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The best diffuser for curly hair: Look after your hair like a pro

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If you have curly hair or wavy hair, then using a diffuser as part of your regular hair care routine is one of the best ways to keep your curls in great shape.

If you're not aware of this handy tool, a diffuser is an attachment that you can add to the end of a hair dryer. Once attached, it evenly distributes hot air over a large area of your head, preventing you from overheating a specific part of your hair.

It achieves this via its design - the spikes on the diffuser keep your curls separated and help to circulate hot air evenly. We think it's a must-have attachment for anyone with curly hair!

Read on to learn about the benefits of using the best diffusing hair dryer for curly hair and discover the product that our experts recommend as the best affordable diffuser for curly hair from Laifen.

Why use one? The benefits of using the best hair dryer diffusers for curly hair

The main benefit of using a diffuser is to ensure the even distribution of hot air around your head when you're blow-drying your hair.

It's all too easy to focus the blow dryer on one section of your hair (perhaps your fringe) more than any other. This can result in the overheating of this particular section of your hair, which can cause damage and may even lead to a dry and flaky scalp.

A diffuser is such a simple solution to this problem. It's an attachable extra that you can purchase to add to the end of your blow dryer. Simply fix the diffuser in place and blow dry your hair for even heat distribution. It really is as simple as that!

What is the best diffuser for curly hair?

At Laifen, we offer a detachable diffuser nozzle that is perfect for drying your curly or wavy hair. The great news is that our affordable diffuser is compatible with all of our dryers (other than the Laifen Retro Hair Dryer), so you can use it for the Swift, SE, Swift Premium, and Swift Special models.

This nozzle is the best hair diffuser for curly hair, and it's exceptionally easy to use. Utilizing the magnetic connection method, simply clip it into place when you're ready to dry your wavy locks and benefit from an even distribution of hot air throughout your hair.

If you're keen to use our diffuser nozzle, consider adding our handy storage bag, which fits one of our dryers plus one attachment. This is a great storage solution if you regularly travel and want to keep the diffuser handy on the go.

What about a concentrator attachment?

As mentioned, we offer the best hair dryer with diffuser for long curly hair. But we also offer a concentrator nozzle that provides accurate drying for people with long, straight hair. If you like to mix up your style and switch between straight and wavy hair, it makes sense to have both a diffuser and concentrator available.

That being said, if you only want to dry your curly or wavy hair evenly, a diffuser is all that you need to do the job properly.

How to use a diffuser like a pro?

So, now we've told you about what we think is the best diffuser for curly hair, it's time to look at some tips that will help you use it like a pro:

1. Avoid cheap diffusers for curly hair, as they are not effective and can cause you issues as you look to evenly distribute hot air throughout your hair.

2. When using the nozzle, it's a good idea to use a low heat and speed setting. This helps to stop your hair from tangling when using the diffuser.

3. If you have one, consider applying a curl-defining product before blow drying, as this can help to maintain your curls as you dry your hair.

4. To add extra protection to your curls, you can also apply a thermal protectant to your hair beforehand. This essentially places a barrier between the heat and your hair, protecting your locks from damage. You can order a heat-protecting spray online, and they're not expensive.

5. Finally, don't overdo it. Experts recommend diffusing hair until it is about 80% dry. Letting the air get in and around your hair after using the diffuser is the ideal way to add extra bounce and volume to your style.

If you're not sure how to start using a nozzle such as the Laifen diffuser at home, you can watch a YouTube video of a stylist using the product.

Alternatively, next time you're in the salon, ask your hairdresser to show you exactly how to use it if you're a little nervous.

Get started with the best diffuser for curly hair today

Maintaining those stunning curly or wavy locks that you've worked so hard for doesn't need to be difficult. The simple act of attaching a premium diffuser to your dryer can make your life so much easier when blow-drying your hair.

The main benefit of using a diffuser is that it protects your hair from accidental heat damage and ensures an even flow of hot air from the dryer. If you use the diffuser alongside some of our other top tips (like using a thermal protectant and drying on a low heat and speed setting), you will be amazed at how transformative the device can be to your at-home hair care routine.

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