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Introducing wispy curtain bangs for long hair, one of 2024's hottest styles

Wispy curtain bangs are one of the hottest styles in 2024, with celebrities, influencers, and social media stars all opting for this stunning, face-framing style.

Here, we explain what wispy bangs are and introduce you to 10 celebrity styles that you can't afford to ignore if you want to rock this signature style in 2024.

What are wispy curtain bangs?

If you love bangs but aren't sure of the blunt version that runs straight across your forehead, then wispy bangs are a great alternative.

Long hair wispy curtain bangs are essentially a more feathered version of classic bangs, with a middle parting and a longer cut that frames your entire face.

The face-framing nature of wispy bangs makes them super popular with celebrities and influencers alike, and this style is undoubtedly one of the hottest looks for women in 2024.

Celebrity inspiration for wispy curtain bangs for long hair

One of the best ways to achieve wispy curtain bangs for long hair straight is to turn to the celebrity world for inspiration. Here are some celebrity looks to ask your stylist to model this year to wear your bangs to perfection:

1. Selena Gomez - Choppy, wispy bangs

Selena Gomez is supremely stylish, and she wears choppy, wispy curtain bangs for long hair to perfection. Her style features razor-cut wisps that are choppy around the eyeline for a sleek and sophisticated look.

2. Lily Collins - Glossy, wispy bangs

We adore Lilly Collins' glossy bangs, which feature choppy ends of varying lengths. Her fringe sits just above the eyeline, drawing attention to her beautiful eyes and framing her face perfectly. To mirror this style, avoid heavy, oil-based products when nourishing your hair, as they can cause glossy bangs to look greasy.

3. Hailey Bieber - Overgrown curtain bangs

If you're looking to wear your hair up, check out Hailey Bieber's overgrown curtain bangs. She pins her hair up and back and lets her wispy bangs frame her face. This is a super low-maintenance style that results in an effortless look.

4. HoYeon Jung - Shag, wispy bangs

Follow actress HoYeon Jung on socials for an insight into how to wear shag bangs in 2024. Her dark hair is perfect for the shag and her wispy bangs perfectly complement the look.

5. Zazie Beetz - Long, curly, wispy bangs

Zazie Beetz boasts stunning natural curls and sports a light, wispy bang that beautifully supplements her natural look.

6. Dakota Johnson - Feather-soft wispy bangs

Dakota Johnson shows how to pull off feather-soft wispy bangs with slightly shorter and thinner hair. Her feathery bangs and face-framing wisps provide an illusion of depth and fullness.

7. Bella Hadid - Face-framing wispy bangs

Look to Bella Hadid for piercing, face-framing bangs that set the tone. She wears long, face-framing bangs to showcase her style, and her look is the very definition of the simplicity of wispy bangs.

8. Rihanna - Center-parted wispy bangs

Pop icon Rihanna rocks wispy bangs with a big center parting that is extremely flattering. She also boasts textured, layered hair that oozes class when she gets on stage.

9. Zooey Deschanel - Flipped-out wispy bangs

Many stylists consider Zooey Deschanel as the poster girl for face-framing layers from wispy curtain bangs for long hair. She beautifully breaks her hair up by separating her strands post blowout, which prevents her hair from looking too thick.

10. Ciara - Long, choppy, wispy bangs

Ciara can do no wrong with any hairstyle she sports, and her long and choppy bangs are nothing short of iconic. She upgrades a classic bob with lots of texture, and her wispy bangs frame her heart-shaped face to perfection.

How do you choose the best bangs for you?

Choosing the right bangs for you is a very personal decision. If you're not 100% sold on wispy bangs, here are the other looks to consider:

  • Blunt bangs: Blunt bangs are the style-defining bangs that most people think about when they consider this sytle. They are cut straight across with no layering and are super simple to achieve.

  • Curtain bangs: One of the trendiest looks of 2024, curtain bangs grow out easily and are brilliant for framing your face.

  • Curly bangs: Usually longer than straight bangs, curly bangs have a genre of their own but are growing in popularity in 2024.

  • Baby bangs: Sometimes known as micro bangs, baby bangs are usually cut in the middle of the forehead and are barely visible in many styles. They require more maintenance than other bang types, due to their short length.

  • Side-swept bangs: Side-swept bangs are a great way to add shape to a round face and they're ideal for women who want to rock a side-parting with a difference.


So, whether you want Selena Gomez's choppy, wispy bangs or Rihanna's center-parted wispy bangs, you're spoiled for choice.

But don't just settle for wispy bangs. Mix things up and go for curly bangs, baby bangs, or blunt bangs, and be willing try unique, signature styles that frame your face and help you look your best this year.

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