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Your guide on how to wash hair brushes

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A healthy hair routine should include taking care of your hopefully high-quality hairbrushes to maintain a high level of hygiene and prevent hair damage. A build-up of hair in your brush can cause friction and promote split ends and breakage. To avoid that at all costs, find some tips in this article on how to clean hair brushes.

How to wash hair brushes at home - it's that easy

Your brush has a pretty hairy job: as if it wasn't enough that it has to fight its way through the tangled mess on your head day after day - it also gets in contact with dust, small pieces of fluff, residue from styling products such as hairspray and, and, and ...

So it's no wonder that your hairbrush longs for a good clean here and there. You should fulfill this wish about once a month. That way, your hairbrush will always be nice and clean and hygienic.

We will tell you how to wash a hair brush - With these tips, your hairbrush will be sparkling clean again, regardless of whether you use a round brush, a plastic one or a wooden one.

1. How to wash my hair brush - get rid of the hair!

How to wash my hair brush - get rid of the hair!

First, pull all the hair out of the bristles of your brush. Depending on how long your hair is and which brush you use, this may be easier or more time-consuming.

Round brushes in particular are extremely reluctant to part with your shed hair. And if the hair is also very long, it can be quite tedious.

However, with many brushes (especially the "normal" flat ones), you can easily pluck the hair out with your fingers. If they are tighter, a hairpin can help. Simply push it carefully under the tangled hair in the brush and lift it up and out. If separation seems impossible, simply grab the nail scissors and cut the hair out. This is often the only solution, especially with round brushes.

2. How to properly wash hair brushes - get rid of the lint and fluff!

Once all the hair has been removed, it is quite likely that there is still some fluff and lint between the bristles. Simply banish them and scrub them out with a toothbrush that has been bought for this purpose and is as hard as possible.

3. How to wash hair brushes - off to the bath!

Your hairbrush should now look pretty tidy. To get rid of all the residue from hairspray, gel, hair wax or whatever else you use for styling, give your hairbrush a nice full bath in the sink. The water can be quite warm. Add a little shampoo or washing-up liquid to the water and let your brush really relax in it.

How to wash wooden hair brush: Soak a plastic hairbrush in the water for about two hours. If you have a wooden brush, fish it out again after about 15 minutes. Otherwise, the wood could be damaged by the moisture.

Then scrub again thoroughly between the bristles with the toothbrush. This will loosen any remaining residue and remove any unwanted dirt from your hairbrush.

4. How to wash your hair brush - dry off, done!

Once you've finished scrubbing, shake the brush dry vigorously. It's best to do this over the sink, in the shower or over the bath. This is the best way to get rid of excess water.

Then lay the brush on a towel with the bristles facing downwards and allow it to dry thoroughly. You can turn a round brush every half hour so that it dries well from all sides. Make sure that the brush is in an airy place when drying so that the moisture can really evaporate. Otherwise, there is a risk of mould. If you're in a hurry, you can also simply blow dry your hairbrush.

How to wash natural hair makeup brushes

Moisten the brush with a little water and gently brush over the brush soap until it foams. Then wash the make-up brush under lukewarm water - done! Make sure to wash the brush with the tip facing downwards so that the press ring that holds the bristles does not get wet.

How to wash boar bristle hair brush

We recommend using a brush cleaner to clean your hairbrush with wild boar bristles properly. Alternatively, you can use another hairbrush to remove loose hairs. You can also clean the bristles every 6-8 weeks with a mild shampoo and warm water.

How to wash hair brushes after lice

Heat-resistant combs, hairbrushes, hair clips and hair elastics can be cleaned in hot soapy water or immersed in hot water at 60°C for ten minutes.

Pyjamas, bed linen and towels can be changed and washed at 60°C or higher. It is also important to know that pillows, hats, cuddly toys and similar items should be sealed in a plastic bag for at least three days. Utensils that are suitable for tumble drying can also be tumble dried for at least 60 minutes (at + 45°C).

You can give the floor a thorough clean with a standard vacuum cleaner.

How to wash hair brushes – what should I use?

It is important to consider the material. There are different materials and therefore different care instructions. Some brushes are primarily made of natural materials, which is why it is important to clean the hairbrush gently. The bristles, wooden pins and pins can withstand water and a mild shampoo.

Caution: Brushes with goat hair should not be used wet or cleaned wet! Light brushing and tapping are sufficient.

How to wash hair brushes and how often should I clean them?

It may be that cleaning every one to two months or even longer is completely sufficient. However, if you use hairspray, gel or other care products, it makes sense to clean the brush more frequently, possibly every two weeks.

A clean brush prevents your hair from quickly becoming stringy and greasy and can also prevent breakage and split ends.

The bottom line

Maintaining a healthy hair routine extends beyond products – your trusty hairbrush deserves attention too. Regular cleaning prevents hair damage and ensures peak hygiene. Our guide simplifies the process, offering easy steps to keep your brush pristine. From removing hair and lint to giving it a refreshing bath, we cover it all. Whether you have a plastic, wooden, or boar bristle brush, we've got you covered. Embrace the freshness and vitality of clean hair tools – a simple yet impactful step in your overall hair care routine.

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