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The tea on haircare products – how to choose what's perfect for you

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With the myriad of hair care products in all price categories on the market, it is not always easy to find the best product for your hair type and state. We give you this article with the intention of making finding the best haircare products for you a little easier.

Know about ingredients for natural hair care first

Here is a list of some of the best natural ingredients when looking for a natural haircare product to use at your convenience:

  • Marine ingredients: Bioactive ingredients from micro and macro algae and plankton moisturize and prevent hair damage.

  • Aloe vera: moisturizes

  • Soy, corn, and wheat extract: contain proteins to strengthen the hair structure

  • Olive, jojoba oil: heat protection, shine

  • Shellac: natural but non-vegan resinous ingredient in natural hairsprays (not vegan as it is secreted by lacquer scale insects)

  • Pomegranate, goji berry: protects hair and scalp from drying out

  • Polymers from corn: in vegan hair conditioners to strengthen the hair fibers

  • Vegan silk: Cupro (a regenerated cellulose fiber) improves combability and smoothes the structure

  • Provitamin B5 (panthenol): repairs hair damage, improves elasticity

  • Antioxidants: protect against environmental influences

Best hair care products for natural hair

First of all, it is important to understand which chemicals are missing in natural haircare products and why. The two main ingredients that are not present in natural hair care products are SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Sulfates, also known as surfactants, are the "foaming agents" in shampoos. They attract oil and impurities from the scalp and leave the hair clean and free of dirt. Sulfates can sometimes be mildly irritating, so people with sensitive scalps should opt for sulfate-free shampoos.

Other chemicals that are missing from clean haircare products are parabens and silicones. Parabens are common preservatives found in hair care products that inhibit bacterial growth to keep your scalp and hair healthy. Silicones help to keep the hair smooth and shiny. However, a build-up of silicones can coat the hair strands and prevent further products and treatments from penetrating the hair shaft, thus being counterproductive.

What do we conclude from this? The best haircare product does not contain chemicals such as sulphates, silicones, and parabens to reduce the risk of redness, itchiness, and irritation.

Best haircare products for fine hair

When caring for fine hair, the motto is: less is more. This is because too many products weigh down the delicate hair structure and quickly make the hair look limp and lusterless. You should also avoid using products that are too rich, as this can lead to greasy and stringy hair.

Instead, opt for products specially formulated for thin hair that contain light substances. And make sure that the care products contain ingredients such as panthenol or ceramides, which strengthen and repair the hair. It is better to steer clear of rich hair conditioners and treatments or only use them if your hair really needs an extra dose of care.

Remember: what gives thick hair a lot of shine can quickly make fine strands look greasy. However, spray conditioners offer a good alternative. They care for fine hair without weighing it down.

Best haircare products for black hair

To prevent the color from looking dull, the structure of the hair color requires a lot of care. Follow these tips in everyday life:

  • Always use a conditioner alongside your shampoo. This provides optimal care for black hair by sealing the hair fiber.

  • To provide your black hair with sufficient nutrients, it is advisable to use hair conditioner several times a week. The longer the treatment is left on before washing out, the better the hair can absorb the nutrients.

Use hair conditioner several times a week

  • Before styling with a straightener or curling iron, apply heat protection to your dry hair to seal the hair fiber. You can also work it into wet hair before blow-drying.

  • Brush your dry hair from the ends to the roots to avoid damaging the hair structure. You can detangle wet hair with a comb.

  • Hair oil is ideal for taming individual strands and conditioning the ends of your hair. To do this, simply rub 2-3 pumps into the palms of your hands every day and apply to dry ends.

  • Incidentally, curly hair needs a lot of moisture when it comes to care. Fine hair, on the other hand, can quickly become greasy if too much moisturizer is applied. Pay attention to your hair structure and work your way up slowly.

Top recommended professional haircare products

When it comes to healthy haircare products, it's not just the individual products such as shampoo, ingredients or masks that play a valuable role. Of course, it also depends on which appliances, such as hair dryers, etc., you use. There are a few things to consider when buying a hairdryer to optimally support your haircare routine. Your hair dryer should not damage the hair, but care for it. We took a close look at several different hair dryers and quickly came to the conclusion that the

Laifen Swift Special hair dryer is clearly one of the best hair dryers on the market. It ensures that your hair not only looks healthy but also stays healthy. The Laifen Swift Special is a genuine luxury product among hairdryers. It can be used for various hair styling techniques, including smoothing, curling, waving and volumizing.

Laifen Swift Special hair dryer

The Laifen Swift Special hair dryer is very easy to use and has a cool air setting. This prevents hair damage and your hair will look and be much healthier.

Hair styling with the Laifen Swift Special is normally quicker than when using multiple styling appliances, as the hair is dried and shaped at the same time. The device has a heat control which ensures that the hair is not overheated. Hair damage can therefore be perfectly avoided.

And this is how a daily haircare routine with the right hair dryer and haircare products will make sure you boast beautiful, perfectly healthy, shiny hair!

Top recommended healthy haircare products

Wash & shampoo: Healthy and shiny hair is a stroke of luck. And to keep it that way, shampooing should be as gentle as possible. Shampoos for daily shampooing or those that provide an extra portion of shine are ideal. Volume shampoos can roughen the hair surface somewhat under certain circumstances, and shampoos for oily hair can also dry out healthy hair too much. The perfect finish to washing: rinse briefly with cool water to add even more shine and strengthen the hair roots.

Wash & shampoo

Other haircare products: Even beautiful hair deserves a little wellness from time to time. So treat yourself to a hair treatment every now and then. It doesn't have to be too intensive - moisturizing is usually enough. Your hair will thank you for it.

The bottom line

Navigating the vast world of hair care products can be daunting, but our guide aims to simplify the search for the best. Whether delving into natural ingredients, catering to specific hair types, or maintaining black hair vibrancy, we cover it all. Discovering the secrets to healthy, shiny hair involves choosing the right products for your needs. With a spotlight on Laifen Swift Special hair dryer, we ensure that your hair not only looks but stays healthy, making your daily hair care routine a breeze. Embrace beautiful, vibrant, and healthy hair effortlessly.

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