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Snow White with the red hair led the way - a trend that will never go away

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    Red-haired women are spirited, as is Snow White with the red hair. But high-spirited or not, fact is: a red hair color is always unusual. Here we explain why this is the case, which shades of red hair are available, which one suits you best and how to use red hair dye correctly.

    It is the hair color of passion, fire, and individuality: red hair has always fascinated people with its radiance and warmth. But not all red hair is the same - there are a variety of nuances and facets that make red hair color so unique. From natural copper red to intense Bordeaux red - each shade has its own charm and sets individual accents. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the world of red hair, explain what makes it so special, how to care for it properly and what shades are available if you are thinking about dying your hair red.

    Red hair colors – the most beautiful red shades and trends

    It is the trend hair color of the year: red! And in all possible shades. From natural earth tones to striking, intense colors - here are some of the most popular shades of red:

    1. Copper red - red brown hair color

    With just one catwalk appearance at Milan Fashion Week 2022, top model Kendall Jenner started a new hair trend that we are also taking with us into 2024. She walked the catwalk for luxury label Prada, but it was not the fashion that was memorable, but her copper-red hair.

    2. Red trend hair color – copper brown

    Our second shade of red is somewhat more subtle than the first trend. Copper brown, like copper red hair color, has a coppery undertone, but is a little more natural and has more brown color accents. Unlike copper red, copper brown is also easier for brunettes to wear without having to spend hours at the hairdresser.

    3. Cherry red hair

    Want something a little more intense? Then try cherry red hair. The bright color is very reminiscent of the fruit and is at least as popular. With this color, however, you should not underestimate the choice of clothing, because cherry red easily clashes with color contrasts.

    The special thing about the red color: it is very changeable and can be adapted to any skin type. Sometimes it is bright red, sometimes it has a slight purple tint. But one thing is certain: this hair color makes a real fashion statement.

    4. Dark red hair

    Dark red hair radiates elegance and mysticism. The deep, intense shade is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an eye-catching yet classic hair color. Nevertheless, the dark red hair color can be perfectly combined with a variety of fashion and make-up trends.

    5. Another red hair trend: Bordeaux

    Bordeaux red, also known as wine red, is a dark, rich shade of red with a cool undertone. It looks particularly sophisticated and elegant and is the perfect choice for those looking for an eye-catching, sophisticated color option.

    6. Mahagony red

    Mahogany is another warm shade of red but with brown undertones. It radiates depth and intensity. If you have natural red hair this could be a perfect change if you wish to have something different

    7. Brown hair with red highlights

    If you want to set accents, brown hair with red highlights is the perfect choice. This style is also very suitable if you want to try out whether the red color suits you at all.

    The myth of red hair

    Myth 1: Fiery temperaments

    While it is true that everyone has a unique personality, attributing certain characteristics to hair color alone is a gross oversimplification, although Anime characters like red-haired Shank or Snow White with the red hair may imply otherwise. Redheads have just as different temperaments as people with any other hair color.

    Myth 2: Limited styling options

    Red hair is incredibly versatile and offers a huge area for creative hairstyles. From vibrant updos to tousled waves, the possibilities are endless.

    Myth 3: Difficult care

    While it is true that red pigments fade faster than other colors when dyed, with the right care and products, red hair can stay vibrant. Even if you use a red hair dye, with the right care you can ensure that the color lasts a long time.

    Perfect care for red hair

    Here are some tips.

    Tip 1. Sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners

    Red hair is prone to fading, and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are essential to maintain the vibrant color.

    Tip 2. Deep conditioning treatments

    Red hair tends to be drier than other hair colors, which is why regular deep conditioning treatments are important. These treatments moisturize, improve shine, and prevent hair from becoming brittle.

    Tip 3. UV-protection

    Sun exposure can accelerate color fading, and red hair is particularly susceptible to UV damage. Use UV-protection products or wear hats to protect red hair from the sun's harmful rays.

    Tip 4. Trim regularly

    Reducing split ends is crucial to maintaining the overall health and appearance of red hair. Trimming regularly, about every 8-10 weeks, prevents split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and maintains the integrity of the color.

    Tip 5. Rinse with cool water

    Hot water can open the hair cuticle, leading to color loss. Rinse your hair with cool water. This will seal the cuticle and retain moisture and color.

    Tip 6. Color enhancing products

    Consider using color-enhancing products designed specifically for red hair. These products release small amounts of pigment with each application, refreshing and intensifying the color between styling visits.

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