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From the wolfcut to the perm - 7 haircuts for curly hair men

Looking for the best haircuts for curly hair men? If so, you've come to the right place. At Laifen, our expert stylists have put together this complete guide to introduce you to seven of the most iconic curly hair styles that you can ask your barber for in 2024.

From the wolfcut to the perm, here are seven brilliant hairstyles that you should consider to rock your chosen look this year.

Top 1. Short beach waves

The best men's haircut for curly wavy hair

One of the hottest curly hair looks this year is short beach waves. This relaxed style is the perfect mix between casual and professional, delivering a natural look that helps to accentuate your waves at the front and sides.

Though it can work for medium-length hair, we recommend this style for guys with short, loose textured hair, as it's the best way to achieve those flowing waves at the front of the style.

Top 2. The wolfcut

Our favorite men's haircut for curly thick hair

One of this year's signature styles for men with curly hair is the wolfcut. Inspired by the rock-star looks of the 1980s, the wolfcut is very much back in fashion and is a great look for men with curly, thick hair.

It's a combination of the mullet and the shag and particularly favors guys with long, dark hair. The result is an effortlessly tousled, bouncy haircut that will turn heads for all the right reasons this year.

Top 3. Short choppy curls

A brilliant short haircut for curly hair men

Our recommendation for a short haircut for men with curly hair in 2024 is the short, choppy curls look. It's a great style for highlighting your hair's natural texture, without requiring a great deal of maintenance.

You can use some styling wax in the front section of your hair to help your curls take shape, but otherwise, this is a super low-maintenance style that is perfect for guys with naturally short hair.

Top 4. Wavy quiff

A trending haircut for men with curly hair

The wavy quiff is a curly hairstyle that is voluminous and upward-facing at the front. It's a great style for guys with short, curly hair, and it elongates your face and helps you to look professional and measured.

The length of the quiff is up to you and your barber, and you can experiment with the style until you're happy. Note that if you have particularly thick curls, you might need to trim them slightly to avoid your hair looking unruly.

Top 5. Side-parted curls

One of our favorite haircut styles for men's curly hair

If you're looking for a refined, professional curly hairstyle to rock this year, side-parted curls is the look for you. The key to this style is defining the side parting, which works on either side of your hair.

You can also decide how to style your curls or waves on the top of your head, opting for a slightly unruly look or a measured, compact look if you want to keep things slightly more formal with your chosen look.

Top 6. Tight curl fade

An electric haircut for curly hair men with a fade

The fade is very much in vogue this year, and it's a great option for guys with curly hair. To achieve this look, as your barber to fade the back and sides of your hair, leaving enough on top to achieve the desired style.

We recommend between 2-3 inches for tight curls, but as you style your curls, they will look shorter. You can achieve the curls on top with a diffuser dryer - such as the Laifen Swift Special - and the curl-enhancing product of your choice.

Top 7. The perm

The best haircut for men with long curly hair

Though many regard the perm as an old-school hairstyle, this look is back in vogue right now. Like the wolfcut, it is inspired by an iconic cut from the 1970s and 1980s and is a brilliant look for men with long, curly hair.

Note that to achieve the perm, you need to ask your stylist to adapt the texture of your hair, so it's a fairly complex procedure that reuquires a little patience. But if you're looking for a long-term solution, the perm is a great option to consider.

Hair maintenance tips for haircuts for curly hair men

Want to maintain your curly haircut for as long as possible? Here are some expert tips from our stylists to bear in mind:

☑️ Moisture is key to the health and strength of your curls. So, opt for a shampoo that boasts moisturizing features and ingredients. You can also lock the moisture into your curls with a quality leave-in conditioner.

☑️ When drying your hair with a Laifen blow dryer, don't always use the hottest temperature setting. Switching to the low or medium setting when blow drying your hair can prevent accidental damage, which is a great way to keep your hair healthy.

☑️ What you eat can also have a big impact on the quality of your curls. Make sure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals to stimulate hair growth. You might also consider taking a biotin supplement to help with your hair growth and strength.

You now have all the information you need to maintain your curly locks and achieve your desired style in 2024! Make sure you order a Laifen blow dryer to style and look after your hair like a pro this year and prevent your curls from drying out.

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