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Best electric toothbrush for kids: what to look out for?

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Most children don't feel like brushing their teeth. This is often because they brush with a classic manual toothbrush. It's more exciting for kids with an electric toothbrush. Thanks to the fast movement, they can not only remove plaque more thoroughly. They are also designed to be child-friendly and have practical functions such as a timer and music.

The top products offer many advantages. They brush more thoroughly than manual toothbrushes. They also come in colorful designs and have child-friendly motifs that provide variety when brushing teeth. The latest hit: compatibility with smartphones. Kids can use the app and electric toothbrush to practice brushing and improve their dental hygiene.

Electric toothbrushes for children: what to look out for

When it comes to brushing teeth, many parents ask themselves: should it be a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush for children? After all, it is important to train oral hygiene as early as possible. However, children often have little enthusiasm for brushing their teeth every day. Anyone who remembers their own childhood will be able to tell you a thing or two about this.

To spark enthusiasm, electric toothbrushes for children are worth considering. Important to know: These devices are only suitable for children aged three and over. If the offspring is younger, a manual toothbrush with extra-soft bristles is recommended.

As soon as the time is ripe for an electric toothbrush, softness also plays a major role in the attachments. Children tend to exert too much pressure when brushing their teeth. Soft bristle heads ensure that the enamel, which is still very sensitive in children, remains intact. The extra-soft attachments are available in numerous bright colors, making them appealing to little ones.

Once the electric toothbrush is in the house, adults should assist with its use up to primary school age. Children have a tendency to forget the time and thoroughness of brushing. If you are looking for the best affordable electric toothbrush for kids you have a very big choice. You can find many electric toothbrushes which are not only affordable but also give you the best quality. Maybe check out Laifen's electric toothbrushes for a perfect value-for-money choice.

Why should children use electric toothbrushes?

Even when it comes to brushing teeth, nobody is born a master and it is practice that makes perfect. Children have not yet mastered the hand movements required for thorough oral hygiene. Luckily, with its technology, the electric brush does the work for them. This makes brushing much easier.

Another advantage is that electric toothbrushes for children remove more plaque than manual toothbrushes. In addition, hard-to-reach areas are easier to reach with an electric or battery-powered model. By removing plaque, tooth decay has less chance of spreading in children's mouths.

The likelihood that children will find an electric toothbrush more interesting than a manual toothbrush is very high. As a result, they look forward to brushing their teeth and are more willing to do it twice a day. Especially if the toothbrush is decorated with their favorite heroes and other colorful pictures.

Best electric toothbrush for kids with braces – what to take care of?

If you are looking for an electric toothbrush for braces, you also have a wide choice here. Opt for a toothbrush that offers different brushing modes to meet different oral care needs. These modes include sensitive mode for gentle brushing, gum care mode for massaging the gums and deep cleaning mode for a more thorough clean.

Pressure sensor

A pressure sensor is an important feature to look for in an electric toothbrush for braces, helping to prevent you from applying too much pressure when brushing, which can cause discomfort or damage to your braces and gums. If excessive pressure is detected, the toothbrush emits a signal or stops briefly to warn you.

Children's toothbrushes have their price. Can't I just buy an adult brush?

If you are thinking of buying an adult toothbrush and simply setting a sensitive brushing program at the beginning, you are not doing your child a favor: the vibrations of a sonic toothbrush or oscillating toothbrush would be too strong for teeth and gums.

Children need gentler brush movements, less vibration, and an age-appropriate handpiece that little fingers can grip and hold effortlessly. The usually brightly colored design is also an advantage that helps to motivate little ones to brush their teeth regularly.

Other reasons for choosing a children's toothbrush are that it is easier to manage and the smaller brush heads can reach hard-to-reach places in the mouth. Note, also the best electric toothbrush for kids you can find at a fair price.


Dentists recommend that parents brush their children's little teeth regularly from the age of one. From the age of around three, most children slowly feel their way towards brushing themselves. The little ones usually start with manual toothbrushes.

However, electric toothbrushes can also help children with dental care. Some manufacturers offer special models for children from the age of three or six, which have different functions and are ideally suited to the teeth of small children!

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