frizz:

    • Cold water rinse: Rinsing your hair with cold water may help to seal your hair's cuticles, which can help prevent your hair from drying out. Cold water rinsing also protects your scalp and skin at the same time.

    • Switch to a microfiber towel: Drying your hair too vigorously with a standard bath towel can lead to frizz, as it roughs up your cuticle. Instead, try using a microfiber towel or even a cotton t-shirt, as drying with either will result in much less friction.

    • Use a blow dryer with adjustable heat settings: Drying your hair with a blow dryer with adjustable heat settings can help you manage the hydration levels of your hair. Lowering the heat to cold or warm is an effective way of preventing overdrying - a common cause of frizz.

    • Experiment with a hair mask: Hair masks are a great option for getting rid of frizzy hair. They lock the oils and nutrients into your hair and prevent it from drying out, even when it's a particularly humid day. You can buy a hair mask online or make one at home using several of the ingredients we have introduced above.

    Final thoughts on the best hair product for frizzy hair

    Choosing the best hair products for frizzy hair will help to prevent your hair from drying out, even on the most humid of days. This is because ingredients like keratin, jojoba oil, argan oil, and coconut oil all add much-needed moisture to your hair and lock in essential oils and nutrients that prevent frizz. But if we had to choose the best product for frizzy hair? We'd probably recommend keratin serum, as it's excellent for your hair's growth, strength, and moisture.

    We also recommend using the best hair products for frizzy hair alongside the handy tips that we've introduced above, so you can banish the dreaded frizz in 2024 and say hello to your desired style, no matter what the weather is like.

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