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Best short hair cuts for woman (Over 50, 60, 70, and more are included)

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As the years go by, some women find it more difficult to find a suitable haircut that doesn't look too extravagant but isn't outdated either. Fewer are the ladies in their 50s, 60s or 70s who experiment with their hairstyle.

Specialists mainly recommend snappy short hairstyles for older women that look elegant and modern and emphasize their self-confidence. Short hair is not only totally on trend, it's also super practical. Cheeky short hairstyles are particularly suitable for women over 60! Why? They are easy to care for, cool, modern, and immediately make you look ten years younger.

But which hairstyle suits whom best? A chic bob or a modern pixie? And what are the best haircuts for white and black women? We present the most beautiful short hairstyles and who they suit best. There are many short haircuts for older women!

Medium short haircuts for women which will make you look younger

The French fringe, for example, is an excellent choice for medium-length haircuts because it reaches just above the eyebrows and thus hides the fine wrinkles on the forehead. This also accentuates the eyes.

If you opt for a medium-length bob cut, choose a longer round fringe that you can also wear to one side. This will create a smooth transition between the bangs and the other hair. If you prefer longer bangs, curtain bangs are for you! The hair at the front of the head is longer and falls like a curtain on both sides.

Haircuts with layers are preferred by many older women, partly because they are easier to care for. Regardless of your face shape and hair texture, you can find a suitable short haircut. Here are some suggestions:

  • The graduated feathered short bob haircuts for women are a cut with subtle graduation that gives a slight modern look and pairs best with side bangs. This hairstyle is also suitable for women with glasses and leaves the face free and emphasizes your facial features.

  • The feathered bob is perfect for older women with fine hair.

Cute short haircuts for older woman

The shaggy bob with curtain bangs is also a popular hairstyle for older women. Those with fine hair in particular opt for a shaggy bob to create liveliness and volume. Ladies with thicker hair can combine a shaggy bob with bangs and have it cut to the shoulders. As for bangs, curtain bangs are an excellent choice for ladies who want bangs without covering the entire forehead. The shaggy bob frames the face and puts the focus on the eyes.

Short haircuts for women over 50 - layered bob with a short nape

In the layered bob with a short nape, the hair is cut in layers, with the hair longer at the front than at the nape. This creates additional volume and gives the entire bob hairstyle a different look. For women with thinner, fine hair, the stacked bob is an excellent choice. Those with curly hair can of course also wear a stacked bob. What makes this hairstyle more attractive is that it visually lengthens the nape of the neck.

Short haircuts for women over 60 – find the right style for you

Which hairstyle makes me look younger? In principle, there is no fixed rule as to which hairstyles make a woman look younger. It is more important how you like the cut and whether it suits your face shape. However, many hairdressers believe that strict haircuts with straight lines tend to look outdated. That's why ladies aged 60 and over should be lively and opt for more cheeky, jaunty hairstyles.

Short-layered haircuts for women with a side parting add freshness and style to the overall look. In addition, the short and medium-length cuts have been increasingly loved by older and younger women for years. Choose more fringed cuts. Bangs are also a good idea here. It doesn't necessarily need to be cut precisely either.

Which hairstyle conceals wrinkles - short haircuts for women over 70

The first hairstyle to conceal wrinkles and facial imperfections such as creases or small scars, a haircut with layers and highlights in different shades emphasizes the eyes more. If you opt for a medium length, you can still hide the wrinkled chin area with your hair. The bob cut with medium-length straight bangs is the trademark of Anna Wintour.

Short hair acts as a natural anti-ageing agent when the cut gives more volume. In this way, not only are wrinkles more or less hidden, but the vitality of the hair is emphasized. In recent years, a cut from the 70s has once again captured the interest of many women - the mushroom head.

Many people know this cut from the Beatles. It looks unusual and, for some, extravagant, and in this way it draws attention away from the creases on the chin and neck. Women with square and long faces should avoid the mushroom cut, however, as it elongates the face further and women with oval faces can always enjoy the mushroom cut.


There are many different short haircuts for older women that make you look younger. Of course, it is important that you feel comfortable with your new hairstyle. We have presented some short hairstyles and hope that you will find one that suits you.

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