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Wolfcut hair 101: Everything you need to know about this style

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Ah, the wolfcut. It ranks as one of 2024's most daring styles and it is a throwback to the carefree decades of the 1970s and 80s. Though not for everyone, we think the wolfcut is a brilliant cut and style that both men and women can rock to perfection.

With that in mind, we have put together this complete guide to wolfcut hair. We explain what it is, and what hair types it is suited to, and we introduce you to some ideas for both men and women. We then reveal how to style a wolfcut so you can get started with this iconic style without delay.

What is wolfcut hair?

Wolfcut hair is a combination of two popular cuts, the mullet and the shag. Central to the wolfcut are bangs and layers, and this eye-catching style is perfect for both men and women and it can be styled for people with medium and long hair.

We should also mention that there isn't just one wolfcut hairstyle. There are different ways to style this look, and you can work anything from a short hair wolfcut to wolfcut for curly hair.

The classic wolfcut is a shoulder-length style that is texturized with medium layers. As the wolfcut is fairly complex, it's best to check in with your stylist if you want to rock this style in 2024.

Is wolfcut good for thick hair?

Wolfcuts are perfect for people with thick hair. The main reason for this is that the wolfcut is layered and textured, so with more hair to work with, people with thick hair can achieve impressive results.

The layers that are intrinsic to the wolf cut can remove weight and bulk from your hair, adding definition and style to otherwise unruly hair.

Is wolfcut good for thin hair?

Some stylists suggest that people with thin hair should stay away from a wolfcut, particularly because the layers involved can make your hair look thinner than it already is. But at Laifen, our experts take a slightly different view.

If you have thin hair, we recommend working the layers of your longer hair (usually the hair towards the bottom of your cut) with the thinner layers on top. As a result, you can achieve more voluminous-looking hair.

So, although a wolfcut is easier with thick hair, you can still opt for this style if you have thin hair. That being said, you might prefer to go with a straight-up shag, as this style is more compensating for people with thin hair and doesn't require as much volume.

Wolfcut hair ideas

So, are you keen to give wolfcut hair a try in 2024? Here are some styling ideas for men and women if you're looking to express yourself with a wolfcut:

Wolfcut hair men options

  • Short hair wolfcut: Achieve this look with a buzz cut on the sides and leave the front and top to flow down in classic wolfcut fashion.

  • Wolf cut with bangs: Bangs can be a great addition to a men's wolfcut. Work a mullet for your back and sides, and fill out the top and front with added texture for an eye-catching look.

  • Precision wolf-cut: Opt for a sharply curved line between the short and long layers of your wolfcut for a distinguished and precise style that is perfect for men.

Wolfcut hair women options

  • Long wavy wolfcut: The perfect choice for anyone looking for a wolfcut hair long option, this style accentuates your waves past the shoulder line and incorporates a curtain parting to reveal your facial features.

  • Wolfcut curly hair: The classic wolfcut is a great option if you have curly hair. Lean on your fringe and work your curls down to your shoulders to achieve this timeless, rock-star-inspired look.

  • Wolfcut with curtain bangs: Curtain bangs work beautifully with a wolfcut, and it's a great medium-short style for people with lighter hair tones.

How to style a wolfcut - step-by-step

No matter the wolfcut hair you're going for, here are the steps you need to follow to achieve this stunning style in 2024:

1. Thicken your hair. Begin by using a thickening shampoo and conditioner to add volume to your hair. As mentioned, a wolfcut works best on people with thicker hair.

2. Blow dry. After washing, use the Laifen Swift Special to blow dry your hair to perfection. Blow-drying your hair is a great way to add volume, particularly at the roots.

3. Curl. Curling your hair is an important next step to help you create those big loose waves that are a feature of most wolfcut hair styles.

4. Spray. Finally, use a volumizing hairspray throughout your hair to lock that extra volume in place as you rock your wolfcut.

Wolfcut hair recap

Wolfcut hair is a great option for both men and women. As a combination of a mullet and a shag cut, the wolfcut is daring and offers something unique. You can use our recommended styles above as your inspiration, and make sure you follow our styling tips to achieve the best-looking wolfcut to impress your friends this year.

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