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Light brown hair colors - find the perfect color for your hair

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    It is a mistake to think that light brown hair color belongs to warm shades. By dyeing individual strands in cool ashy colors, the hair can look cool overall. Warm brown goes best with warm skin and a cooler hair color goes best with a cool skin tone, BUT: this hair color only develops its effect when it shines beautifully and looks well-groomed.

    Which brown hair colors are available?

    1. Auburn hair

    Chestnut brown is one of the darker shades and has a reddish shimmer. If your hair is already a light shade of red, this color will suit you very well. It looks very natural. The classic auburn shade will bring out the best in any pale complexion. Auburn hair combined with beautiful waves looks particularly effective. Chestnut brown emphasizes your eyes particularly intensely and gives a glamorous look.

    2. Light chocolate brown hair

    This brown tone belongs to the medium brown tones. Light chocolate brown never goes out of fashion and makes your hairstyle seductive and timeless. A hairdresser can dye this color with a slight red tint or mix it with golden brown, depending on the customer's wishes. As everyone thinks of chocolate differently, the depth of tone should be determined beforehand. From dark to light, everything is possible.

    3. Light golden brown hair or honey brown

    A shade of brown that shimmers light and golden belongs to the light color range. Honey brown and golden brown have a high warm gold content. Golden brown and honey brown belong to warm tones. Golden shimmer in the hair gives more shine and is best suited for warmer skin tones. Low lights on brown hair in golden brown or honey brown is the best color for autumn.

    4. Hazelnut brown hair color

    Hazelnut brown not only sounds delicious, it also looks great. The nut shade suits almost every woman, and adding accents gives your hairstyle more volume. Hazelnut brown has a slight red tinge and a hint of golden brown. Perfectly executed, this can look very glamorous.

    5. Caramel brown

    Caramel brown hair dye is a warm coloration. A perfect blend of honey brown and chocolate brown, simply melting away. This hairstyle is best suited to women with a slightly tanned complexion.

    6. Dark brown

    Dark brown hair color is one of the darkest shades. Dark brown hair is often lit up with fine highlights. We do not recommend working with highlights that are too light so that the contrast does not look too strong and artificial. It is best to use medium brown tones to achieve a natural look.

    7. Light brown hair dye

    Light brown hair is very popular. This shade does not look too intense and is perfect for anyone who does not want to wear their hair too dark. A hairdresser can work with a color technique in which dark strands are added to light hair.

    8. Mahogany - shades of brown

    Mahogany looks particularly classy and elegant. This hair color has a higher proportion of red hair color than brown. Light conjures up beautiful reflections in the hair and gives this hair color a fascinating effect. If you are not brave enough to dye your hair completely red, then this hair color is just right for you!

    9. Light ash brown hair

    If you are more into cool coloring, then we recommend ash brown. When dyeing, you avoid reddish tones and opt more for ashy tones. It goes best with light skin and looks very trendy.

    Which strands suit light brown hair - light brown hair with highlights

    Regardless of the type and coloring technique of the highlights, the following applies: The lighter the highlights in light brown hair are to be, the more intense the bleaching that is used to lighten or highlight the hair must be.

    If your original hair color is dark brown, for example, the original shade must first be lightened in order to achieve sufficiently strong contrasts with the highlights. The darker the original shade of your hair, the more subtle the color of the strands should be to avoid looking artificial.

    Light brown hair with blonde highlights

    Light brown hair with blonde highlights looks particularly natural when various lighter and darker shades are dyed in. This gives the brown tone more depth and beautiful light reflections. Warm, golden, or honey-colored blonde shades, for example, look great in light brown hair to medium brown hair.

    So-called babylights are ideal if you want brown hair with light highlights. These are particularly fine highlights that ensure an even and natural result.

    You can enhance a warm, reddish brown tone with subtle copper or chestnut red highlights. Reddish highlights on brown hair give the hair a renewed radiance.

    A particularly vibrant play of color can be achieved with lighter, raspberry-red highlights in brown hair. You can try out whether you generally like a red tone as highlights in advance with copper coloration cream, for example.

    Light brown hair looks very natural with highlights that have been dyed using the popular balayage technique. This can be used to softly lighten brown hair with light highlights, but darker shades also create beautiful accents. Good to know: There is no need to re-dye the roots, as balayage highlights usually only start at cheekbone level, making your hair look as if the lighter or darker sections have grown out naturally.

    Instead of lighter highlights, light brown hair can also be accentuated with so-called lowlights - the opposite of highlights. This involves adding strands that are darker than the original shade.

    Dark brown hair is given harmonious color accents with highlights in seductive chocolate and nougat nuances. A play of colors between cinnamon, cocoa, hazelnut, toffee, caramel, and honey can also be very effective and make brunette hair appear more vibrant in a natural way.

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